How will you die

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stealing from another board i go to.

How do you think you will meet your end on this world?

me? Hate crime

probably hammered, naked and face down in a pool of my own vomit

it's the only dignified way to go

In the most awesome way ever. Book it

I don't want it, but I'll probably end up in hospital with cancer.

Also this Facebook app told me I'll die in Hollywood. My ass. I'll never go back there. That place is a shithole.

Probably by falling asleep in the bath. I do that a lot, haven't drowned yet though (obviously) but one day I see it happening.

Can't help it though. That hot water, all relaxed I just end up drifting off.

Either that or suffocation by kebab. Twice i've come home after a night on the beer, sat at the table to munch my kebab and then fallen asleep with my face planted in it.

Getting the smell of garlic sauce off in the morning with a hangover isn't fun.

Melanie McGreevey:

me? Hate crime

That's not a positive outlook on life, I might kill you for no reason just to prove you wrong. :D

For me, probably cancer or some degenerative disease. :(

I'm pretty sure I will end up choking on my food (I tend to eat fast).

Most likely a freak accident or old age. Even though when I drink I really drink I don't do that regularly enough for it to be a problem.

I get cancer and I start making/selling Meth and getting involved with some bad peopl- wat

An explosion, after telling other people that I'll hold them back.
It's the most bad-ass way to go.

Getting the smell of garlic sauce off in the morning with a hangover isn't fun.

Spoken like a true Liverpool fan.

OT: Heart attack while having sex. Then they can tell my relatives I came and went at the same time!

(Yeah, I stole that bad pun from some comedian. Cant remember which one.)

I get cancer and I start making/selling Meth and getting involved with some bad peopl- wat


I'll probably die from radiation poisoning while trying to recreate Bruce Banner's accident. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Most likely i'll get hit by a car , or die in a freak accident . I do cross the street at the most random times . Maybe a heart attack since my dad has heart problems and it is hereditary.

I just hope whatever way i go , i don't suffer too much , but i get 20 seconds to repent for all the terrible shit i have done in life , better safe than sorry .

Well it's probable, that it's an accident since I tend to be both clumsy and careless, so no one would be surprised if I died in any form of accident, other than that it's highly probable that I'll get in trouble with some drug dealers or other criminals since I have a short temper and criminals piss me off, besides it wouldn't be the first time I'd punch a drug dealer in the face, so yeah it wouldn't be too unlikely for me to get killed by one of those guys.


Melanie McGreevey:

me? Hate crime

That's not a positive outlook on life, I might kill you for no reason just to prove you wrong. :D

For me, probably cancer or some degenerative disease. :(

just going by history and percentages

Death by snuu-snuu. A man can dream, can't he?

Probably some accident like a vehicle crash or something. That's one of the more obvious possibilities, or old age. Maybe if Australia gets itself into a vicious war, that too. Though admittedly, dying in war is more appealing to me than the others.

Probably suicide to be honest...

Drug overdose, hate crime, lung cancer, or alcoholism.

Alone. 0_0

And probably by alcohol poisoning or a heart attack or something, I think the latter runs in the family.

On a porch overlooking a sunset or in a hospital if I have lived a full life.

If it would earlier, either from saving the world or preventing a horrible act that would destroy us all.

Or from playing hero but still save the victim.

Or more believable is me dying as a hero in the first contact war.

But I would like to live as long as possible, hopefully I will see an alien sometime between here and then.

Heroically sacrificing myself so my friends can go and stop whatever is trying to end all existence.

Either that or tripping and hitting my head.

Death by snuu-snuu. A man can dream, can't he?

A man can dream indeed.

I fall in the sarlac pit :(

Let's see how my relatives died:

Grandma: Lung cancer caused by 40 years of smoking. Probably not, I have no interest in smoking.

Granddad: Skin cancer. Cancer of some form is a possibility. Maybe not, seeing as I live in one of the most pollution-free cities in the U.S. Plus, I expect some form of cancer cure or vaccine to be developed in my lifetime.

Aunt: Pneumonia. Pretty rare, extremely unlikely.

Uncle: Heart Attack. He wasn't exactly the picture of health during his life, and I'm a pretty healthy person with no heart conditions. I wouldn't expect it. But, heart attacks can happen to anyone.

Most likely just old age. I'd hate to die in my sleep in old age though. I don't find that "peaceful", I find that terrifying. I want to have one of those "I can see the light" moments where x deity greets me as I make my way towards paradise. Even if it was just an illusion crafted by my oxygen deprived brain, I would still be elated when I die.

Ideally, drug/sex overdose.
Realistically, a hail of bullets.

Well, I run at night (between 10 PM and midnight) in the middle of the street with noise-cancelling headphones, usually blaring some shit-nasty metal, so chances are, I'm gonna get hit by something sooner or later.

Or I'll off myself. Hell, maybe I'll jump in front of the car! (Joking)

Hopefully once I've gathered all the cutest animals on earth, and then combined them together with tits. Once done, I would ram the resulting mass into a liquefied portion of the internet at near light speed while having a bunch of shaved lemurs dancing in a cake while I recite the Mythos and divide by zero. The resulting blast should eradicate the universe as we know it, tearing and distorting reality a thousand times over until the result is nothing like even the most drug-addled hippie's mind could ever fathom. You'll all thank me when we afterwards evolve into flying brains.

Provided that doesn't work out, then it would be suicide because of a life's work gone to waste.

My heart will fail, that bastard always had it out for me... So im going to get him with a ton of trans fat before he can. Or maybe i should get his allies, liver and kidneys, first? weaken his support before i move in on him.

My guess? Heart Attack, Cancer, Accident, or Alzheimer's complications. Unless I end up living a far more interesting life than I am at the moment.

I'm hoping they perfect and then sell the cure for mortality in my life time (I CAN DREAM HAROLD)

But more likely, some disease, or old age, my family tend to last quite a while 70-90s. At which point, I'll probably end up doing it myself.. I can't myself enjoying being old at all..

I don't know... but as I am British I can guarantee that it will be dissapointing, and will probably somehow disrupt the lives of others... I also probably won't enjoy it very much... and it will be raining!

My family has a history of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Most likely cause of death in that case is suicide/euthanasia.

Was having this discussion last night about crazy-ass things we've always wanted to do, Mine was I want to fill an olympic sized swimming pool with Jello. This raised the question of whether one could actually swim in Jello, and I honestly don't know, could you imagine drowning in a pool of Jello?

And then I decided, fuck it, if one cannot, then I will be the talk of the town for decades...

If i get cancer or some other nasty degenerative disease I'm going to sabotage my parachute and jump out a plane, a moment of pure exhilaration before death. That or set off an avalanche and ride it in a Kayak.
FAiling that I'm guessing a heart attack, my family has a history on both sides and while I'm not unhealthy I'm not exactly in good shape either.

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