If you had to pick 3 game characters for an all coming zombie apolcalypse

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Zombie apocalypse is coming and you get to pick 3 game characters that don't have superpowers (and while were at it no master chief or Shepard cause there too bad-ass for this shait)

Who would it be and why?

Master Chief and Shepard? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Gordon Freeman: Efficiant fighter, silent, gets the job done.
Ze Medic from TF2: Well... We need a Medic.
Captain America. It's all about defense!

Master Chief and Shepard? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Gordon Freeman: Efficiant fighter, silent, gets the job done.
Ze Medic from TF2: Well... We need a Medic.
Captain America. It's all about defense!

I laugh at your choices just as you laughed at those before you! Why pick someone limited to fighting men and using tools to hand (Im looked at you Gordon "crowbar" Freeman) and guns when you could have, oh idk, the guy from Infamous 2, or Yuna and her GF's and Kratos, you know, people who literally kill or control gods!

The guy from infamous has superpowers and kratos is a god so no good there

No superpowers? Ohh, nice twist, I don't think I've seen that restriction before in a zombie thread, well done!

Carlotta Valentina from Skyrim: A vendor of unlimited foodstuffs whose stock refreshes every 3 days. Well that's food sorted!

Issac Clarke from Dead Space, with his suit and weapons! He's like the poor man's master chief

Chell from portal with portal gun. That's transportation sorted too!

I'm feeling pretty good about that team.

Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortess 2 (minigun and regenerating sandviches for food)

Serious Sam from Serious Sam games (badass with tons of kickass weapons)

Engineer from Team Fortress 2 (Sentry guns for strong defence, Dispenser for ammo and health, teleporter for emergency escape)

3, without superpowers? And no Master Chief or Shepard?

You basically just eliminated my entire game library.

Let see-

Jill Valentine (She got experience at this sort of thing)

Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicle (as long he got the Monado, he can see into the future which will come in handy.)

Dhalsim from Street Fighter (He can burn all of the zombies with his yoga fire.)

1. Frank West.

I don't need anyone else. He's covered wars, y'know.

/dodges rotten tomato

Fine, fine.

1. Roland from Borderlands - Capable of filling in as a combat medic while also resupplying the team's ammunition. Additionally capable of doing reasonable amounts of damage on his own and deploying a temporary defensive wall and turret should things get rough.

2. Leon S. Kennedy from the Resident Evil series - Experienced in the fine art of zombie killing (both slow and fast variety!), and will keep the team's morale up with his cheesy one-liners.

3. Sam Stone from the Serious Sam series - Certified badass with a huge variety of weapons. Unlike Duke Nukem, Sam hasn't gotten soft over the years, and is likely a valuable asset in holding off any manner of invaders, regardless of size or number.

A perfectly engineered Sim woman from The Sims-
I'll need a wife at some point, why not make one who suits me?
(Of course, that's kind of horrifying and creepy, but who cares? So are zombies.)

A Brotherhood of Steel paladin-
Laser rifles can disintegrate zombies, so we won't necessarily need to aim for the head. Also, power armor helps.

York/Zach from Deadly Premonition-
Good shot, and a great guy to hang around with.

Alex Mercer (A.K.A. Blacklight....oops, spoliers!)
actually that's all i would need. he's pretty much a swiss-army tool with 1,000 tools.

Provided that said video game character posses any and all equipment they obtain during the game, I'd choose Shinji Ikari and Unit-01 from any of the Evangelion games (you didn't say that it had to be an American/English speaking video game). I'd also choose Optimus Prime from the Transformers games and Samus from the Metroid games.

I would choose:

Leon S Kennedy: He knows what to do in this kind of situation- A handy guy to have around.

Special Agent Francis York Morgan/Francis Zach Morgan: An FBI agent who is out there and nothing fazes him. Like Leon, he also has some kind of experience in this area. Not to mention, he is my favourite videogame character so I am going to try and fit him in somewhere.

Dante from Devil May Cry: I think he is a complete douchebag, but you can't deny he has skills.

Captain Price from the Modern Warfare series./ Not a superhero, but still badass

Bill, from Left 4 Dead. He has experience with this sort of thing.

Augustus "Cole Train" Cole from Gears of War. "Can't stop the Cole Train, baby, WHOOO!!!"

From a "realistic" point of view, Francis from Left 4 Dead. I would say Bill but Bill's dead.

I would then say, probably Frank or Chuck from Dead Rising [Again, people with experience.] And lastly, I'd probably choose Leon from Resident Evil 4. Guy's a badass with psycho amnish zombies.

1. Brick from Borderlands
2. Dog from Half-Life 2
3. Donkey Kong

Because anyone who can use brute force to cut through hordes of zombies is alright in my books.

Loop hole abuse time:

1) Elzam Branstien. Doesn't have any super powers, just an extremely skilled veteran and an amazingly skilled pilot..... with a kick giant robot that would make short work of the zombies :p. I was going to go with Shu, because the Granzon would make short work of any zombie apocalypse, but he'd doubtless betray me and try to rule the world.

2) Batman. Has no super powers :p . But is ungodly badass and intelligent, so he would not only help fight off the zombies, and come up with 50 million contingency plans, he'd help organise the new human society and get to the bottom of the apocalypse.

3) The protagonist of the Sagitarian Flash games. Choosing a surviour of a zombie apocalypse seems like cheating but there you go

1. Sovereign.
2. Harbinger.
3. Legion.

Reapers don't have super powers, there just mother-fucking Reapers.

Mercer's ability's can be considered super powers, nobody that has ANY powers whatsoever, only skills and know how (No Master chief and Shepard, also no Kratos because even demi gods have powers.

3, without superpowers? And no Master Chief or Shepard?

You basically just eliminated my entire game library.

Your gaming library consists of nothing but Mass Effect and Halo games? :o
I'm thinking Traviss Touchdown from NMH
Batman bc he is awesome,
And finally HK-47 from KOTOR
I think I'm gonna be just fine.

Frank West - DeadRising
Leon Kenndy - (from) Resident Evil 4
My character in the Saints Row series

does deadpool count if he has no healing factor? :p

I would choose:
Gordon Freeman as he is a good combination of brains and brawn
A Big Daddy because he could just be untouchable (this is assuming he is allied to me)
Alcatraz from crysis 2 because, well its a nanosuit man

I would go with the Medic for healing us.
Strelok for being our survival guide and hunter-gatherer expert.
And finally the Arbiter for the sheer strength we would need in maneuvering heavy weapons, building defenses, and busting through stuff.

Boone, Arcade Ganon(I think that's his name), and Cass all from Fallout Née Vegas. Boone would be able to stop any threat from about a half mile away, Arcade could provide medical support, and Cass would know how to live off the land and get food.

Big Boss, the ultimate survivor.
Leon S. Kennedy because he's definitely NOT small time.
Siegfried Schtauffen cause every group needs a bad-ass with an even bigger sword.

Hmm let's see here...well I don't want to repeat any already said sooo just to be a jerk all three are Warhammer 40k Marines. Screw Chief, anyone from the 40k universe trumps anything in ours (not fanboyism at all, that's just how they were made, so I will abuse that in the apocalypse)

1) THE colonial Marine from AvP - motion tracker, knowledge of different threats and weapons, sounds handy

2) Max Payne - knows how to survive dozens of bullet wounds only with the help of (i suppose) prescription-free pain killers - he'll probably have a neat trick on however zombie-ism is spread, too - if not, he's still a very very capable gun

3) well i guess usually that's the medic's spot, but as i'll take that myself, i'll choose... Zoey? - knows how to fight zombies - will keep my fighting spirit and morale up (and i am not referring to any primary or secondary reproductive organ, you needy underage virgins), because even though i know someone as awesome as herself will never ever hook up with someone like me, i can still dream about it, eh? ^^

By my terms of characters:

Colossus #13: It is a giant flying snake thing, takes care of need for transit, and still looks freaking cool.
Dante: the one of Inferno fame, with Deaths scythe.
Sam Gideon: From the game Vanquish, for gunplay and slide aroundy fun.

Two words. Lu. Bu.

Craig Boone for long range support fire

Darius Mason for crowd control and demolition

Batman for brains and tactical genius.

A member of the Legion from Dragon Age: Very proficient melee fighter, doesn't care about death or dying, small stature and thick armour, familiarity with tight, dark spaces.

Sergeant Redford from Battlefield: Bad Company: A well-trained, disciplined modern soldier, proficient in assault weapons and battlefield tactics. A good leader.

A Wastelander from Fallout (might be cheating, as they seem to have anti-cancer powers):
Someone who can survive the Wastelands knows about looting, proper patterns to have, common dangers in an anarchistic society, and how to scrounge together a meal.

So no superpowers? Ok, sure.

-Tony Stark with his suit (He has been in a game and is therefore a game character)
-Optimus Prime
-Sovereign from Mass Effect

No superpowers, all carefully considered teammates. Tony to fight small scale on the ground, Optimus for transport on the ground and for the real big groups, and Sovereign for dealing with any zombies that manage to develop brains-powered space drives.

I would bring with me the following characters who would help me destroy zombies and become part of Team Totenkopf:
1. Kratos: Do I really need to explain why.
2. Big Boss: Greatest soldier of the 21st century and the man knows how to rock an eye patch.
3. Tifa Lockhart: Good hand to hand combat skills, can use materia and for repopulating the earth. Giggity.

Two words. Lu. Bu.

/thread. If Lu Bu can single-handedly wipe out entire armies of enemies with just a few swings of his weapon, what chance do fucking zombies have?

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