what did you accomplish today ?

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today I funneled a 40 of steel reserve mixed with a pint of Bacardi 151 then ate 6 gas station hot dogs and vomited on my roommate...

oh I also watched this

for a Friday pretty productive for me

now you!

Watched The Hunger Games (for a second time).

Moved my dresser into my room.

Will watch another movie later. Maybe.

I have accomplished absolutely fuck-all today, to be honest. Lack of sleep coupled with lack of motivation makes accomplishing anything pretty difficult.

Pretty much destroyed a person in an argument and taught someone to stop using Russel's Teapot to which they thought that there could indeed be a teapot up there which caused me to facepalm.

I began research for my coursework. The title is

Is Intellectual Property a human right? Using at least two IPRs to illustrate your answer,
critically comment on the implications of your view of the status of human rights and IP
on the International Intellectual Property System and the stakeholders in the system.

wow you guys have boring lives :(

I managed to get through a 2 and half hour lesson without doing anything because I forgot my memory stick.
Finished a project

captcha: have an inkling. it might be trying to tell us something

got my tax-return. over $1000 (woho!)
Found out I'm still a member of a church and that they're taking money based on my income.
Wrote the letter necessary to leave said church and prepared it for sending tomorrow.

Home alone today, finished writing a song, then wrote two more. Then got my Frusciante on while trying to inspire lyrics for said songs.

Twas a most joyous day.

Finished writing an essay for university today, then I did nothing else, but I'm happy I've done enough so far today.

Let's see, I fed my rats, made my bed, and fed my face so far. Beyond that I've just been splitting my time between Angry Birds: Space and surfing the web.

I went out until the early hours of the morning yesterday, so I've had a completely unproductive day. I've slept through 'til 4 p.m. and am now wandering the house in a sleeping bag suit.

so far?

watched a new EP of Thunder Cats and My Little Pony

it's like, 10:30 am here, not really started yet.....

I began co-writing a fan fiction and tried to watch a laggy stream of My Little Pony.

today I funneled a 40 of steel reserve mixed with a pint of Bacardi 151 then ate 6 gas station hot dogs and vomited on my roommate...

oh I also watched this

for a Friday pretty productive for me

now you!

Well, how the hell am I ever going to match that?!?! My life is ruined now, thanks very much....

Well I accomplish watching the leak episode of Avatar: Legend of Korra episode 2!

Yeah today is mudane, it could of been being able to play City of Villain from the disc (I bought it years ago but I couldn't run it cos of my old pc back then) but that fail miserably since installing it from the disc does nothing as the sever doesn't match up (since it's now free to play). Yes sure I can still download it online but I hate downloading huge files from the internet to my pc.

I finally gotten around to making my third team in Marvel VS Capcom 3. It took a while of experimentation to find a team with a theme based around it and could be used effectively but now I have Wesker, Hulk and Doctor Doom sitting in as Team Science!

It was either that or say that I hoovered my floor...

Absolutely fuck-all! And I'm damn proud of the efficiency with which I completed this task!

I got rehired for a seasonal job.

And the site I need to do to file for a scholarship is down.....

Nothing really. Had breakfast, purchased Deus Ex:HR+Missing Link of of the steam sale today. Watched an old spoony ep. I had not seen in a while. Listened to some black sabbath. Basically it so far. It is a good day. XD

I went to work... I conquered Delphi... I wrote a few passages for some random literature project... *shrug*

Hmmm let's see.

I got a Krogan soldier in ME3 and charged everything that moved for 20 minutes (pro-tip: don't charge banshees).

I did 140 sit-ups and ran for 80 minutes on an elliptical machine.

I just entered a capcha.

Booked a hotel room in Banff for the next 2 weeks.

It was harder than it sounds.

Was supposed to write a paper while I was at work...instead I looked at photos on Chive all day

I helped my dad take some bags of dirt to the tip, and started a new playthrough of Half-Life 2.

A productive day, then!

I failed a math test with all the grace of a two legged mouse

spent over four hours filming half of my next review

Cleaning my bathroom
Cleaning my room room
Doing some Laundry
Getting some comics done
Astronomy Homework
Preparing to move

...that's about it.

Oh, and I bought The Muppets on DVD

Ate half a pizza, learned some things about carbonyl chemistry, did some work with carbonyl chemistry and made plans to learn more about proteins, lipids, and water tomorrow.

Performed in the premiere of the Russ-revue at my school, where I played the bass and the trombone in the orchestra.

The songs were as follows:
Everybody wants to be a cat.
I just can't wait to be king.
Make a man out of you.
Don't stop me now (Queen).

I made soup. Well heated up some frozen leftover soup...... It's soooooo good. Than some bread with it. Mmmmm.
And put some groceries away.
Thats about it. I've just sat around the entire day.

Already racked up enough hours at work to count for the entire month's full work schedule, and I still work all next week. (that's what happens when 2 people quit within a week)

Getting tired, but, the moneyz!

Well i wrote a (probably shitty) short little poem. I discovered that Justice have songs that aren't "genesis" and they're pretty damn good. Uhh... I found out how cats purr?

Finished book called End of Enternity and worked on project I need to school.

I failed a math test with all the grace of a two legged mouse

Like a Mickey Mouse?

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