Things you find woefully unfunny, but other people like.

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The Office. In fact everything Ricky Gervais does. I like the guy but I dont find anything he does funny.

Hold on a second, have you ever seen the American version of the Office?

I've never seen the English version myself, but the American is one of my favorites.

OT: Drawing dicks anywhere that I can, then proceeding to giggle with my "posse".

Sure is funny guys....

The Office, either of them.
Memes. Though theres a lot like me who don't like them, but still.
The list is much longer, but ya.

Call me crazy, but I dislike anything with a laugh track. It feels really annoying having the show tell me something was funny, and I should be laughing. It takes me right out of it.

I totally agree. Some shows might be funny, but you add a laugh track, it dumbs down the whole show. It's like those applause signs. What? Is your show really so unfunny that you need to tell your audience when to laugh?
The only thing with a laugh track that I tolerate is The Soup, but only because I love watching Joel mchale mock stupid celebrities.

On a more specific note, I'm going with the cliche, family guy. I honestly tried watching it when my brothers and some of our friends were watching it. I found it horribly unfunny and incredibly stupid. But then again, this is coming from a guy who, for the most part finds sexual humor unfunny.

Internet memes. I just don't know how something that is barely even humorous and is repeated ad nauseum can be funny? I just simply cannot understand that, at all.

I gotta figure it's the same reason Ray Jay Johnson ever had a career. "Well you can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, or you can call me RJ, etc." it's funny precisely because it isn't, but is played completely straight. I think this also applies to Tenacious D. They aren't terribly good, but damned if they aren't treated like they are.


I create my own laugh track to Archer though. That show is the most brilliant comedy in 15 years. Favorite line this week has to be:

Archer: I'm responding to a burglary alarm Lana, which is the reason I'm not up to my eyes in stewardess.

Archer: I can't believe we're in a firefight with the Canadian Mounted Police.
Lana: I can't believe we're in a Canadian-American Mexican standoff and they're completely missing the irony of it.
Archer: What do you expect from people that make ROUND BACON?

OT: Honestly, I'm drawing a blank, though I am surprised that According to Jim hasn't been mentioned yet. When it was on TV you couldn't throw a rock without hitting someone complaining about how unfunny it was. I personally found it to be a perfectly serviceable show. Jim Belushi came across as a network television version of Dan Aykroid, and I see no problems with that.

As a general rule, pretty much anything with canned laughter. By far one of the worst things to ever happen to television.

Some of the old timey sitcoms were good but most modern sitcoms are more awkward than anything else.

Also, practically every youtuber listed under the "comedy" category. Almost every one I've watched didn't seem like they'd be funny enough or have enough original content to make it in the world of comedy outside of youtube. They also seem a little too ingratiating, a little too desperate for you to like them.

The comedians I find funny are the ones that come across like they don't give a shit whether you like them or not. Practically everything Louis CK has done amuses the hell out of me.

My least favorite kind of comedy is the "uncomfortable"/"pranks" category, any shows like "Punk'd" or "Borat", or those daily show segments where they interview someone who isn't on the joke, etc. I don't find any humor in pranks in general.

Nearly all formulaic comedy movies I find dreadful, the south park bit where Stan sees all the comedy trailers as shit sums it up perfectly.

From occasional glimpses I can see most network TV shows are terrible. I checked out a bit of Two and a Half Men when Sheen was going crazy IRL, but it wasn't funny. I'm a theoretical physicist, so Big Bang Theory is especially awful. I've laughed at some youtube clips of Simpsons and Family Guy, but the general quality of those is unwatchable.

I generally like internet humor, including image macros and memes. Though to be funny the meme has to be used in a clever or unexpected way. It has to be natural, not forced, like some guy is excited about "putting an X with a Y so you can X while you Y" and doesn't even realize he is falling into the Xhibit meme. That was the problem with the arrow in the knee meme, with three placeholders ("used to X but then Y to Z") it was just way generic and could be applied to basically any sentence, which kind of kills the "clever and unexpected" aspect.

i love spaceballs
the rest of them not so much

The Office: All it comes down to is people acting awkward in front of a camera.

Most of tobuscus' stuff: Act crazy in front of camera; Get millions of views. (The literal trailers are good, though.)

Shane Dawson: lol, dick humor with no real jokes.

It's Always Sunny in Philie: Big meh. It's okay,no real stand-out humor.

I'm going to get flamed hard for this, but screw it.

Arrested Development

Yes, that Arrested Development. I gave the show a number of chances and it failed to make me laugh every time. The characters are completely unlikable. They're either utterly moronic to the point of annoyance, complete wimps, or have a douchebaggery level equal to that of X-box Live.

It's just not that funny, sorry.

I do not like The Office, and a lot of Sacha Baron Cohen's work I find to be super offensive with no real laughs


Call me crazy, but I dislike anything with a laugh track. It feels really annoying having the show tell me something was funny, and I should be laughing. It takes me right out of it.

Amen. After watching a few shows with out them (mostly Community) I can't stand it when a show tells me when to laugh.

I'll third the sentiment. I can handle a laugh track on an older show, like MASH for example, but modern sitcoms should not have to tell the audience any more.

I'm going to get flamed hard for this, but screw it.

Arrested Development

Yes, that Arrested Development. I gave the show a number of chances and it failed to make me laugh every time. The characters are completely unlikable. They're either utterly moronic to the point of annoyance, complete wimps, or have a douchebaggery level equal to that of X-box Live.

It's just not that funny, sorry.

This, too. I've watched it all.. I watched with a friend who was really into it. I just didn't think it was that funny. Sure, it made me chuckle a few times.. but, I guess it's just not my type of humor.

Big Bang Theory was one of the most cringe-worthy programs I had ever seen on television.

I utterly despise South Park.

Used to like Family Guy but its gone downhill.

Tis all I can think of now...

Moviebob's X IS (ARE) WEIRD voice. Mainly because I know it bothers other people.

Seinfeld. I mean really. I just don't get any funny vibes from that show.

Big bang theory. That youtube video "Baby monkey riding on a pig".

But Big bang theory... Just did not like. But all my friends love it. Urgh.

The Big Bang theory showed nerd culture as some weird, anti-social freak show. It seems like it was written by some soccer mom that just assumes this is how "nerd's" act.

I also haven't enjoyed any of the Sacha Baren Cohen comedies. I don't think he's a bad actor, since I enjoyed him in Hugo and Sweeney Todd but he needs to leave writing to the professionals.


Family guy after it was brought back from being cancelled. The writing was worse, the characters changed (specifically Meg).

The cut-aways became less about specific jokes and more about pop-culture references and absurdity.

You think that's bad? Remember the time I went skiing with Dr. Manhattan and The Annoying Orange?

But yeah, it's gone pretty downhill. I haven't watched it in months as I can't be bothered with it.

Now what I find really funny about it is that in the most recent season the animation improved, the humour took a dive, but then The Simpsons struck and became a lot better for the first episodes of the new season. It's like a balance scale. When one goes down the other goes up.

OT: Jeff Dunham and Jackass. People keep telling me how funny he is, but I can sit through watching him without being close to finding any of it remotely funny.

Those animated comedy shows. Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad. In some instances, acting like complete fools can be funny (See: Mr. Bean, Smokey & The Bandit) but those animated shows just over do it in a way that doesn't even crack a smile on my face.

Tell me you like Futurama?

OT: Arrow in the Knee jokes, Arrow in the Knee jokes, and Arrow in the Knee jokes. Almost forgot to mention Arrow in the Knee Jokes.

Arrow in the Knee Jokes.

Most anime comedy. The jokes just feel really recycled and plain to me (there are plenty still that have me on the floor laughing but..), yet my anime loving friends always go on about specific parts that they find to be epic or flippin' hilarious that I see and think, "seen it" for the hundredth time which I do not always point out in a flippant manner, but instead respond to them with, meh, it's alright I guess. Seeing a little girl send giant beams of heavenly light crashing down the earth can only be epic for so many times, until you begin to notice a cycle of this where you can already anticipate their cliche and realize that little girls are the strongest breed of human in anime, and at the bottom of the food chain is the muscly looking guys who actually work out and that people will laugh at the exact same premise of a little girl annihilating an army a lot without getting bored of it over and over again.

^^a thousand times this. God I cannot stand anime "humor". Its mostly just some dumb kawaii desu cutesy crap with childhood antics and usually some physical humor. My friend made me watch an anime that was supposedly one of everyone's favorites and funniest, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya (or however the fuck its fucking spelled). Now, I've been told I'm a pretty funny guy with my cynicism and dry sense of smart humor, so maybe its just me meeting the opposite end of the spectrum, but watching that show made my eyes bleed. Half the time the characters are just groping and playing mind games with people like fucking sociopaths to do humorous things. Its almost like a dark look into the minds of japanese animators. Its pretty horrifying shit.

Nearly all Ben Stiller movies where he tries to be funny, especially Zoolander. It makes me want to break my T.V. when it's on. I don't mind him as an actor, I just don't think he can carry a comedy movie on his own.

I can't stand most American sitcoms. I find them really frustrating to watch, almost like the humour if forced. Though that said I did like Frasier so there is a little inconsistency there.

Oh also I loathe most of the animated shows such as South Park or Family Guy (especially Family Guy). But then again I like Futurama so yet more inconsistency. At least I'm consistent with my inconsistency.

Anything and everything done by Ali G. before anyone says that isn't his real name, yes I know, yes I know his actual name has already been mentioned in the thread I'm just not willing to waste my time looking it up again. Sorry I find his humour absolutely purile and cringe-inducing.

Most American comedies when they lack any kind of subtlety and try to continually reinforce the joke like we didn't get it the 1st time and that was still pretty terrible.

1 of my favourite comedies though is Red Dwarf, though I admit it picks up once Kryten is added and goes downhill a bit when Rimmer is gone.
Another good 1 is Coupling though that has a few cringy episodes, notably when it deals with Jeff.

Pretty much Seth Macfarlane works especially The Cleveland Show. Granted I did used to watch Family Guy and American Dad when it was first aired but now it's just out stay its welcome.

Also I don't get the appeal of this show called 12 oz. Mouse which a friend of my liked. Sure I'm the type who never judge a animated show for its appearances but I make an exception for that show (and the weird humour within it).

EDIT- Thanks to Moviebob review, I had competely forgot about the Tim and Eric show. MY best friend love it but I don't see the appeal as I find that show competely unfunny at all.

Borat: how anyone found that film even mildly amusing escapes me

The Mighty Boosh: I sat through the first episode waiting for it to get funny while my best friend kept on about how it was the best thing on TV, I really felt it was 30 minutes of my life i wasn't getting back

Just about any US 'Family' comedy with a laugh-track: If you need to tell the audience when to laugh then you're doing something wrong

I have stoped watching TV now a days I only watch the news other than that it's boring comercials and even worse shows and laughtraks should be killed in a fire...burn the shit.
Jackass and shows like it,Sienfield,Toilet humor...well,sometimes it's fine but sometimes it just makes me chringe,uhm,frown then theres all the bloody "reality shows".
"Family" shows to...the ones that are "fun" for the whole family actully all the things that try to make things seam so freaking "happy" all the bloody time. It's like they are on drugs or something because everything is very awesome.
Awesome to I hate that word and epic to just all the things that are extram in emotion in some direction...I think I've gone off track anyway the simpsons and family guy, futurama is fun but has no re-play value. Sports shows to except if it's finalls than it is OK...I'm gonna stop

Ellen Degeneres (or however you spell it)
To me, her show is like an annoying office worker who sits at their station all day long and having just discovered the internet decides to broadcast everything they find to everyone no matter how trivial or unfunny it may be. And the worst part is she actually thinks that she's funny while doing this.

Also pretty much any one of those teen comedies on the Disney channel - the laugh track comes up every five seconds, each show is a cardboard cutout of each other and like my previous example, they think that they are funny!

The Big Bang Theory. I just want to hit Sheldon with the brick. Leonard is a whiney little bitch. Penny is a manipulative cunt.

The Office. Every single thing I have seen of it just seems so goddamn awkward that it makes me feel bad to even see it.

Jack Black. You see a single one of his movies and you have seen them all. Its just Jack Black doing the same old unfunny shit in a variety of situations.

Michael Cera. Kid can't act. He is just this annoying ball of awkward and he ruined any hope of Scott Pilgrim being any good.

Zooey Deschanel. Another one who can not act. She is a aweful mix of wooden and awkward. The Sci-Fi remake of The Wizard of Oz would have been good except the cast had to practically carry her around like a goddamn mannequin. Then she shows up in this new series The New Girl and is just even worse. I would not care at all except the first ep had Damon Wayans Jr who I love but is a very unappreciated actor. But no, that dead eyed Katy Perry knock off keeps getting work. I would honestly not be surprised to find out she is a aspie.

96.5% of all comedy anime. I used to love anime but can't watch it anymore because most of it is absolute garbage and those few series that aint usually get fillered to fuck.

I'll throw in my vote for Big Bang Theory and The Office, really don't find either funny

Also School Rumble: It's not bad but just not funny

Big bang theory
anything involving animals being hurt
and alot more i don't remember right now

I don't really know... Romantic comedies perhaps? I also found the hang over to be quite overrated. Not completly unfunny, but not to the extent other people seem to think

How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory
House MD

And i really enjoyed the first few seasons of each, but they all ended up being dragged on way beyond their time to milk ratings.

The Inbetweeners. It's just really typical chavvy humour. It's crammed with 'I banged your mum' and 'Your dick is small lol' jokes, and it's just really not funny at all to me.

Scrubs, Dane Cook, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Seth Rogan, JOE Rogan, Lisa Lampanelli, The Jimquisition

Dane Cook.

I'm a person who finds a lot of things funny, so people are usually surprised when I say I hate that douchebag.

Dane Cook

And I've been ninja'd... Now prepare to die! kidding

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