The last movie you watched, is your life story.

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Oh dear god I just watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


Watched Camp Victory, Afghanistan. So I'd develop a close friendship with Afghan General Fazaludin Sayar, and come to respect and care for the Afghans. Then Sayar would die in a senseless helicopter crash, and American along with the world lose a true hero.

Rest in peace Sayar. I hope your country finds the peace you never could.

The last film I watched was The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

I'm totally okay with this, especially if it means I get to huggle Marvin. <3

Aha same, watched this on the BBC, and I'm so like Arthur Dent it's uncanny...Woo, go English people!

Ahh the dreadful double post!

Drive... so I guess that means I'm Ryan Gosling now. Well, good news there I suppose.

Hunger games.

Huh. Not sure if want. Does that mean I'm currently participating (how am I writing this) or that I just won? Because a life of grandeur and adoration seems pretty cool, but then again it's adoration from a completely ridiculous nation of asshats who force people to kill eachother for their pleasure.

Do not want.

For once I luck out in these games. I AM YOJIMBO!

i just watched iron man 2 because i was bored.
so i am now either one of these guys:
or this guy:
or this.

or samuel jackson.

Harry potter and the chamber of secrets.

I am a wizard

you get a cookie if you add this to your post

I watched Sex Drive. . . .

Seems legit.


Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1

Last movie I watched was The Hunger Games, so I'd be pretty fucked if I was Peeta. I don't know what I'd do, other than fail miserably.


Whelp! I'm fucked!

Oh God, I'm gonna have to enter the Hunger Games...

So, I'm an immortal scotsman? Awesome. There can be only one!

i last watched hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
thats a good film for my life story :)

So "In Time" is my life story?

I think I'm pretty well buggered, unless I luck out and get rich. Then I get to live forever. Yay!

Nosferatu. Eine Symphonie des Grauens.

The last movie I watched was Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. Great. Now I gotta kick the hubcaps of my car just to make sure it doesn't actually feel it.

I watched Battlefield Earth.
I just liberated the entire human race from an over-the-top klingon John Travolta. You can thank me later.

Drive... Fuck, but on the bright side my ride is sweet, bad that will probably die from a stab wound.

Darth Carr:
Evangelion 1.11
I think I like this, I'd probably go insane, but still. I think I'd enjoy it.

The last movie I watched was Evangelion 2.22...

So, are we both Shinji or does this mean I get to choose someone else's horrible life story?


Yeah, I'll be sure not to trust those Pykies (sp?) but to also stay on their good side.

The Artist. Considering I do have aspirations of being a performer (stand up comedy rather than acting) I really hope I don't fall into obscurity. Then again, worth it to bang Bérénice Bejo.

Are you fucking kidding me? I watched Gay Niggers From Outer Space


I should have watched another movie after it, I'm doomed!

Jack the Potato:

I'm Jet Li, so this can only go well. Unless I'm not Jet Li but anyone who attempts to go against Jet Li, in which case I'm f*ed.

Clearly you haven't seen Fearless. Fantastic movie, but things really do not go well for Jet Li in it. I mean, I guess he's at peace when he dies, but I'm pretty sure that's only because his life really can't get much worse at that point. O_o

EDIT: Whoops, wrong film. Fixed!

Actually, come to think of it... Fearless, Hero... probably others too... Okay, I want to be Jet Li until right before the end. At least if I'm still him I go out with dignity.

I'm currently watching Ghost in the shell: Solid state society. I've only watched half of it so far though, but I think it would be pretty cool to live in that world and even work for section 9.

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle =P

Oh man, I just watched Serenity. I get to live in a spaceship and shoot things.

Die Another Day.

Fuck yes! Killing bad guys, getting the damsel in distress. All is good... Cept for the torture, the betrayal and beatings I get to receive.

i have one word to say


Pokemon the First Movie. Three words: Bring. It. ON!!!!

I saw about half to two thirds of A Clockwork Orange. Glad that isn't my life story.

I just watched VG vs. FG can that be my life story instead. I'd be a vampire with 2 girls fighting to the death over me before I live for hundreds of years with the girl I love.
I would be her slave though hmmmm, well there are ups and downs to this but still better than Tokyo Gore Police

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