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I think I have a couple of times, but I believe I was also already on the floor.

Two years ago, my friend heard the distinctive laugh which is featured at the beginning of the Gorillaz' Feel Good Inc. The result was him literally ROFLing. To this day, I have no idea why it was so funny. I have to admit it was pretty amusing though. I've never ROLF'd but I'd love to. Laughing is awesome!

I've seen someone rolling on the floor while laughing. But the best I've ever is falling to my knees from laughing hard enough.

I distinctly remember a time in which I was rolling around literally in pain because I could not stop laughing. At the time I couldn't have been any more than 10 years old, and since then no such thing has occurred.

Whilst watching Yahtzee I come very close to it

I voted nearly because I don't believe I've ever rolled around. But I have laughed so hard, I pretty much collapsed or just slid to the ground and stayed there in fits. Maybe I'd turn onto my back if I went down on my stomach but that's it.

I've had fits of laughter but never rolled on the floor during them.

Elementary - Dear Watson:

The Shadowlord:
This is an expression that bugs me. I always assume it's a massive exaggeration. I can't imagine anyone finding something so funny they literally lose control and throw themselves to the floor and start rolling around like they're on fire. But maybe that's just me, being the cynical pessimist that I am.

It's a metaphor... of course nobody does it, but the symbology shows how funny you think it is...

Think of Monty Python and the Life of Brian, and you will see an entire crowd ROFL... of course that never happenes, but it was a visual representation of how funny they thought the situation was...

Oh, I'm aware it's a metaphor. I was just genuinely curious as to whether people do ROFL. From the responses, apparently yes, whilst not a common occurence, it does happen to a few people.

I have ROFL'd on many an occasion, but I hang out with some funny people and I'm easily amused haha

Very rarely, although I can't use that expression with any dignity.

The Shadowlord:

really theres no sometimes?
yes once
all the time

wtf, you even put a joke answer
fail poll is fail

I feel shame in this poll I made within a minute, over the usage of initialisms on the internet. Allow me to go commit seppuku as it did not reach your standards.

You're joking but s/he's still right. Your options are once or all the time. That's rediculous.

I occasionally ROFL, especially when either drunk, catching up with old friends or at family gatherings.


You're joking but s/he's still right. Your options are once or all the time. That's rediculous.

I occasionally ROFL, especially when either drunk, catching up with old friends or at family gatherings.

If it makes your life any more content, underneath the joke option, there is a "sometimes" so now you can have an in between option.

Every day I'm rofling.

I kind of use it when something is so funny and you laugh so hard that you are crying and you feel a six pack coming on.

One time I knocked a Refridgerator Off a ForkLift. Does that count?

True Story.

A few times I've been laughing so hard I've ended up on my knees punching the floor slightly rocking then holding my stomach struggling to breathe while putting my hand up in a "Help" fashion.

There was one time... I was high and watching the shitty shitty Fullmetal alchemist movie (the newest not the first one) I kept making fun of it with my friends and some other people joined in... while it wasnt the floor i fell over into more of the chairs (im not rolling on the floor in a movie theatre) and i wriggled in joy because it was hilarious. That movie wasnt trying and only 10% of the theatre realized it sucked. The rest of them just wanted to masturbate to ed all day.

When a friend of mine attempted a triple jump in PE, he tripped on the second jump and fell face first into the sand.

I rolled, I cried, I died. I laughed.

Nope, I've never done it. Most floors are pretty dirty, I wouldn't want to risk catching something.

I do not recall ever losing control and falling down, just laughing real hard.

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