Whats the point of jewelry?

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After watching the new south park I've been thinking whats the point of jewelry? Do any of you care about jewelry at all? Other than symbolic purposes for like groups or marriages is there any point? Maybe I just dont get it or something but puting a piece of gold around my neck just doesnt mean anything to me. How about you escapists? Is it appealing to you?

The point of jewelry is that people like shiny things. Frequently, people wish to purchase shiny things because they are shiny. Some people might think someone with a lot of shiny things has a lot of money, and therefor they buy many shiny things, to show they have lots of money. Other people think it just looks pretty.

As for what I think about jewelry? I am indifferent.

I don't get it either. I don't get why some girls feel the need to pointless waste their money buying a dozen shiny little trinkets to wear on their wrists. For what purpose? To fit in with everyone else?

I could sit here and explain the superficial reasonings behind it all but I think you already know the answer to your own question and are just looking for other people to agree with you.

I usually wear a ring (maybe), a necklace, earrings (earlobe piercing), and a bracelet on each wrist. None of them are gaudy, and the colors can accentuate my outfit in some minor way, but mostly I wear them because I think they're pretty.

I don't think any individual piece of jewelry I have is over 30$, so I'm pretty sure it's not a status thing, they just look nice.

It helps make an outfit more complete. Or draw attention to a certain part of the outfit/wearer. It's an accent for your attire, making the whole thing better through addition.

Well, honestly is the point not obvious? It's ornamentation. Symbols of status for various measures (wealth, social, personal)

Is it really that hard to figure out? people have been doing this for just about as long as there have been people.

I wear two rings and two chains (both with crosses).

Am I religious? No, not really, but I'm Christian and proud of it without needing to rub it in people's faces, which is why the chains remain out of sight. I wear them for my own comfort, others may wear them for the bling and to show off the shininess.

As for the rings, I wear one because it looks both badass and understated simultaneously (a serpentine dragon) and the other I can't bring myself to take off for personal reasons.

Already this gives you a few reasons for wearing jewellery. Status... aesthetic... comfort... nostalgia... etc. etc.

Most pieces are worn solely because the wearer thinks they look nice. Others let other people know something about the wearer. A wedding ring, for example, lets singles know that person is off limits for anything romantic.

For the +2 to Dexterity.

Oh ... you mean for reals? It's an aesthetic choice.

I have a gold necklace that I've worn since I was like 16 (29 now). I literally only took it off maybe 4 times since then.

and that's the whole reason: I've "always" worn it. I don't think it looks particularly good, on me or on its own. It doesn't have a cross or anything else "meaningful" dangling off it. It probably doesn't even make me look any richer, considering the crap I wear as regular clothes :p
In fact, I have the habit of putting it under my shirts anyway. So people hardly ever see it.

... yeah, I don't get it either...

I like jewelery, but I don't really own much.

My favourite is a bracelet my boyfriend got me on holiday in Cornwall. It was cheap-as-chips and its a silver-looking chain with purple hearts hanging off it. It may not be real silver but I like it anyway, its sentimental to me.
And it reminds me its okay to want to look pretty after a bad relationship in which I was discouraged from `drawing attention to myself` by trying to look nice.

Anyway, on a less depressing note, I wanna get my ears re-pierced soon, had them done twice, but I only had one set of earrings and lost them so the hole closed up. My sister says I should just get an ice cube and a pin and `be a man about it`, but I will probably get them done properly.

To look good, because they like the look of them, make it known they have the money to afford it or make a statement about their religion/ideology/social status, for sentimental or religious reasons, to remind them of something, because it has some practical use (like it has a clock, or if you include eye-glasses), draw attention to a part of their anatomy(often breasts, or ears) etc.

I don't normally wear jewellery, but I have a lot of family jewelry or stuff I think looks shiny that sits in a box. There are some small things, rings and necklaces I put on as a part of my attire for formal occasions, but nothing too big.

Oh, and a small golden spider I wear on my fedora, because I like spiders. All of the jewellery I wear portray animals, I just like the idea of a lizard or a small bird sitting on my clothing, or a serpent around my finger, I guess.

Was thinking of making this myself.

We both know the answer, vanity. To look good, there is no other reason.

I get why people do it but I think people who spend excessive amounts are a bit silly, you could use that cash for better things.

The same reason you wear a t-shirt and jeans instead of a burlap sack and blanket tied around your body, I'd imagine.

It's a fun little thing to look at. Think of it as a widget.

I think it looks nice, and that's about it.

Personally, I can't stand wearing jewelry. I just don't feel comfortable. Hell, I don't even wear a watch anymore. Maybe if I actually had some that felt meaningful, then maybe I would wear it...

When I got married we didn't bother with rings. We both agreed that they serve no practical function and are a colossal waste of our hard-earned money. If we're going to throw money away, it might as well be on something that has entertainment value we can both appreciate like movies or games.

To me it's more about the aesthetic appeal since I'm the type of guy who like the designs (the hsape of it or how it look like). However the only jewelry I ever own are a couple metal and rock crave in yin yan and metal rings (ring never appeal to me until I saw this thee rings in one type of design).

The same reason I have a tattoo, it means something to me. I wear a gold chain around my neck because it used to belong to my grandfather. It's a thin and understated chain so I don't look like a pompous guido. I wear my iron engineering ring and college grad ring on my right hand. The grad ring looks kind of like one of those big Superbowl rings but I got it because small rings would look terrible on my big hands.

You could say that I'm a bit of an exception as I don't wear the jewellery to look nice or be fashionable. As for those who do, all the power to them. I have better things to put my money towards.

It looks cool. I have two bracelets I never take off and my wrist just feels naked without them.

Same reason we style our hair, don't all go around in sweats and a t-shirt and shave on a regular basis; it looks good.

It looks nice and the materials are somewhat hard to obtain and very valuable, so people where them because they look good and show off wealth (Or love if it's a gift I suppose).

it looks cool or I like the feel

most of my jewelry is weird like my sliver pendant of the mayan sun calender

its so when theres a fight between to ethnic women in the cafetaria, you can all gather around and watch them pluck like 50 peices off jewelry each from their ears chanting fight for the first five minutes and then walking away because thats just an insane amount of jewelry on one person.

^ True story, I miss high school

-they like it because its SHINY and pretty. Mostly just bragging rights thou

Because this necklace has a blue name and gives me +10 on my intelligence and willpower.

1 of 2 reasons usually:

a) It looks pretty. But I've seen people waste money on more useless things than jewelry just because they look pretty, so I don't question this.

b) Status. Shows you have money or are trendy and this is useful for fitting in with others. This isn't limited to jewelry though. Shoes, clothes, cars and fine dinnerware are just a few examples of other things fitting the same purpose, and most of these are more expensive than your average bracelet.

legend of duty:
After watching the new south park I've been thinking whats the point of jewelry? Do any of you care about jewelry at all? Other than symbolic purposes for like groups or marriages is there any point?

The point is that it is pretty.

Because no one can resist the primal urge to have shiny stuff.

Sentimentality for me. I've never bought myself a piece of jewelry[1] and I don't particularly like wearing it; but I have a few pieces that belonged to people close to me who've died. I like those.

[1] Other than stainless steel for 14g + piercings, which I wear because I.. like. I just like having a bunch of holes in me, I suppose. *lol*

Eh...because it's like in videogames, shiny=good. Although, I like it because it works as mugger payoff in a pinch. Don't have any money? Just say, here, take these shiny trinkets and please don't kill me.

legend of duty:
"What's the point of jewelry?

Pretties, duh.

Well I love all kinds of gemstones, and nobody just carries around sapphires and garnets and aquamarines around with them in their pockets now do they? The best way to display them is with jewelry, And it's usually really pretty. especially since you can have all sorts of unique designs! At least, that's my five cents.

legend of duty:
After watching the new south park I've been thinking whats the point of jewelry? Do any of you care about jewelry at all? Other than symbolic purposes for like groups or marriages is there any point? Maybe I just dont get it or something but puting a piece of gold around my neck just doesnt mean anything to me. How about you escapists? Is it appealing to you?

its an accesory

it can compliment an outfit, look realy really nice, or be used as a status symbol

or it can have sentimental value

personally I dont often wear jeweltry because It feels conspicuous

Originally jewellery was used in the attraction of mates. I would argue it still serves that purpose today, albeit to a lesser extent.

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