Would you have sex with the opposite gender version of yourself?
Yes I most certainly would!
60.2% (606)
60.2% (606)
No...just no.
21.5% (217)
21.5% (217)
Bacon (because bacon)
17.7% (178)
17.7% (178)
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Poll: Would you have sex with the opposite gender version of yourself?

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People who didn't say bacon. Think of it this way.

You're basically saying that if you had an identical twin of the opposite genre, you'd do them.

Now I'm not one to judge, I just don't think most of you though about it that way. If it's still a 'yes' after that, may you be blessed with the pitter patter of 13 toed hunchbacks.

Yea, mixing RPG with puzzle never really seemed like a good idea, I mean it could work but would be hard to pull off.

Back on topic: Seeing as having Polydactyly is due to a dominant trait or a mutation and the hunchback condition is most often caused by Scheuermann's disease which is not believed to be hereditary not many people would have to worry about 13 toed hunchbacks in this situation.

Anyways, I'm no geneticist but if I remember biology correctly a lack of genetic diversity does not guarantee deformations, it simply makes recessive traits more likely to occur and is only harmful if you have a family history of incest.
Though just to be safe I would use protection, be friends with benefits with my other self, but not go further than that.

So... you're just like oblivious to flippancy unless it's coming from you?

No, not oblivious. It's just that I actually knew a bit about Scheuermann's disease and wrote a paper on Polydactyly a while back. I'm also the guy who tends to give a straight answer to jokes. Also to be completely honest I've been stressed out of my mind lately due to 3 midterms and 2 papers that all decided to be happen in the same 48 hour period.
I do admit that I do come across as a bit of an asshole though. Sorry bout that (>.<)

I would not, because I'm a skinny, ugly bastard. Female me would have a great ass (because I do, apparently) but she'd be flat as a board. Not to mention asexual, seeing as I am.

It depends on how assertive he is. The more submissive, the better.

Assuming that female me has feminine physical attributes in the same sort of proportions as I have masculine attributes, hell yes!(?)

Though, frankly, I think her boobs might be too big for my tastes, but damn...the curves...and I guess since I'm huge she'd be pretty tiny?

But wait....she has basically my mind? I dunno if I could put up with all the female crap. How would female me do it?...

This is an extraordinarily weird train of thought.

I have recently met a girl who I could easily describe to be the female younger version of me, all very similar interests, personalities, etc. I would say, ya, i'd sleep with her. Does that answer this question? lol


Of course!

I've been told I am quite a feminine guy, so the female version of my self would be equally as incredibly sexy.

Mmmm, that's some tasty narcissism. No thanks.

Oh hells yes I would! And after that we'd go pulling elaborate pranks on people and doing all the fun stuff I can never convince anyone else to do, them and their morals.

I've finally found a lady with a personality as over thinking and cynical as mine? She must be single if she's my doppelganger, so, yeah, I think I'd have to.

Well... no. I'm gay so that's a bit of a problem. If it's just a clone though? Yes, I would. While I don't think I'm the most beautiful person ever, I'm at least a person.

I dunno. I'd probably end up being too shy and awkward to actually approach me, and so would me so in the end I doubt things would ever really go anywhere, assuming I'd even want to that is, I don't think either of us would know for sure.

Thankfully, there is no real world scenario that is equivalent to this.

I would. I'd do her, I would marry her, would go on for days, would be happy forever. Eeeeeyup, I think that'd be quite heavenly for me :3

If I(and by extension - her) was about 30 pounds lighter than I am now, I'd nail that chick into next week.. like a gentleman.
Right now, though? Maybe.

Although I'm not sure how being exactly alike in every way would work. It's not like we could both play the same thing in the same band. That seems redundant.

1. I am not attractive so they would also no be.
2. If they share my interests then they would share my interest in women, making sex a bit a awkward.
3. I am most likely not a good sexual partner, thus neither would my counterpart be bad as well, resulting in something that at best would be unsatisfactory.

Why yes I would. There's also a significant chance I'd screw myself if I had a clone of myself, seeing as I'm one of those weird bisexual types.

But that's just me.

I think I already do...

hell no

1) the other person would have so many issues it wouldn't be funny anymore
2) would look to much like family (really icky factor)
3) we both would be jealous of each other (related to point one)
4) can not believe i am typing this. 2 people being tied up doesn't make great sex >.>

I'm already in a stable, loving relationship... so no, I wouldn't.

If, however, we're asking the hypothetical question of whether or not I'd be doing it if I were still single...

No, I still wouldn't. I can fully understand the appeal to some people, but to me it'd feel way too much like an incestuous relationship with an identical twin sibling of the opposite gender. It'd just be too weird for me.

If the opposite-gender version of myself was a copy of my personality and beliefs but in a body that didn't look like the opposite-gender version of myself... then maybe I'd reconsider. Maybe.

At first, yes. and then we'd help each other get laid with the people that we meet that are of the other gender. and if that fails, i least we'll know what we like that we find in ourselves. ew.

But wouldn't that person have the same sexuality as you since you're completely the same?
That being said, Hell yes, I would! But how would this even be possible?


I'm gay; I don't want an opposite gender version of myself.

I just want me.

Yes...right after they help me grab an acheivment or two, I could use a decent co-op partner.

I've been told I am quite a feminine guy, so the female version of my self would be equally as incredibly sexy.

The female version would be a masculine girl then, I presume.

Don Reba:

I've been told I am quite a feminine guy, so the female version of my self would be equally as incredibly sexy.

The female version would be a masculine girl then, I presume.

Indeed. That seems to be the actual logic at work here.

Hence why a version of me with all physical gender qualities swapped out for their opposite gender equivalents would be a dead sexy woman and not some crazy Amazon She-Hulk. :P

I'm not too sure I would do my female version. She would look decent enough, but I'm afraid that we would get on each other's nerves more than anything else. Although, as the horny bastard I am, I don't see us not having sex either. Hold on....mad at each other + infinite horniness = hot angry sex (-__-) (o__-) (O__O)!!!!! Yes please, sign me up.

I wouldn't stop it at that, most likely we'd end up married or something.
I've always had the fantasy of this happening, so my clone would also have that fantasy, thus, we'd both jump at the chance for this to happen.

Wouldn't that be like super intense masturbating?

In that sense... Duh. Also, I think not wanting to have sex with yourself is like saying you find yourself somewhat unattractive. I would most certainly do myself if I were a girl.


I do that on a more or less regular basis anyway. The girls I date are, mostly, lewd, crude, sarcastic, snippety, snarky, have bizarre disjointed tastes, enjoy cooking and tattoos and reading, play video games, and drink a good drink. If she can debate philosophy and theology with me, even better. I knew a girl who would postcoitally debate whether Daoist teachings could be interpreted as saying that the best way to live one's life is to never obsess over the passions of others, and how one should apply that to their own consumerist tendencies. Then she'd make a balls joke.

That kind of thing gets my rocks off, man. The intricate weaving of high and low brow comedy like a lattice, the juxtaposition of classy and classless?

Fuck yeah.

Maybe if it was my body weight from like 3+ years ago. But now... yeah no.

Or if i had longer hair. I'm a hair person.

Nah, she'd be fat

No in fact hell no. Okay all of you saying yes imagine this. *Horrible slightly graphic content inbound* You get far enough into the act where you're about to climax and you stare directly into your doppelgangers eyes as they moan loudly. Do you not feel the ungodly wrongness in this? This is why I would never do something like this. Admittedly this is a fun little thread.

Assuming there isn't some horrible genetic connection that would make this some strange variety of clone-incest or something... yes. I would never date this female clone but I would certainly have sex with her, the great part is it wouldn't even be a big deal because we would acknowledge that sex means nothing more than desire for pleasure. Hooray nihilism and strange hypotheticals!

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