Why don't you feature you country of citizenship on your profile

Pretty self explanatory.

I myself do because I want people to have a better understanding of my point of view in discussions.
Often they believe that is the point of view of an imbecile. There are a few people not so judgmental and I do it for them.


Because screw listing anything on there. Or laziness. Yeah.

I have nothing on my profile. I'm just weird about having a list of facts about my life posted anywhere online.

might you be from a country that is famous for currently having a black president, and infamous for proceeding said president with a president from the south of said country, who seemed to enjoy blowing shit up?

edit; anyone from my country would recognise my profile pic...kind of a silent shout out to my fellow countrymen

Look at my avatar...

I guess it's because either-
They can't be bother/ don't care about adding detail about themselves.
Don't want to reveal information about themselve in front of the internet (private).
Are paranoid about someone finding where he/ she lived from the information in their profile.

I do, I don't care if people know who I am or where I'm from. I'm willing to say anything I say on here to people I meet or know in real life, and nobody I know would be a member of this site anyway, so it makes no real difference.
Also as the OP said, I like people understanding my perspective :P

I have nothing on my profile. I'm just weird about having a list of facts about my life posted anywhere online.

This for me. I just don't like filling out all that information about myself. I'm perfectly willing to disclose my gender because it's pretty weird to talk to somebody online and have no idea whether to address them as "he" or "she". Also, I see nothing wrong about telling people I'm a student (at university). But I don't see the need of others knowing more than that. The country in particular might only cause confusion because I study abroad.

I think I've got everything turned on. As to why? Well, so far I haven't gotten myself any death treats, or a nemesis, so I have no reason to be afraid of showing my personal information to anybody.

Because nationalism is one of the most bafflingly inane ideas ever to plague this species, national pride in general is silly.

Edit: Ah profile. Sorry misread that. I still stand by the post above, but why do I have it on my profile? Despite the idea that national pride is a stupid thing, where one born has a major impact on their life. National identity is critical to understanding a person, what economic background they come from, etc, etc.

I have it there because its useful in discussions. You can take a quick look at where a person is from and get a better idea of where they are coming from. Literally. I imagine other people do the same.

Three reasons: Firstly because I don't want to tell people I don't know things about for no reason, if my nationality does affect my judgement for a disscussion then I'll mention it there. Secondly, I don't want people making judgements about because of where I live. And thirdly because I've recieved death threats on other forums because of my nationality.

I have mine on there because I'm proud to be British and I mention it a lot on the forums anyway so it's not exactly a secret. I'm pretty open about myself though I suppose, even my pictures availible on my profile for anyone who wants to see what I look like.

What I find really bizarre is that often on "What is... in your country?" threads, people don't mention their country when answering but it's mentioned in their profile. If someone didn't want anyone to know where they come from then that's understandable why they'd leave such a post but otherwise it just leaves their post losing a lot of meaning (without an additional profile check) for the sake of not writing one or two words.

Because I can't be bothered. The less people know about me the better. I've mentioned it in other topics but usually it doesn't mean anything much to me.

I have mine on display because...I don't really have any reason to hide it really, plus it affords some context to my posts, as does my age, though I realise that leaves me open as a target for condescension, I don't particularly care for anyone who wouldn't hear me out because of those two aspects alone.

I put mine on there as a reference to an old WoW buddy. He jokingly said he was from "The United States of God Bless America" and it stuck.


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