What are Asians called in your country?

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I usually call them hot.

Other than that? Asian, or 'Asain' as a lot of people spell it.

Asians. It's a blanket term used until you know the actual race of the people you are referring to here.

If they are Chinese, I refer to them as Chinese from then on. I'm not good enough to try and guess racial bloodline just by looking at a person. <.>

Younger people usually just refer to them as Asians. Older people usually just refer to them all as Chinese, whether they're actually Chinese or not. It's kinda sad.

Canada by the way.

Aziaten, literal translation of Asians. This term is generally used for Eastern Asians, less so for people from the Middle East or former Soviet countries.


although i refer to koreans, japanese, chinese or the sought as orientals as it the countries east of india is where you would find that kinda of asian while asians to the average brit probably thinks of middle eastern's and indians

I'll just post the same as on the other thread.

We call them people.

Asian or Arabic, depending on what you mean by Asian.

Remember, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature, dudes. Asian-American, please.

Cookies for reference.

I know one called Gav > >
Otherwise people.

We call actual Asian people just Asians here in Britain.

For middle-eastern asians we call them Pakis or Afghans. BUT this is a derogatory term in most parts of the world, and in most parts of Britain. But not this part. Everyone from Pakistan in the Pakistani communit call themselves Paki's. Even some Iranian people call themselves Pakis. It's just not a problem here.

chinos (chinesse), yep all of them, except for indians

Depends. What's their name and preferred pronoun?

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