Poll: Are you happy with your real name?

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I'm fine with my name, but if I get into another room with at least 4 other Michaels in it, bricks will be shat.

I mean seriously, you would think that the teachers and principles would make it mandatory that there would only be at least 3 people with the same first name in any given time. Although, it is nice that they call all the Michaels by their last name so I can't really complain too much.

I can think of at least three different spellings of my name (Derek, Derrick, Derick). I had two other kids in one of my high school classes with the same name. I've been called Eric and Gareth. I'm not terribly happy with my name, but I'm not about to do anything about it. What's the point? I've had it all my life.

I don't dislike my name but it's not my favorite. Points for the Trigun reference though, that was actually the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread.

Ehh. They thought I was gonna be a girl and when I came out they were just like "ahh fuck it, name him that anyways"

It's alright. It's better than going by my middle name. (Douglas? What kind of shitty name is that?)

My name is unpronounceable at first glance, and mocked, and lays out prejudiced imagery of myself (because me is Asian). But as much as I dislike my name, it is the only thing that actually fits me. Weird I know.

It's just weird enough for people to say it's pretty, but not so weird that I get the disbelieving look. Also it's spelled just as it's pronounced.. so I'm happy with it.

I have a good name, but I have a bunch of aliases that I go by that I like too. None of them have the ring that Alexander Lee Bradley has though.

Yes, though sometimes it's bothersome to explain on the internet that my name is a male name in my country, while it's a female name in Yankeeland and such places.

Oh yes, I most certainly am. It means "The people's victory". How can you not like that?

Ian: Scottish/Celtic/Irish/Hebrew origin. Roughly means "God's grace," "God is gracious," or "God's forgiveness," depending on which website you go to. There's even one site that says it means "Gift from God."
I'd always thought Ian was a kind goofy-sounding name, one that's really hard to take seriously. On the other hand, we have Ian McKellen (Magneto and Gandalf) and Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond), and really, any one of the above meanings is pretty cool. So, yeah, I'm alright with it.

Zacharias Walt Linderman.

As a professional name goes, I think it's very nice.

i hate my first name, everyone who has ever bullied me has used that name. so i prefer people call me by my middle name. i also don't release my name except too people i trust

My name is fine. It's a Gospel so It's kind of common, but that's all I have to say. If I want a more fancy name I'll go the Internet and create a persona with a cool name. Twilight_Guy, over and out!

Joseph, it's pretty cool. Sounds nice, quite official. Shortens to Joe, short, easy to remember, regular but not too common (I think I only regularly hang out with one other Joe). Yeah, can't complain.

I like my name. Tara. It's unusual enough not to be boring while not being so unusual that it's weird. My one complaint is that Americans (well, the three that I've met, anyway) pronounce it as 'Terror'.

My birth name was fine and all, but it wasn't me, so 2 years ago i picked a first and middle that's more me, and i LOVE it.

Means literally "dark before the light" :D

I've gotten used to my name. I used to hate it, mainly because not a single person can spell it without me spelling it letter by letter to them, and hardly anyone has been able to friggin' spell it correctly on their first try. And hey, it's not that difficult. Ellika. Elly-cuh. Not Eee-licuh or Eh-leeecuh. It's ridiculous.

But I figure that it's good to have an unusual name, especially in my field of work, because it makes people remember you. 'Oh hey, it's that tall girl with the weird name.'

I'm not happy with it, but I'm not unhappy with it either, which is why I chose "could be worse". I think it's a Muslim name, which I'm not entirely happy with because I'm now an Atheist. But it's not as if it really matters in the grander scale of things, and I'm not going to go out of my way to change it or anything. It's just a name.

Yes, I love my name. Even my friends told me that I have a good name.

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