Poll: Unlimited Power, inmortality and morality.

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A smart criminal stays well under the radar...no "super villain" hijinx for me thanks..that gets you ponded on by super-heroes, and greatly limits your ability to walk down the streets without attracting too much attention. I'd be just evil enough to live comfortably. :)


I wouldn't trust anyone with that sort of power, let alone myself.

Move to cave, only emerge when really needed.

I don't think I would be anything. I'd keep on living my life, seeking knowledge, watching the world, letting things play out as they should. Only interfering when humanity is in danger of being destroyed or destroying itself. Everything else would most likely be minor.

That is most in line with my personality. I am an observer. I do not change things, and hardly ever influence. In real life, being a superhero is likely to do harm as well as good. Go ahead and ask yourself: would the Joker be what he is now if not for Batman and his (Joker's) obsession with toying with him? Would Lex Luthor ever turn into a supervillain if he didn't have Superman to envy?
The natural order of things is strength through endurance; progress through brutality. A superhero is the perfect buffer for all of these things; therefore, he brings only stagnation.

I'd try to make Warhammer 40k come to life. Of course, I'd start by kicking humanity's ass, proclaiming myself Emperor of Mankind...

Destroying worlds is an effort. I'd just cripple all the militarys and retire on a beach with coconuts and rum.

I picked 'Something Else' because 'World Ruler' wasn't on your list

And it should be, really. Any major advantage like those you described, any one of those can be used creatively to grant one unlimited power, money, etc.

aegix drakan:
I would probably start off as a hero, then become a villain with good intentions...

'Tis a very slippery slope indeed.

This, although it might start backwards, or maybe I'd never be considered a superhero, because I'd probably be Punisher-like, hunting down criminals that the Law can't do anything about. Either that, or I'd create my own country and make my own Laws, and invite people to join me and leave behind the world of corrupt politicians (go Rapture!). Very utopian, I know, but I'd try to leave a nice civilization for this world (with superpowers, that becomes quite possible, although I'd really love to have telepathy and telekinesis, instead of superstrength and super resistance; I'm fine with immortality and being able to shoot beams from my hand :D).

Delibrately become some sort of legendary figure who appears at important points throughout history. And change my voice to be identical to that of G-Man's.

As an immortal with unlimited power, I'd grab humanity by the scruff of the neck and force them to grow up.

Only then could they fulfil their destiny in the stars... certainly not gonna do it on their own, FFS, they can't even agree who's imaginary friend is right...

They want an immortal, all powerful figure to look up to?.. OK. I'll do the job, I mean - If I'm going to be around for infinity, may as well do something to make the place nice to live in. It'll take a few generations and they'll hate me to start with.

Also, I'd force the star bound destiny for selfish reasons.. in a few billion years, our sun will go bang.. need to be off this rock by then.

I'm thinking along the lines of a Batman who can't die.

I'd do a Dr.Manhattan, and fly off into the cosmos and create my own little universe. The mortals here can sort their own shit out.

Is it an anti-hero that helps people, yet still uses their powers for bad? Because that'd be me. I'd get what I want illegally if I had to, but see those guys attempting to steal that bloke's car after they just belted the crap out of him? Yeah, them. They're going to hospital.

love the fact that Superhero and Destroyer of Worlds are in exact proportions to each other in regards to votes.

I have almost no idea why "Other" is picked by so many though; mayhap the choices are too black and white.

I picked "Superhero", but that label is but a matter of opinion; Batman is not a superhero in the eyes of criminals, he's a bully. Same goes for Superman, and the villains crave vengeance after their encounter with the massively overpowered superheroes.
I imagine my actions would not deem me as a Superhero by the government or the majority of people; such is the life for an arbitrator with actual force behind them. Since following on your own accord will always clash blades with others; only this time they would barely have toothpicks and you have a Zweihänder.

I'd probably go and destroy people I deem detrimental to society. People who haven't broken any laws but spend a majority of their time abusing, hating and harming people nonetheless.

My first action, as a demonstration, would be to murder a majority of the Westboro Baptist Church and chain up their corpses on the side of a building with the message 'FAIRLY WARNED BE YE SAYS I' painted in huge letters around them.

I'd also devote a lot of time and effort to space exploration and other technological developments. I'd go to Mars and see what information and samples I can bring back that would be helpful in establishing a colony.

I would be an elite member of the Military... Having an aliegence with one side is always an advantage, and my previous experience would help! Also there is less ambiguity on the law, and whether it applies, as the Law of Armed conflict allows for a lot more to be legal!

I think, honestly, most people would be a criminal, or some kind of antihero. Selfishness and desiring power is simply human nature. I'd love to have everyone under my command and being able to demand both respect and fear with a click of the fingers, maybe even partly as revenge for what society has done to me. But I wouldn't completely turn to the dark side, so I wouldn't kill people without batting an eyelid for my own gain, and I'd still occasionally try to improve other people's lives. When I got bored, I'd just fly into space and/or to other planets and check them out, but not destroy any.

As someone else said, I might just do a Dr. Manhattan.

I would do whatever I would find "fun".

I'd be a douchebag show-off. I'd float around school instead of walking, as if I were swimming. I'd also try to not fight.

I'm dissapointed in the lack of people voting fashion model

Pretty sure I'd use my powers for nothing but personal gain.
Taking over the world is strangely alluring.

I'd choose something along the lines of the DBZ characters; acting primarily out of the sight of the public all the while doing my own thing.

I've always been able to see the arguments of both sides of an argument and were I to act in my view of the "betterment" of mankind I would probably be seen as a villain to most people; forcing people to compromise by force generally isn't the accepted behavior of a "good" guy.

If I had super powers, why settle for being a hero or villain when I could be God? My will would be final, and all dissenters would face punishment most cruel and unusual.

i imagine power would make me batshit insane in about a week.

I'd intend to be a superhero, but I may end up accidentally destroying the very things I wish to save which would make me a tragic villain.

While it is my desire to be a superhero if given the superpowers but in reality I will be a supervillain well a super robber at most.

I mean yes I would like to lived up to the ideal of a superhero (fight crime) to raise hope in some people but I can't bare the media branded me as a vigilante or trollist comments from the internet. Sure I would be willing to hand myself in to the goverment if they would train me to be an agent of some sort but they will most likely to experiment on me than to see me as a assent to them.
Beside I would have given into my selfish greed.

I voted for "Something Else" because I feel I would probably straddle the line between "Superhero" and "Supervillian". I wouldn't go out of my way to hurt other people or cause any undue distress, but at the same time, I would right a few wrongs in my own life.

What else? A god. With that power, the world would be at my feet, begging me to spare them. I would, of course. Then subjugate them and force them to bow to my every whim! And then...

I will create a new world, free of evil. And I... will be the god of that new world that everyone desires! etc., etc..

I chose "destroyer of worlds". Infinite power granted to a species that have a habit of murdering each other for not having the same way of thinking is not a good idea. I was going to pick "superhero", but what happens when you go the Rorschach route and start seeing everyone as unworthy of saving? I wouldn't necessarily destroy the actual world, but I would attempt to destroy the world as we know it, removing any trace of humanity I could so that the planet itself can start again.

Hmm..now that I think about it, we've pretty much already gotten that "destroyer of worlds" part down, and we don't even need superpowers.

A smart criminal stays well under the radar...no "super villain" hijinx for me thanks..that gets you ponded on by super-heroes, and greatly limits your ability to walk down the streets without attracting too much attention. I'd be just evil enough to live comfortably. :)

Superheroes wouldn't exist, though, unless you believe that you having superpowers means others would too. Or maybe you were joking.

I see your point, though. It could go all "Heroes" and the government might try to catch me, either for quarantine, to kill me or extract my powers for their own gain.

isn't that what hancock was about? The whole "i have superpowers look at me, i try to help but i'm an ass when i'm doing it herp derp." kinda thing?

The premise;
You have the godly powers of Dragonball Z characters, the healing factor and practical immortality of Wolverine, and the rest of the world is as it is today.

What would you do?
Will you be a Goku or Vegeta?
X-men or Magneto?

With no consequences to you as a person, would you try to be a superhero, a criminal or something else?

the lack of "SURPRIME RULER" shocks me...........KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!

A superhero, but not for the public, just for people I care about.

I'd be a bit less then a hero I guess.. I'd do good things but I'd just as quickly do bad things if it was for personal gain the greater good...

And I'd constantly be asking people what they thought my power levels were...

Vigilante, like Batman. The fashion model option implies an impressive physique, yes? I'd probably take advantage of being able to heal from anything to learn parkour, boxing, et cetera. Worst case scenario, I never catch on to it. I probably would use my God-like powers as little as possible.

I would go about my ordinary life and bust them out as party tricks at random times. With wolverines healing factor I would also take things slower, I'd probably spend 10 years on each stage of school instead of 4 to make sure I really savored every last drop as well as taking a year off between each year of school.
I would like wise use my unlimited power of Goku to 'instantaneous transmission' around the world to make money by doing things like transporting people and things and taking vacation time off in far off lands.

Of course this is assuming I don't have to deal with shit ass super villains mucking up my afternoon.

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