Your Top 3 inventions of all time

Im sure the wheel is going to be the #1 on most peoples list so I'm going to say top 3 apart from that.. but you can put that as 2 or 3 if you think there's something more important.

#1, the ballpoint pen
#2, the telephone
#3, the tv

I've never really... "invented" anything...

But I had a really good idea for ski poles that could be unscrewed for ease of transport and storage.

1) Mastering of fire
2) Agriculture
3) Writing

1) Language
2) Set Theory
3) The standard model of physics

Although it is not really so important, I think 10,000 years from now our time will be most notable for inventing the digital recording of light and sound - it will be like the distinction between history and prehistory.

1) Antibiotics
2) Porn
3) Contraceptives

All these are distantly related in some way ;)

My top 3 inventions of all time, well I'm not really much of an inventor, but here goes.

1. I lost the stand for my Wii's sensor bar, so I propped it up on a glasses case with some tape.

2. I invented a new bug spray, I take a spray bottle of all purpose bathroom cleaner and spray it on bugs I don't like, they die pretty fast.

3. I took a standard clear plastic ballpoint pen and stuck it over a candle and blew into the pen to create a big bubble at the melted end, then let it harden. It looked kind of cool.

1. Internet

2. Harnessing electricity

3. Computers

1. Agriculture. Agriculture birthed civilisation. Without the ability to farm, we would all still live in tiny barbarous tribes fighting over the field with the most dogs in it.

2. Writing. Writing exponentially increased the propagation of ideas and increased their lifespan. To the point where Six thousand years later on the other side of the planet I know what some Egyptians thought.

3. The Scientific Method. The Scientific Method gave us science. No longer were we natural philosophers speculating and experimenting in the dark. We were scientists. Boldly shining a light into the dark, unwraveling the mysteries of the universe in an endless quest to save creation of the tyranny of it's creators, be they gods or random chance.

1. Flushing Toilet
2. Air-Conditioning
3. Hot Water

1- light bulbs
2- sewage systems
3- Internet

1) Internal combustion engine
2) assembly line
3) Internet

Fire, wheel, lever...critical thinking?

So basic we can't imagine a world without them...especially as the human body incorporates leves.

1. fire
2. wheel
3. electricty

you could probably throw in agriculture and ofc you could also probably argue over which is an "invention" and which is a "discovery".


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