Renaming Earth, because its a boring name.

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"Francia Minor" would probably be most accurate.

Yeah it's already called Terra or Terra Firma. (Though Terra Firma is technically "Solid Earth") Hence why it is Terra and the Terrans in Starcraft 2, duh.

We'll call it Johnny Internet: The Warrior.


Anyone who gets my reference wins a lifetime's supply of nothing whatsoever.



I've always liked Terra personally.

Tom Milner:

The Earth's proper name is Terra, just like The Sun's name is actually Helios.

incorrect. it's "sol"

anyway, terra would work fine for me. just nothing ridiculous.

That would make our planet Sol 3 right? I've heard that before somewhere.

I've been calling it Chamalama Ding-Dong for years but it hasn't caught on...

obviously we should call it Planet Claire.

Venus II


Little Bluey

We should call it America!

Realistically in 50 years we'll probably be planet Walmart.
Or Google Earth.

"Terra" is latin, but I prefer ancient greek in general, so for the purpose of this thread I prefer "Gaia."

The mighty Gaian Empire is way more bad ass than Terran.

If we're just going to pull names out of fiction I suggest we go back to calling our planet "Arda" like it was in the times of old.

Pfffft, "Terra" and "Gaia", what kind of names are those? Womanly names! Effeminate, Greek and Latin names!

Pah! We need a name with some chest hair!

I recommend naming our planet "Midgard" The vikings had the bright idea, let's give this planet an awesome name!



Anyone who gets my reference wins a lifetime's supply of nothing whatsoever.

Titan A.E., I win! I win! I win...nothing

i just watched that like last week... weird. I was thinking it was off of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy..

defiantly name it "that medium size blueish planet somewhere on the outer arm of the milky way galaxy" it rolls of the tongue.

2000 years time... on the galacticaly wireless connected mind web forums- where people from earth go to to discuss mind-controlled future games, where they reenact the intergalactic wars of 3547-3592...

Thread: Renaming Zpptlam-1A because its a boring name.

Post 1: I we should rename it, as it's a really boring name... I wish it was called Earth... that is an awesome name!

Post 2: Well technically it is still called Earth, the ancient English speaking peoples of the worls say so... mind-click this link...

(Sorry couldn't resist! :P Wasn't meant to be malicious, just poking fun!)

Charlie Sheen-
named after The hero of our time.

Full gif fix.

Also, I support this motion.

We should call it Frieza Planet 419

We shall call it Dirtville!

This is the first thing that came to my mind
(Huh? It appears I can't find the clip on line.)
I was thinking of the scene from the Family Guy movie, where Trisha is in San Fransico interviewing people about changing the city's name to, "something alittle less gay."
And older Stewy responds, "Well, I'd call it heaven, because of all the great shoe shopping"

So that.


terra- earth
sol- sun
luna- moon
Humanity- us
Human- One of us

I wanted to make "slang" names for these, but I can't sorry

Dirt. Planet Dirt.

Eh, naming the planet after a greek god feels weird to me (especially since we named all the other planets after the Roman gods), and it would be even weirder to give it a girl's name. I've never heard of anyone (sane) named Earth, so to me it's a nice, neutral name. Luna is the name of the moon, but since it's our one and only moon we just call it "the moon." Same for Sol, our sun.

Besides, Earth just sounds right. It's a good, strong name which fits well for the densest planet in our system and also the largest terrestrial one. Most of our planet is made of fucking IRON. That's fucking hardcore. Terra just sounds wimpy, like every other Latin word that doesn't end in "-us."

It is the largest of the four solar terrestrial planets in size and mass. Of these four planets, Earth also has the highest density, the highest surface gravity, the strongest magnetic field, and fastest rotation, and is probably the only one with active plate tectonics.


(Notice how TERRA, MOTHERFUCKER just doesn't have the same punch.)

So, rename our planet Ferrum?

Rename the planet Palaven.

Name it Yggdrasil (tree of life)
Interpret it however you want but I just like the spelling of it and how the name rolls off the tongue.

How do you pronounce that?

As I sit in my room, listening to the rain and waiting for sleep to take me, I started to think about the universe, and then, more narrowly, about our own little blue marble amongst the stars. Now, I may be alone in this but I think that the name Earth is a fucking boring. If it were left up to me, I would rename it Terra, and instead of being humans, we would be Terrans. Its just more interesting that being from boring old earth, instead, we would be Terrans, with our goliaths and vultures, and mighty Terran empire (or confederacy for those less inclined to Imperialism).

So what you you rename this fine planet of ours?

What do the Chinese want to call it? They're the ones who are probably going to get the final say.

Oh, but it is called Terra... and also la Terre in French, which is female... also le Monde in French, which is male. Fun enough? In German, It's called Erde, which is very close to that boring Earth of yours, but then again, in German "der Mond" refers to the moon, just to confuse us a little bit more (or tell tales of early confusion amongst travellers and failed intercultural exchanges).

I think we should stick with "Earth" just because it sounds so refreshingly odd... ÷râ... I mean... come on, it's silly!

The Chinese call it "tǔ", which is also used to refer to soil (as in many other languages), but also to "spitting" or "spitting out"... yeah, I sometimes still wonder if Chinese is just a practical joke played on mankind or if its as philosophical in nature as they want us to believe or if it's maybe just a wee bit too down-to-earth in its approach to putting meaning into syllables... and then making up crazy scribbles.


I think we should stick with "Earth" just because it sounds so refreshingly odd... ÷râ... I mean... come on, it's silly!

While I agree, I just want to point out that Earth doesn't sound at all like Orf.

As a sugestion for a planet name, how's about this?:


If anyone gets where that's from, you may level up.

It's that damned glitch from Spore! Reward me, please!

Anyway, I've seen lots of calls for Midgard. Well then, what about calling it Valhalla?

I am nth-ing the choice "Midgard". Why use Latin for eeeeeeeverything? Let's use a different language for once.

Also, the sun's official name is Sol and the Earth has no official name, but is also referred to by its Latin name, Terra.

I would call it Planet 1

Latin is great because we don't have native speakers fu**ing up the meanings of words.
Scientists tried using English and see what happened. The idiots in the street changed the meaning of the word <Theory> from <Explanation> to <Guess> and suddenly they don't take scientific theories serious and more.

Therefore: Sol - Terra - Luna. Or Sol and Sol-3 for navigation.

"Terra" is latin, but I prefer ancient greek in general, so for the purpose of this thread I prefer "Gaia."

Would you just make 'Earthlings', Gaians? Or Gaiatish? Gai-ish? Gaishans? Gaiards? Gaialings?

OT: Gaia doesn't sound too bad, maybe if we got cool Adept powers from Golden Sun it'd be better[1]

[1] "Greetings, alien scum, I'm Gaian, maybe you've heard of us *Bio uses Ragnarok!*"

We'll call Earth Steve.. no one's scared of Steve. Maybe aliens will come and visit

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