Things you find woefully unfunny, but other people like.

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Any british comedy. I get the jokes I just don't find them laugh worthy. The only exception is the Ricky Geravas Show only because the humor used there is just Ricky and Steve making fun of Karl (who's an idiot).

Napolean Dynamite.

Can someone please tell me where the jokes are? I will never understand why so many people loved this stupid, boring movie.

Family Guy and South Park used to be funny but are now crap.

April Hannah:


I don't understand. EVERYONE told me what an incredible and funny film this was, and my friends made me watch it.

I spent the entire damn movie trying to figure out how to set people on fire through a TV screen, then pull their charred corpses out so I could beat my friends to death with them. Sadly, this state of mind only occurs when I'm very thoroughly unamused.

Omg I thought I was the only one who didn't like this movie. I remember all my classmates loving it for like forever.Eventually my older brother rented it and I watched it with him in the living room and I just didn't find it funny. I found it stupid....

Here's a couple reviews to help reinforce yourself.
(This one has a comment from me on it saying that I didn't despise it, which surprises me. Clearly, time has not sweetened it.)

These were liferafts amongst my friends who adored it.

The water boy..i never liked the water boy.

I find no entertainment in fiction or nonfiction involving someone being royally dumped on by everything in existence. I'm talking about shows like The Mighty Boosh (to borrow from my girlfriend's Brit fetish list.) or most sitcoms on tv today. Shows where, despite a main character's best efforts, nothing turns out right and they get the short end of the stick anyway. See also: Invader Zim (although it has its moments) any torture-porn horror film (any horror in general, especially if it ends badly for the protagonists) and anything that feels the need to pull the Women In Refrigerators trope out for extra drama (for non TVTropers, it's when the villain casually offs a hero's loved one(s) for extra drama/evil points and the loved ones were clearly only in the film for said deaths)

That's not to say I don't enjoy it when a really terrible person gets their comeuppance, but I absolutely HATE something that expects me to laugh at a moderately nice (or even moderately evil) person as the entire world conspires to make their life a living hell.

Most meme-faces. Particularly the Troll face. I actually thought he just looked disgusting.

Call me crazy, but I dislike anything with a laugh track. It feels really annoying having the show tell me something was funny, and I should be laughing.

This. It feels painful when listening to shows with a track on because it makes everything feel artificial. "You're the only one laughing at this joke. No one is laughing with you." Like when my sister has ICarly on the tv and you overhear the tracks going when something happens. I always wince.

Family Guy and Tim&Eric anything. Family Guy was tolerable for a while, I suppose, but a while back, Adult Swim took to playing them for most of the run. I'm a nocturnal sort of person, and when the choice for keeping the quiet at bay lies between Adult Swim and infomercials, I'll generally go for Choice A. Now I'm absolutely burnt out on anything Seth McFarlane, and my friends still insist on quoting or referencing or giving me play-by-plays since I gave up and unplugged my TV months ago. It's all the same, cringe-inducing potty 'humor', or anti-something rant (religion, politics, whatever), sixty meaningless cutaways in half an hour, and absolutely nothing to entice me into watching reruns.

Futurama (pre-cancellation)

That show was so unfunny it made my bones ache.

It's only been since the show's return after it got cancelled that it started to been genuinely funny. Maybe it's because they hired better writters, or maybe the old writters finally grew some talent to tell jokes you couldn't see coming a mile away.

Instead of targeting at specific shows, movies and whatnot, I find it more effective to point out comedic elements that doesn't tickle my laughter lobe:
- Sex jokes. Dicks aren't funny.
- Tacked on pop cultural references. Integrate them with subtlety, please.
- Parodies and attacks on real people. South Park and Family Guy would improve by tossing them entirely.
- Awkward situations. Sitcoms do this all the time and it always makes me pressing my face against my shame pillow.
- Tame slapstick. If you want slapstick, include elements like cynicism, surrealism and unexpectedness.
- Stereotype confirmation. Why can't people start making fun of them, and most importantly, disputing them?

I like most things, cept for Dance Cook and The Hangover. One I was told was hilarious but was't, the other I knew was't funny and I turned out to be right.

I thought these were pretty good, I'd love a version where someone edited in groans and sighs where the laughter should be.

This last one actually sort of improves the scene for me.

Ben Stiller
Will Ferrel
Owen Wilson

For me I must say any of the Monty Python stuff. Just do not find it funny. But there is other British humor I enjoy, so not sure. And although I don't hate when a show has a laugh track, shows like Scrubs really illustrate how they are unneeded and can get in the way sometimes.

Just about any internet meme that has ever existed, ever.

Might be worth a laugh the first time, not so funny the 305th time.

That can very well be applied to anything. But if there's one meme that got old literally minutes after it was spawned, it's Skyrim's "arrow to the knee".

Any of the 'cringe comedies', I don't understand why people find it funny to be made physically uncomfortable. The Office and Inbetweeners are the worst offenders I've seen, with Extras gaining some redemption for it's cameo appearances taking the focus off Gervais.

I'd say Adam Sandler films for the past few years, but I don't think the "other people like" section applies to those.

The following people are never again allowed to speak, and are forced to turn to a life of mime:

Larry the Cable Guy, and by extension Jeff Foxworthy
Adam Sandler
Will Ferrell
Steve Carell
Jennifer Aniston
Ricky Gervais
Sasha Baron Cohen
Ben Stiller
Hugh Grant
Seth Rogen
Zach Galinfinakis

The following person is to be dragged out in the street and shot, for he has offended the comedy and acting Gods too many times to be ignored

Michael Cera

The following shows are to be shown in hell as a warning to others

The Cleveland Show
Big Bang Theory
King of the Hill
12 Oz Mouse
Anything with Tim or Eric
"Insert word Here" Movie

The following shows are to be shown as the punishment in hell
Anything on MTV in the past 8 years excluding Celebrity Deathmatch
Anything with Daniel Tosh

Most of the blog writers on Cracked, especially Dan O'Brian. His writing isn't that witty and relies almost entirely on absurdity.

I'll also chime in on the dislike for Big Bang Theory. The show is patronizing to me, I don't want to be catered to by some Hollywood writer who thinks they understand me.

Big Bang Theory and Two and a half man. They both suffer from the exact same problem which isn't all that suprising, considering they are written by the same guy: Chuck Lorre just can't write interesting, relatable and likeable characters. You know, i kinda like How i met your mother because it has a pretty strong cast. But Lorre doesn't really write characters, he writes stereotypes. I mean, look at taahm: The Macho, The Loser, The annoying fat kid, the snarky housekeeper. BBT is even worse, there we have: The Nerd, The Other Nerd, The Other Other Nerd, The Even Bigger Nerd and The Loveinterest.

Will Ferrel, Russell Brand, Chris Rock, Carlos Mencia, Matt Lucas and David Walliams, Jersey Shore and all of it's copycat shows, who's line is it anyway (except for the few episodes that Paul Merton was on). Flight of the Conchords, The Inbetweeners, Most modern sitcoms, most hollywood comedy.

On the flip side I think "The Whitest Kids U Know" are massively underrated. Along with Charlie Brooker's works, Screenwipe and Newswipe (also the one off gameswipe). I also find the sitcom Fraiser laugh out loud hilarous and no else else seems to.

Most things on tv that involve actual actors and most that are animated.
Memes past the first 5 seconds of them existing. Simply by being a meme it means its overused and therefore is no longer funny.
Anything that involves "Your mum" because they are so overused.

The only humor I enjoy is when its made up on the spot and is actually smart and original. No joke works twice.

For me I get really put off by comedys where the premis is "this person did something stupid and/or painful, lets laugh at them for how stupid/pathetic they are" as I find watching those more depressing then funny. Top of the list of this is Borat. I was dragged by my friends to see this and the entire time people were laughing and I couldn't figure out what was supposed to be funny. However I do enjoy Big Bang theory and How I Met Your Mother, but don't particularly find them funny.

The Inbetweeners

A friend showed me an episode of this and I found it physically painful as it was pretty much my school life. Some people at work were talking about how funny it was and I wanted to beat them round the head with my keyboard yelling "Live it then tell me its funny"

I also find the sitcom Fraiser laugh out loud hilarous and no else else seems to.

I also thought this was fantastic and one of the few shows labelled as "comedy" that I've laughed out loud to.

Besides (nearly) all comedians and stupid comedies about drugs or anything else mundane, I find a strong dislike in South Park, Simpsons and Family Guy. I admit that the latter two have their occasional moments, but as a whole they aren't worth it to me. I've found NOTHING funny about South Park, however.

I can handle internet memes, but internet trolls are painfully annoying for reasons I can't even explain properly. They're just... unbearable and so unfunny even though they think they're being all cool and hilarious. Then again, maybe they just remind me of South Park.

With the exceptions of Beavis and Butthead and Ren and Stimpy, I also find that low-brow humour is generally aggravating and plain gross. I hate watching good movies only to have a stupid toilet joke thrown in and drawn upon for laughs.

Most live-action shows don't appeal to me, either. Office(American), Two and a Half Men, all those older sitcoms that everyone else liked(Friends, Home Improvement, etc.)... Maybe that's just because I'm more of a cartoon-type (and a voice actor buff).

If I had a list of actors I hated, the page would become exponentially longer, so I'll just limit it to a select... five or so that I feel need a special personal mention: Ben Stiller, Michael Cera, Adam Sandler, Zach Galifianakis, Tracy Morgan and Seth Rogan. Did I mention Ben Stiller? Danny DeVito gets a special mention only because the only role of his I ever liked is hanging on my wall in the form of a giant Penguin poster.

I don't like the newer Adam Sandler films as to me they aren't funny I do enjoy little Nicky.

I hate anything to do with Family Guy it's not funny at all, also any cartoon show on E4 they aren't funny at all.

Anything with Miranda Hart in it. I can't stand her at all, she isn't funny and she annoys the hell out of me.

Friends. I never managed to get 'into' it or see what the massive appeal of the show was and found the comedy unfunny and the laughter track over all the 'jokes' put me off completely.

Gavin and Stacey (James Corden and Matt Horne just aren't funny), anything that involved Rob Brydon (I find him just awful), Him&Her on BBC3 with Russell Tovey, Mighty Boosh, Extras and The Office...
I remember as a reward for us all working so hard during GCSE French lessons and progressing way ahead of expectations, we were 'rewarded' with 2 episodes of The Office... I genuinely asked if there was some work I could go and do in the library...

Oh, and The Simpsons... saw one not too long ago where Homer rammed a police car with a bumper-car and I genuinely felt that anyone who laughed at that needed sectioning...

Oh, and Borat


-Spaceballs (even though I love Star Wars)

I'm not disagreeing with you here(no, seriously, I'm not) I agree with you that a lot of SpaceBalls is unfunny, but it does have a few moments of pure awesome.

I direct you towards the whole "surrounded by ass-holes" scene, and the password sketch.

Aside from that, yeah. Pretty much Spaceballs.

Also for me :

Family Guy
Most American Comedy
Big Bang Theory
The Inbetweeners

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