Would you have sex with the opposite gender version of yourself?
Yes I most certainly would!
60.2% (606)
60.2% (606)
No...just no.
21.5% (217)
21.5% (217)
Bacon (because bacon)
17.7% (178)
17.7% (178)
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Poll: Would you have sex with the opposite gender version of yourself?

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Um..... no. That'd be just weird and narcissistic. It'd be fun to hang out with female me though.

No because I've actually met him... And he's engaged to my best friend..

Although now he's more like a brother and when together we seriously annoy my best friend just by being silly. She can manage with one of us being an idiot but the two of us drive her up the wall!

No because that would be just too damn weird for me, and I don't think I'm that great looking, so no. Seeing as I'm a huge smartass I don't think my opposite self would take kindly to me making cracks about certain things.

I would've voted no, but I saw the bacon option and I went with that. Because bacon is awesome.

I was just gonna say I wasn't sure. But then some of the other responses made me realize something.

My older brother--two years older--and I look really alike. Lot a whole lot alike. When we were younger, he used to hate it but now he likes freaking people out. Saying how I'm his fraternal twin. People have said I'm just a light skinned, female version of him who wears glasses. When he wants to show how alike we look, he has me take them off.

So I started to wonder. Wouldn't a male version of myself look like my brother? And that? That would be gross and a little freaky. So... I'm gonna go with NO.

Yes, Yes I would.

I wonder what our unplanned accidents would look like....

It's just you. Everything about you is the same, everything, except for gender. Your looks would be more masculine/feminine, genitalia *snickers* would be swapped, and general features swapped to suit the opposite gender. But personality, interests and the like all stay the same.

I...I would be tempted. In fact, knowing me, we wouldn't stop. Although I would probably start getting annoyed at myself for being too similar to me.

In conclusion, no. Or would I? I'm not quite sure.

WAIT YES I WOULD. I just realised a female version of me is perfection with boobs and a vagina. That would be quite the specimen. Lets see what you guys think!

Let me know if I should add any more poll options as well.

I would probably fuck her if she was just an equally attractive version of me, but I don't think I could stand another me for that long that I would date her.

No, not that I wouldn't be willing to, but I actually know people that are about as close to the opposite gendered version of me as one can get, and the one thing we all have in common is social interaction, particularly of the intimate kind just isn't the highest priority.

Between work, school, and other priorities on both ends, It's extremely rare to hang out more than once a month, not exactly conducive to the sexy time.

Bitch, I would have sex with the same-gender version of myself.

Awkward eye contact and everything.

Assuming we stopped freaking out, neither of us tried/succeded to kill the other (very unlikely) we might become friends and doing something stupid we would both regret if we get drunk. I think that counts as no.
Much more likely would treat her as a sister, that would definetly count as a no.

Does it count as cheating?

Isn't having sex with yourself masturbation?

Dirty Hipsters:
Of course I would, and we would consummate our love on a bed of bacon.

Moar bacon weaves!

Not sure so I'm gonna have to go with bacon on this one.
I think I might but the problem is I don't like myself very much and I find myself to be annoying so anything long term would have to be with someone who could tolerate me and if I have trouble doing that it probably couldn't be with me.

To quote a colleague of mine: "Would that be considered incest or masturbation?"

Actually, if you think about it...I think it would be safe to say that a lot of us here in looking for a relationship, sexual or otherwise, are looking for someone who is pretty much like us. Same interests, same goals, etc. As such...for those heterosexuals here, we ARE in fact looking for an opposite gendered version of ourselves. So...yeah, I think I would.

CAPTCHA: gramdat suffice

I don't think it will suffice, actually. We'll need more than a gram.

Hell, I'd probably do me even if this clone were the same gender.

Aris Khandr:
Right now, I'm the only one who voted no. So yay me!

I'm a lesbian. Why would I want to sleep with a male version of myself? Would a male version of me even be interested, or would he be gay too?

I guess it would make sense that he would be gay. I think you two would probably friendzone each other became you would have all the same interests, except each other. Weird.

I don't find myself that attractive and I'm pretty sure that's some form of incest. Also I tend to be a bit of an asshole sometimes. "Looks at poll" Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Hmm...would I drill a rule 63 version of me?...Probably, I don't consider myself particularly attractive, but I'm kind of the desperate sort. XD I mean...in a situation so bizzare, I think I kind of have to. It's wierd, but yeah, I would. :3

Aris Khandr:
Right now, I'm the only one who voted no. So yay me!

I'm a lesbian. Why would I want to sleep with a male version of myself? Would a male version of me even be interested, or would he be gay too?

Would you like to have sex with yourself? An exact replica?

No. I'm on the hefty side and they would probably look like a fat version of my sister. We would probably be good friends; play video games and freak people out by talking in sync.

Hmm, a male version of me? He'd be so extremely handsome he could get any girl he wanted, he'd probably just leave and bang the hot chick that lives across the road from me. :(

Swap the genders around, and this would be the outcome for me. Get clone of myself, she's really awesome and hot. Ignores me and goes for some other guy. I go home and game my sorrows away, forever alone :P

Seriously though, who the hell would say no to that? I mean yeah, it's kind of like incest, but I prefer to look at it as "masturbating", far less taboo.

Also, for the lesbians and gays out there, shouldn't it be the same gender if that's what gets you going? Then it'd be weird, though, because you'd be screwing a mirror image of yourself, but kind of awesome, too.

If it was a complete, opposite gender clone of me? No, that would technically be incest.
If it was a girl who is not related to me but is a so much like me to be considered female version of myself? Then yes, not in the looks department though, I don't want her to have a similar, physical make-up to mine.

Well, I'm not a particularly feminine lesbian, so I guess an opposite gender version of me would be an effeminate gay man? So no. I'd like to see what he'd look like, though. Maybe he'd look pretty much the same but with a goatee. I would so grow a goatee if I could grow facial hair.

Anyways, no.
And just a clone of me would be too creepy.

sounds like... MEGA masturbation.

Megasturbation(working title)

Count me in.

My sister looks like a feminine version of me

So no



I would.
I have no shame saying that. First off i have to state, anyone equal or better then me in LoL/CoD or Skyrim is a person i respect. And theres very little i enjoy more in a woman, then being able to respect them.

So if this version of me knows all my favorite jokes, how to cook just as well as i do ((and im a pretty amazing chef if i do say so myself)), and can game just as hard as me.... Its love at first sight. Sure, we'd have our hurdles like any couple. The fact that im married doesnt help >.>;

But yes. I would bone myself. And then make myself an after sex turkey sammich. Because id be that nice of a guy to myself.

Yes... I mean, someone would have to.

Hmmm I can't decide, it would be creepy and yet also kinky at the same time. soooo I'll go with bacon because when there's no other option, there's always bacon...mmmmm...bacon ^.^

I think that when doing it it would feel way too wrong, then again, so should mastrubating I guess.

Part of the fun of dating is getting to know new view points and be exposed to new media I wouldn't otherwise know about. Just talking about games I've already played and view points I've already seen would be boring. The person would be extremely unattractive due to their bland personality.

PS: I HAVE met someone who was creepily similar to me. Same gestures, same face and hair, same taste in games, comics and movies. He's an awesome friend, but being around him for too long can get quite creepy when we keep making the same joke and same gestures.

No way. Part of the fun of a relationship, which seems to be somewhat implied in the OP at least to me, is learning about your partner. If my girlfriend was exactly like me that would be boring. I mean I can pretty random but if she thinks just like me then it takes away all the fun, and that is boring. Now just sex. It sounds like it would just be masturbation if the other person is you.

While this is true and I agree with what you're getting at, the problem I have is that whenever I do some things, I am required to explain the logic behind my actions or motivations or intentions because the other people involved (for the most part) just aren't following my derailed logic-train of whimsy. At least if it was someone who thought very similar to me or identical, those issues wouldn't come up nearly as frequently, if ever.

OT: I might have to decline. It depends on just how similar we look. If she looks too similar to me, I'll probably be weirded out and I don't want to come off as narcissistic by hooking up with someone just because they're me with a Y chroma-zone(sp).

So long as she doesn't remind me of my sister too much, definitely.

I'm not really my type, and I think a real relationship wouldn't work well, but I'd definitely do me/her.

I suspect we would spend rather too much time plotting the overthrow of the gov... ..oh wait.

A girl who gives head like a guy... ..Yeh, we would be fucking like bunnies.

God yes, and I don't even consider myself that attractive. In fact could I just make a couple more male and female clones to make it an orgy? Afterwards we would make a ton of bacon, it's win-win.

Sure, why not. I don't know if I'd want to marry him (I like to date people who have some opposite interests), but just bang him? Heck yes.

Probably though my personality might end up getting in the way or ruining the mood. And even if I didn't find her very attractive I would still be curious as to what the kid would be like.

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