would you submit yourself to scientific study?

Let's say for second that you have the ability to do something no one else has ever been able to do. Whether it's jump ten feet in the air, survive falls from incredible heights, or just straight up superpowers. Whatever you like. Then lets say you are approached by scientist asking you let us x-ray, scan your brain, submit you to (non-lethal)tests in order to try and figure out why you can do these things. Would you do it? Would any factors(money)change your mind?

Please note they aren't going to force you. It's not like some secret government research project. Their from some popular university and will take no for an answer. All they are offering is an understanding of your talent. No blackmail/threats/super-power assault squads.

Addendum; If your family member was able to crazy incredible stuff, would you allow scientist to dissect that person after their death?

Nope, no putting me in the lab. Even if it is for the greater good of humanity, just take some of my DNA. You aren't putting me away.

Also, in regards to what I thought this thread would be about, I'm getting cremated after I die so I won't be leaving a body for scientific study.

Definitely, if I had strange abilities or attributes I would want to know more about them scientifically, not just to help others but for my own sake.

So I would agree to be studied, but only after demanding that they let me participate in the analysis of the data.

If they pay me handsomely to study me, I probably would, though it really depends on what I gain.
If it's toggle-able invisibility or shapeshifting? They won't even know I have it.
If it's super-strength, I'd probably allow myself to be studied.

Yes and yes. I'd want to squeeze as much cash from them as I could though.

Yes no pay needed I want to contribute to the knowledge of humanity and yes to the after death study also, afterall they don't need their body anymore and it could help others.

As much as I'd want to say yes...

I know some villain or corporate tyrant guy would use that research against me, and for their own advantage. I'll have to decline.

Yes, for sure. I'd partner with some research university, and let them find out all they can. If it can help heal, give other people my gifts, etc I would gladly put as much time and effort into it as I could.

Absolutely. ESPECIALLY if I'll get paid for it. Benefiting humanity is my primary goal in life.

OP, you reminded me of one of my favourite short stories. Also, I found it online: Belief by Isaac Asimov. It is almost completely on topic.

So, let me be on topic: it depends on what my "power" is. I can't say upfront. I can't even classify the powers into groups - which to "hide" and which not. I suppose if it's something fairly trivial (jump twice as high, need to sleep once every two days, immunity to minor addictions like tobacco or coffee), then perhaps I'll do it. If it's something really, powerful (the ability to control the weather over at least a city, shoot lasers from my fingertips, understand women) - then maybe I'll do it, as well. If it's something weird and abnormal but not on a grand scale (levitate stuff up to half a kilo, the ability to slow down and speed up my perception of time up to a factor of about1 1.5-2, the elevator is never on the last floor when I want to use it) probably not. But that's not definite.

As for the family member - if it was up to me to decide, then yes, I'd allow it.

Absolutely. ESPECIALLY if I'll get paid for it. Benefiting humanity is my primary goal in life.

If we had more people like you i might start having faith in the human race again.

OP, you reminded me of one of my favourite short stories. Also, I found it online: Belief by Isaac Asimov. It is almost completely on topic.

That is an awesome story. Thank you for sharing.

If my genetials and ass remain un touched sure why not.

Who knows might get on the testing line for medicinal weed and other intresting drugs! :P

it depends on the extra ability i possessed. if it was something like shooting laser out of my eyes i wouldn't but if i was immune to radiation or a disease i would.
well i guess it would depends if the ability had some sort of immidiate destructive use i wouldn't but if it didn't i would probebly

Yeah, why not? I can imagine if I did have some form of unusual ability I'd probably be pretty interested in finding out why I could do whatever it was I could do.

And as for a relative having these abilities and being dissected after death? Well that would depend entirely on whether or not they carried a donor card.

Yes, without hesitation, but I would still demand money, I mean if they're offering it

No. I have trust issues, and I don't go into a lab. Further, I'm selfish, If I had super powers of any kind, no matter how small, I would want to be the only one who had them. "When everyone's super, no one will be." With a relative, also no, not unless they expressly asked to be studied. Similar reasons, also respect for the dead.

I HAVE submitted myself to scientific study, on account of my most excellent low heart rate. Not exactly that super-runner guy or the iceman, but its good enough for science.

May give them a few blood samples or something, but no way am I going in for long series of tests that may take away any of my freedom.

I just signed my organ donor papers yesterday when renewing my heath card and selected no scientific study of the remains of my body. I only want to help a few as a last good deed. Screw pushing the boundaries of science once I'm dead. I'll of done enough tests in my life.

Heh, you don't really know how research works, do you?

As someone who works in a university research lab, we aren't going to take some person in the lab and hook him to all sorts of computers like in the movies, sheesh.

No, we're going to steal you in the night, initiate a blood ritual in which the new members of the lab feast upon your fluids, and then we will slice your body up into wafer thin pieces that we image in a 3 million dollar government purchased MRI. All standard stuff, really. Should be worth at least a couple papers.

I can walk through walls AND get paid by the government? Sweet!
It would depend on my power, but I would most likely test as much as they want.
Whats a power that would change my mind? Something like... The power to compel (sp? Stupid phone...) people. I would rather that power die with me, and it would make my life a little more interesting if they knew I had that power.
Flight or x-ray vision would be awesome to share.

I'd be inclined to say yes, were it not for the fact that it would almost definately turn ugly if you decided to change your mind.

Plus anything that could have ANY military application would almost certainly get ninja'd.

Depends. If you've ever seen the show, "heroes" some of those powers are just too dangerous. I would turn down the offer in those cases regardless of money involved.

Eh, I'd give them a week or two to do what they wanted, as long the tests/studies aren't dangerous or anything. I wouldn't be worried very much about payment, only if they would need me for prolonged study would I ever being up being paid for my time.

But yeah, depends on the super power/ability I have. If it's something that would actually benefit people in a multitudes of ways, sure. However, invisibility or super strength would be mine to use alone. We don't need super soldiers or inviso-spies starting up some strange conflict.

Man I've already had myself submitted to Scientific Study. Portal was a pain in the ass to figure out my first play through.

Yes, but they have to tell me everything they find and be willing to explain what they know about it to me, and maybe some moniez, depends on if the university can afford it or not. I won't bleed them dry for it. I would want the advancement of knowledge.

And same thing for family / friend unless they explicitly told me that they did not want that and gave a damn good reason. That could be such valuable information.

If I could integrate the studies of myself with my masters degree I would go for it.

Hell yeah I would. If I have some kind of superpower, the first thing I'm going to do is experiment with it. Now you're asking me if I'd take an offer to get paid for that, and have plenty of actual science equipment, and have a bunch of other guys do most of the actual work besides super-whatevering? Where do I sign?

And for the family/friend, yes. Unless their brain was going to be cryopreserved (in which case, no brain-dissection, head goes in cryonics box, and the science dudes get the body), any dead body is basically a lump of meat, science is just about all you can do with it.

Eh... maybe it'd be better if my power died out and things remain normal. Also I hate needles and I'm sure they'd be involved >__>

As long as it's people I know in our own lab, and I get to pore over the papers, sure.

aegix drakan:
As much as I'd want to say yes...

I know some villain or corporate tyrant guy would use that research against me, and for their own advantage. I'll have to decline.

I gotta go with this answer. Plus I'm pretty sure how this is how they made the villain (I think his name was Abomination) in the last incredible hulk movie.


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