Have you ever actually met somebody that does the "duck face" thing

I see meme pictures of this thing everywhere! The repulsive "duck lip" kissy face which apparently plagues the facebook albums of all women... except the ones I know : \

People make this out to be a huge cultural phenomenon and mock it at every opportunity! The "duck face, spray tan" woman apparently accounts for a large portion of the 16-30 year old female demographic.

Is the duck face really that common? I've never met a person who does this in their photos. Is it just not as common in Canada as it is elsewhere?

I think about 50% of the girls I know have posed like that at some point...generally it's to mock it, I think.

Pretty much all the girls I knew in middle school took pictures like that, I think.

I was never a big drinker but whenever we were on a night out in Uni we'd get friends-of-friends-of-friends doing it, but they were pretty stereotypical shallow party girls.

I've seen it and I'm in Canada too.

Nope, and good thing, too... don't think I'd be able to resist the urge to slap 'em...

Having said that, I'm certain that a number of people I talk to as part of my job do that... and just as well it's on the phone...

Nope, and good thing, too... don't think I'd be able to resist the urge to slap 'em...

Slap them? That isn't part of the rules, you're supposed to pull out an Orange Light Gun and start plucking those ducks out of the sky.

As for the question, I don't look through many photos so no, I don't see it myself. I see em on memebase stuff all the time though.

Yes sir, i do know one, Kind of had a crush on her too. But then i guess the kind of girl i tend to find attractive is also the kind of girl that likes to take duckface-photos. ^^

Yes, I know a bunch of them.

Generally the same ones that upload pictures in full prostitute outfits (not hating, they really do).

One of my friends in school does it but she is a complete moron and the stupidest person I know offline and she did it during our school's debs (prom) when I was taking pictures, made me die inside.

Is the duck face really that common? I've never met a person who does this in their photos.

Lucky you. It's hu-u-uge. I've seen too many girls in real life who've done it. From before even Facebook was popular.

I've don't see it frequently, and not in real life, but some people I know from high school have a few non-ironic 'duck face' pictures. I've seen more memes about it than the actual thing itself (actually, come to think about it, I've generally seen more memes of everything more than the subjects themselves).

One of my sisters does it to taunt me when I'm bitching about other people doing it. Other than that, no, thank goodness. My sister is just an ass. Haha.

Never. And I would not hesitate to say "You look ridiculous and I don't want to be around you if you make that face in public". Damn the Duck Face. When I learned what it was I hated it immediately.

*met somebody who does

grammar fail -.-

I've seen it happen a few years ago, it doesnt happen much once your outside of the teenage years.

It is done. Just not that often anymore.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh yup, it's like the main other thing to be making fun of in College when going for lunch with people. XD

My sister and her friends do it on 90% of their photos and I'm pretty sure they aren't doing it as a joke.

well I think I might remember it being an ocurance from my highschool days, you know, when myspace was still around

A few girls I know have done this. I don't really care about it, though. Whenever I see the phenomenon I just remember to never, ever look at a picture of the girl in question again.

I've seen it done on various Facebook pages and I have to say it's not the most attractive facial expression but on the right girl and if it's not too extreme then it can look quite sexy. (imagine something closer to a kiss face than duck face)


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