Show me your (forum) weapons!

That's right, show me forum weapons to insult people or just literally illustrate your point. The various ways to describe how "OP is a fag"(Yes, I'm aware of this irony), to point out how stupid someone is, to show how many fucks you give, or a humorous insult, etc.
It can be an image, gif, or video!

Here are some of my favorites:

So what are yours?

EDIT: Use spoiler tags!!

Definitely this one of course

See what I did there?

And I suppose this one as well:

That vid is mainly used for people who complain too much at one time.

I also have a few "Look at the fucks I give." images around somewhere. I mix and match, to be honest.
Keeps things fresh.

This tickles my funny bone, and gets my point across.

It's not really clever, nor original, but it's mine.

That I stole from the internets...

Dr. Cox, one of the best forum weapons of all time.

My favorites are:

I like

Also this comes in rather handy

as does

And this is needed for soooo many

And who could forget this gem

I don't need forum weapons... just my blazing awesomeness

( •_•)>⌐■-■

Dangit, OP beat me to my favorite. I'm actually planning to make a little crown so I can use it as a real life weapon. XD

But here is a couple that are appropriate for me:

Though those aren't terribly scathing if at all.

Damn, I was going to post the 'angry chamber' one, you win this time Gearabelle!!

OT: There are so many now that it really doesn't matter, though I usually steal the futurama ones :)

I basically have a playlist of futurama clips, I just pick one at random and it normally fits.

Here all some of mine in one spoiler:

I generally go here or here whenever I need a picture or .gif for something.

That's about it, really. Don't save this sort of stuff very often.


One of my personal favourites.


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