Any personal projects you're trying to get round to?

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For me, I have two:

Constructing Winterfell in Minecraft, and getting down to some drawing. Going to do a detailed pencil drawing (maybe grey shaded, might color with crayons (I like the ease of shading, shut up)) of Captain Jack Sparrow, with hat and coat with the Pearl in the background.

Developing my revision program a bit more intensively, and I'm also supposed to be programming a small game that me and my friend have brainstormed. I also need to start hiking/exercising ^_^ that sort of counts.

Starting my own Video review series.

I'm picking up my camera on Thursday so hopefully I'll be getting this off the ground eventually.

There's a lot of older classic games that I've been meaning to play but just haven't had the time to do so.

I bought Planescape: Torment and the two Baldur's Gate games last week during the buy one, get one free sale on Good Old Games. I've always wanted to play them, but never really had the drive to actually get them before that sale.

As far as actually-important life projects... my husband and I have been working hard and putting in a lot of extra hours to save up enough money to finally look into getting a house. We don't have a dream home in mind, nor do we want anything big or fancy... just something to call our own and get us out of the apartment we're currently living in. Progress has been slow, but steady, since he's also trying to pay off old debts (he'll be debt-free by May) and I'm trying to pay off the last of my university debt (one semester's worth of debt left!). So yeah, we expect we'll have a place of our own within a year or two.

Yep, in future going to make a webcomic.
People always say when I complain about crappy superhero ladies being just boobs and little else, they say `go make your own`.
So I shall.
Eventually, just now I'm focusing on more IRL stuff like getting a house.

One of my life ambitions is to find the best root beer commercially available.
Personal tastes aside, I believe it's possible. Much like beer/wine/vodka/whatever, there are criteria that determine the quality of root beer. Opacity, aroma, flavor intensity, even things like quality of foam when pouring and how easily it goes down.
For example, A&W has superb flavor and aroma, but I've always found it foams up entirely too much when drunk. It can only be taken in small sips, but even then it bloats the stomach some. Old Town root beer has a milder flavor that is pleasing but not overwhelming, and goes down much easier.
Among other things, I'm a chef. This stuff is important to me.

Growing up.

No really. I keep putting off all this adult shit. I need to get my license, I have to let my dentist have a look at my wisdom teeth, and I have to talk to the bank about my future.

Recording some stuff for my Let's Plays. But I need to finish off Mass Effect 2!
And school and stuff too I guess.

I have so much music to write and so little time. Stupid full-time job. -.-

Learning fluent Gaelic Irish. First CDs and workbook arrived yesterday, along with a computer based learning program. So, starting that this afternoon, providing I don't pass out after the 21 hour work day I had yesterday.

On a more long term scale, I've cut my goals down to two major ones. I'll either be building a house here, or relocating to Ireland.

I have to let my dentist have a look at my wisdom teeth

I just had mine taken out recently. All four in one go. I kept putting it off, and putting it off, and putting it off... it took me over ten years to finally do it, and by the time I did, my whole face was constantly throbbing in pain. Don't put off getting them out like I did. If I'd just gotten it done early-on, it would have been no big deal whatsoever. The horror stories everyone told me were worse than the actual operation, go figure.

I really want to make this cool NERF compatible blaster from the latest issue of Make magazine.
I also want to practice my instruments more, but I find it hard to find the time.

1. Getting into SCAD
2. Building up a decent buffer for my upcoming webcomic
3. Moving all the comics from one of my other webcomics off one site and onto another site while still drawing new stuff for it.
4. Building up some credit as a "Game Reviwer" with my new review/interview series, iPod Interviews

I'm also a full time student right now, and working on a lot of side projects not listed here.

So basically...lots and lots of drawing, typing and homework. Yay me.

Im trying to do some drawing but procrastinating gets in the way...

also Im deterimined to make some headway on my back-log in preparation for ME3

I'm currently writing a dialog script for a 20+ hour long video game. This script include all spoken dialog, text, item descriptions, ability descriptions, EVERYTHING.

I haven't touched it in a month, and I'm only about 1/4 done. I really need to get back to it x_x

Working on my drawing and painting. I'm right in the middle of an inspiration dry spell and i've just not been in the mood for a good few months.. It's really starting to annoy me actually..

I want to film an instructional video about how to prepare and cook a live lobster. The gimmick is that in this film I obviously have no idea what I'm talking about, and most of my advice makes no sense, like how if you stroke the lobster's back it will be knocked out and feel no pain.

The lobster will be cooked alive and will die in a very slow and drawn out manner. Basically a video I want to make in order to troll all the fruitcakes on YouTube screaming about Lobster rights. The ironic thing is that it's the protesters who generally have no idea what they're talking about and presume crustaceans have highly evolved nervous systems like most land animals.

There will also be allegations made in the video that I like to have sex with the lobster before cooking.

Oh and cooking with duct tape, good times. I'm going to look into the health concerns with this and if possible, even eat the lobster on camera.

I am generally sympathetic to the cause of many animals, and while I do feel a little uneasy about willingly killing an animal for entertainment purposes, I do feel it's a worthy cause. Above all else, I hate misinformation. I remember how even a couple years ago if you searched for lobster recipes on youtube, everybody boiled or grilling their lobsters alive, but now due to relentless protests it's hard to find somebody who will do that in a video. They all do this mercy killing with a quick stab in the head.

Sure, kill the lobster however you want, doesn't make a difference, but I hate people spreading BS about it being cruel to toss them in boiling water.

I'm in the process of collecting bits together to upgrade my car. I'm not talking huge exhaust or any of that rubbish though, I started with a sports car and I'm building on that. Sure is expensive though.

I'm currently involved with the delicate and exhaustive process of making a sculpture out of pure dried liquid paper.

There's also another short film I wish to create. I will be doing it V-Blog style, sitting there facing the camera, throughout the thing I will be singing along to various Beatles songs. Shortly in the video I will grab a bottle of hard liquor and start chugging it as fast as I can, then keep singing along. Then I will take a raw egg and put it in my mouth, shell and all, crunch down and then hopefully I will start vomiting all over myself. Still singing along, I take off all my clothes and pour maple syrup all over my body, rubbing it my hair, nipples and everything, then I will smear sawdust all over the sticky syrup and take a live lobster and duct tape it to my crotch. The entire time I keep trying to sing along, after I secure the lobster to my crotch, I will start chugging some more alcohol and start vomiting once again, I will collapse and leave the frame while Revolution Number 9 plays in the background.

I will have to be careful about nudity though, I do want to be completely naked, but no nudity. The lobster will have to cover my genitalia effectively, will need to practice a lot since I'm only willing to try filming this once.


Actually I got a great idea, I can have the lobster attached to me the entire time, as long as I don't show my lower half until I stand up to reveal the lobster in passing.

Well, I'm an administrator on the Mercenaries wiki and every now and then I do some work on that.

Agent Larkin:
Starting my own Video review series.

I'm picking up my camera on Thursday so hopefully I'll be getting this off the ground eventually.

You and me both.

Other than that, just getting through my list of games to play is getting rather big.
So far I have 12 games to get through, having just taken Skyward Sword off the list.

Hmm. I want to get a pornographic comic done for a friend's birthday. Does that count?


I'll just leave...

I'm trying to create something that's scarier than Jason Voorhees.

Progress is slow...

Holy fuck yes. Right now I'm organizing a convention, leading development on a game, trying to set up a general content creation website, working on a film that needs to be done by April, and balancing work and things at the same time. And that's all just what's getting in the way of my personal projects.

Not really a personal project, but right now I'm procrastinating hardcore on a 1,000 word essay that's due tomorrow.

That and I'm occasionally working on making an RPG video game. I say occasionally because I don't work on it much (see: at all) due to doing a ton of other stuff.

I`ve got a Dark Angles army for 40k I have been meaning to finish. I only actually have less than half the models I need and those I do have are at varying degrees of finished.

Doesn`t help that the new necrons came out and i really want to get those too.

Well I currently have a big pile of parts that I'm told can be put together in some fashion to make a full size Who Dunnit? Pinball Table. I need to get those assembled and get the damn thing up and running. Currently my loft has a 4 player MAME cabinet I built a while back and the pinball table has a spot waiting for it right next to the MAME cabinet.

Sharpening up my airbrush skills so I can scratchbuild a scale prawn walker from District 9.
...perhaps the bunny mecha from Sucker Punch too.

Someday I need to take another shot at Deus Ex: Human Revolution as well. I know there's an interesting game in there but the 1st person perspective keeps putting me off - it just sucks for everything other than shooting people.

I've got a pen and paper RPG that needs to be compiled and sent out for playtesting, a gamemaker project that needs to really get started, a chicken coop to build, and a sword to finish shaping. At least I finally got my grandma's house taken care of now so this stuff should be done soon, I hope.

Going back to school.
Working on my D&D game.

I collect warhammer table top models.
enough said right ? lmao :)
needless to say most of said collection still needs to be painted.
hell maybe one day i might actually play a game with them. which would be like maybe the 10th game in 15 years of possessing said models

I'm busy finishing the mods on my HTPC/take around computer. I just put together a new server and need to get Minecraft back up and running. I'm gonna start a series of reviews/how tos for a friends website and we are going to build a Minecraft adventure map. Great stuff, I love it all.

Been wanting to start a lets play. Unfortunately I'm being held back by the fact that my PC only has one hard drive, and trying to play while capturing video on a single drive makes for super choppy games. If I get the money, getting either a second internal drive or a USB 3.0 external for fast transfer.

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