Are you happy with your real name?
53% (194)
53% (194)
Could be worse
24.6% (90)
24.6% (90)
13.4% (49)
13.4% (49)
I wish my name was: Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gombigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III
7.4% (27)
7.4% (27)
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Poll: Are you happy with your real name?

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Are you happy with your real name (your parents gave you)?

The subject just popped up while thinking about Skyrim. How is that related? Well, because... I'm not sure I want to be named after a game character. On the other side... Being in the top 10 most picked names, is also not preferable. I would like for my parents show to at least a little bit of creativity, but at the same time don't go all out.

What about you? Are you (un)happy?

PS. Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gombigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III

I like being Bret because there aren't many Brets around were I live. Like......none at all, and if there are its spelled 'Brett' <--da fuq is this shit? What's the extra T for? To look fancy? Fuck that shit.

My middle and last name could use a change though.

Not really, it sounds like somebody mispronounced another name and the fact that it has a typo in it is kind of annoying and the pet name by which people call me sounds feminine which is annoying don't like what it means either, but at least most people don't call me by my name, they normally refer to me the same way you would refer to someone whose name you don't know like "hey you" and all those things you say to avoid saying a name, I actually prefer it that way.

Yeah im happy enough with it, it's a decent enough name, quite common but still nice enough.

Eh, I don't really like my name. It's just too bland for my tastes.

Kinda funny though, apparently my first name has to do with strength, my middle to do with manliness and courage. I kind of dislike people's admiration of those first two traits and of the third when people put intellect and the like second to it -__-

I'm gonna go with "Could Be Worse"

I don't really feel strongly one way or another about my real name, though I do generally prefer to be addressed by my middle name.

Can't say I've ever really had the desire to get it changed.

Yeah I'm, happy with my name despite it has another (and annoying) meaning to it.

My last name has a silent letter in it so that's cool. I guess.

My first name is alright as well.

Haha, well I really don't care, a name is a name. I guess I'd like mine to be a bit less blatantly Irish, as it caused a lot of pronunciation problems when I lived in Spain :P As Shakespeare said "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet"..... wait did I just call myself a rose??? oh well :P


It's also a very common name. Makes it hard for people to google me.

That is the reason i like my irl name as well so common it is impossible to be easily googled.
Also the fact i hardly use my real name online makes me more difficult to find.

Nope, I already changed my name (and surname) and I love it now :)

When I was a kid, I hated it because it was too long for me to spell.
Nowadays, I like it. It's isn't that common either, which is a bonus.

Tuesday Night Fever:
I'm gonna go with "Could Be Worse"

Yeah, that...

To be fair, it's quite rare, my name. As far as I know of very few famous people with the same forename and I've only ever met one person with it. It's a really really really old English name which hasn't seen any sort of popularity for the last six hundred-plus years, but it's pretty good IMO. Besides, I've already 'projected' onto a fictional character my 'preferred' name (or, rather, a series of characters)...

Seeing that my parents named me after some religious gook (I'm atheist) I really want to change it. But I guess it could be worse.

I'm pretty happy with Jack. Although I really like the name Damien.

I like my name and am a bit protective of it(it's silly I know). Though I do find it funny that my name means one who shout the praises of god yet I'm agnostic.

Yes, actually. It's a fairly unique name, and I like the meaning.

My name's pretty standard for an Englishman but it suits me well, so yeah I'm happy with it. I've considered adding "JoJo" to my existing middle name but that's a different matter.

Yes, its quite nice. Apparently my first name means "God loves you" so thats a bit hard to believe, but whatever.

My first name is easy to pronounce in both English and French.

My last name gets butchered all the time.

Am I happy with both of them? Yes, I like that I have a unique name that is pretty rare in this part of the world.

Nope, hate my first name and my surname.

Hate my first name on the basis that I think its horrible, hate my surname because its linked with generations of scumbags and lowlifes within the family.

I really like my first name...I can't say the same about my second name...but oh well.

I hate all three of my names. "Eric Draven" is my name as far as I am concerned, and I am legally making it so as soon as I can.

Yes. It's a name that you hear a fair bit - I've known at least three other people with the same name but with varied spelling - but I like it. I like all of my names. I did consider using my middle name (Alastair) as my first name since everyone comments on how many things I do that he used to do.

I do wish people would pronounce my last name properly though. For a word in the dictionary they sure come up with some strange interpretations.

Two sides to the coin. On one hand I like having a unique first name. I'm not just another John or Kyle. There are hundreds of those surnames here. On the other hand it makes me very paranoid as it is too unique and makes me incredibly easy to stalk...

They're both meh. Very generic (again, both). I have the most common last name in this country, and my first name is probably in the top 20 or 30. Plus I hate the meaning of my first name. It pisses me off.

About my middle name, "Carolus": I never got why people crack up why I tell them what it is.
That's probably the part of my name I like the most.

I hate mine, its greek meaning "honoring god" that and the fact that my parents baptized be without my consent as a kid really irritates me. I reject their religion and by extension, this stupid name.

Gonna get it changed as soon as I can.

I am happy with it... other than the fact that I mispronounce my own last name all the time. I say "Fitsgerald" instead of "Fitzgerald". :(

Yeah, my first name is common as hell among American females but I'm happy with my full name.

Wouldn't change it.

No it's not exciting enough, I sound like I'm in a Bronte novel :<

And I despise my last name it's really ugly.

My name is Cyael, pronounced Kai-Yell & i more than like it. It fits me.

I love my name. And I live up to its meaning too! ^-^

My real name is Henry (named after my great-grandfather), but I prefer to the diminutive "Hank". Hnery is far too formal for my taste.

Yeah I'm happy with it.It's a nice name and not very common.In fact after 34 years on this planet I only met someone who shared my first name for the first time a couple of months ago.The only drawback is that people,particularly non-Irish people,have trouble pronouncing it

I would like for my parents show to at least a little bit of creativity, but at the same time don't go all out.

I'm personally very happy my parents didn't decide to get creative. I have a very boring, very common name, which means it doesn't give people any preconceptions about me. (They're likely to know at least five people with my name already!)

A very neutral name gives me the freedom to be whoever I want, rather than the person I sound like I should be. *serious nod*

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