What's the closest you have come to winning something?

So this weekend I was at a debate tournament and my partner and I got to quarter finals because I didn't get to a Disadvantage in one of my speeches. So, What was the closest you've gotten to winning something and how did you screw it up?

Captcha: Blanche gnistes

The closest fail was when I was 3 marks short of an A* in Short Course ICT in GCSE, I got it remarked and ended up 1 mark short of an A*.

A bit disappointing. :(

The town leisure centre had a competition to make a poster for the upcoming film Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menance.
I enter it but I was lazy and end up copying that poster scene of Anakin attacking that Trade Federation space station.
I end up as a runner up and just won myself a Star Wars T-Shirt (a boring grey colour t shirt with a long pan out scene of the pod racer).
I still got that t shirt today as a sleep in shirt for anyone to use.

Well the only thing I can think of is the time I got a 99% on my Physics exam. I know that's still winning, but I would have been the first person to get a 100% on this guy's test

Well when I was a kid I was 1 number away from winning 75 quid at bingo, was rather disappointed. In Year 9 I was only a few points away from getting the highest score for History SATS in my year. Damn that boy just beating me >.>

Um... I got nominated for Best Promoter at an awards night last week? I was surprised by that. All I really did for the event was be on a photo that was included in the advertising and hand out some fliers for a fair.

Does winning something count? Because I've actually won something important before. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever not quite won something before. I either win or fail miserably.

During my chemistry AS-level I was one mark off a B, quite annoying, since it meant I had to spend a couple of weeks proving to my chemistry teacher that I was "capable" of getting a B before she would predict me one for uni applications. I retook one of the exams and ended up getting a B overall for that AS-level, however I did better in the A-level exams themselves and ended up coming out with the opposite: scraping an A in chemistry by just two marks! Screw you Miss L- for thinking I couldn't even get a B!

When I was about 11, I was going to be entered for a relay for Lancashire youth but pulled out due to the faster runner getting injured and despite this the team still won.


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