Poll: What do you ride into battle?

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Pretty much the title... and it doesn't have to be for combat, any purpose really. I know my choice, no cop in their right mind is going to try and put a parking ticket on a colossal sandworm! Though I might go with a unicorn when I'm in a hurry.


The interceptor.

With my dog and shotgun, nothing can stop me... except fuel shortages.

I would most likely mount an M2 Browning HMG on the back of a 4WD 80s Toyota Hilux. Top Gear proved the durability of the truck quite handily, not to mention how often those things get used by militias in africa and the middle east, and the gun serves as some offensive capacity.

Other: and by other I mean bears.

Bear Cavalry: yeah, you're pretty much f***ed.


And then I would vanish. I'm off to abort my enemies from history.

Should I say more? Well, I'll also have my army of killer robots with me, and my platoon of brainwashed killer squirrels will flank the enemy.

Fuck it, I'll walk, not very epic but who the hell tries to impress their enemies?

A giant thunder dragon, or a hoverboard.

Hell, I can ride the dragon and use the hoverboard as a backup!

Alternatively, I could ride into battle on/in a robotic dragon that turns into a battle mech, or heck I could even BE the dragon!

I'd walk into battle, wearing a heavy power armor, a ballistic shield and a large caliber pistol. Oh, and a railgun for ranged combat on my back.

Yo mamma!


But on a slightly more serious note, a hovershark.

A massive warhorse/pegasus or a hippogriff.

Maybe a dragon if I'm feeling cocky.

Can you tell I play Bretonnia?

I'd take the missile rack off the top of a Daishi (/aka Dire Wolf), so I'd have room for a platform the size of a living room. And "living room" pretty much sums up what the platform would be for, since I'd just be chilling out while my 100 tonnes of Battlemech crushes all that opposes me.

Honey badger...

Or even better, 2 honey badgers. Strap one to each foot.

A dire wolf. Not the vehicle like a previous poster said but an actual giant wolf.

I've got my own two feet.
My own two feet ride in on a gunship when necessary.

I'm fairly certain theres a "Your Mom" joke in this topic somewhere.

Why I would ride on a motocycle of course! Also with a machine gun on one hand and a chainsaw with another and still riding the bike somehow (don't ask).

Yeah, I would show up in this. But one that can still change it's outward appearance.

Depends on the nature of said battle, the whole "bringing a knife to a gunfight" analogy works for vehicles as well.

A fully-functional Death Star! (with some slight design modifications, of course)

I mean, hell, if I'm going to go all-out I might as well have my own personal war vehicle with a spa-level included.

A flying (and magical) talking lobster who fights with samurai swords.

Death Pony


There, my dragon mount will arrive soon. See you on the battle field.

I would just walk. There is more glory and honour in conquering your foes on foot, man-to-man than upon a horse or chariot.

A blue Shelby Cobra outfitted with machine guns on the front, a very historically important weapon of war dating back a thousand years ago.


Fear my loveable Dog-Dragon as I shout "Yeaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!"

That shouldn't be too hard...

Well this thread took only minimal thought...

The Arwing from Star Fox.


A Ford Transit van. Because why not?

I ride into battle perched gloriously on billions of sheets of paper moving as a wave. I attack people with words, ideas, pictures and paper cuts. Shit, nobody messes with paper. Of course my sword is a pen, what would I be without my pen?

A warthog.

I don't mean the jeep, I mean the pig. I ride a giant warthog into battle.

A puddle jumper, fitted with a Zero-Point Module and a hyperdrive. I always wanted one of those. A stealthy, go-anywhere vehicle. Oh yeah, and see those drone pods? They're no joke. A single barrage could wipe out several advanced jetfighters.

I'd probably carpool or something, idk.

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