What would you do with 7 Billion dollars?

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Buy the Toronto Maple Leafs and turn them into a winning franchise! About 2 / 3 billion to buy.

Many of you would call me crazy, but even if I can't turn them around. I'd still own the most profitable team in Hockey.

I don't know. I certainly wouldn't have to work a bullshit job at all, ever. That's the first and best thing that pops into my mind. I'd most likely end up giving most of it to certain groups that require it around the world. With this kind of money, I'd be able to avoid the charities and actually go to the places themselves to make sure it gets in the right hands.

I'd share some with my friends and family of course. The rest of it which I don't save away I would spend on small shit. Games, music, movies, vacations, the finest prostitutes on our planet, a nice little house somewhere et cetera. Nothing to out of the ordinary.

Easy, I'd make one thousand one hundred and sixty six 6 million dollar men and one 3.996 million dollar midget.

I'd give most of it away for scientific research. Fund some labs, put some in trust for scholarships, help build facilities that all the universities can use and stage some conferences. Science IS the key to the future, it's the only way out for humanity to avoid inevitable extinction. The fact that modern society doesn't value the very thing that created it is alarming and sad. I'd give the vast majority of it away to many universities, institutions, projects and researchers, because then I'd know that the money would be doing good.

I'd keep maybe 5 to 6 million for myself. I don't need anymore than that.

I mean, did you know that the Higgs Boson research that's going on in Europe could have been carried out in the USA more than a decade ago? Yeah - the US were building a collidor that was going to be massively more powerful than the LHC. But then the politicians decided that "DURR funding for Science is for MORONS! DURRRRRRR! I dun understand all this sciency stuff! DURR The people in the white lab coats scare me, DURRRR! What's the good of science if it can't build weapons to kill people, DURRRR!" and scrapped the project and spend it on useless stuff like High-ways to nowhere, an unnecessary war and a fancy new jet that was fancier than the other fancy new jets, because it's not enough to have a better jet than your enemies, you've got to have a MASSIVELY better jet than your enemies, even when the old jet will protect you just as well!

The SuperConducting Super Collider was partially built, and would have cost another couple of billion to build. I would have put all my money into it. Goddamn politicians never understand science. You've got republicans screaming on about "what's the point of fruit-fly research, DURRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" without understanding that Drosophila research is vital to basic genetic research that powers corporations such as Monsanto and Invitrogen (now renamed Life Technologies, I believe). They're so ignorant that they can never see the fact that science-for-science's sake is valuable. One of the reasons that the USSR fell so far behind the US in terms of science was that the USSR never funded any research that didn't have DIRECT APPLICATIONS, whereas the US and Private Institutions often funded research that no one ever thought would have any useful applications but ended up being enormously beneficial.

I would give the vast majority of any 7 billion dollars to random science projects and just see what they come up with. Science for science's sake is valuable.

I'd probably find out how much I need to live comfortably for the rest of my life, and beyond that, I'd take the rest and start investing in various companies I just wanna play around in.

I'd really love to own my own wrestling promotion, to be honest.

i'd basically try and make as many people green as financially possible :) then buy as much of the rainforests as i can with armed guards willing to shoot anyone that looks at a tree the wrong way. then i'd own a nice ranch in the middle of nowhere and adopt horses and animals. fuck questionable charity, im gunna freakin help nature myself. if i had 7 billion shit would defiantly change for the better.

I'd quit my job, buy a home, get every license available from the ATF, buy every different weapon I want, get every kind of tactical and gunfighting training I can find, start a lending company that offers much lower interest rates than the competition, and find a woman to spend the rest of my life with *before* she learns I'm a billionaire. Not necessarily in that order. Maybe moonlight as some kind of vigilante, or an independent security contractor, but honestly, I'd probably just use that training to make sure my loved ones and I are safe.

Buy a medium sized country.

Hypothetical situation time, my friends!

I'm a multi-Billionaire[1] but I've been called on a secret mission. I cannot take my fortune with me and I see no reason it should sit in a vault collecting dust.

You are my greatest friend and thus, I leave you 7 Billion dollars to do whatever you please. So, what are you going to do with the money, friend?

Alright, I just have to ask: Why 7 billion? Seems quite arbitrary.

[1] Made my fortune through legal means


Hypothetical situation time, my friends!

I'm a multi-Billionaire[1] but I've been called on a secret mission. I cannot take my fortune with me and I see no reason it should sit in a vault collecting dust.

You are my greatest friend and thus, I leave you 7 Billion dollars to do whatever you please. So, what are you going to do with the money, friend?

Alright, I just have to ask: Why 7 billion? Seems quite arbitrary.

Well, anything in the billions gives you a plethora of options and 7 because it's my favourite number :P

[1] Made my fortune through legal means

Well, I'd be boring and dump that 7 billion into a high interest savings account with my bank. Then I'd arrange for half of the interest to be deposited into my normal savings account at the end of each month (to spend as I wish) and for the other half of the interest to sit in the high interest savings account with the 7 billion.

Doing that, I'd be slowly but surely making money, thus more interest, and thus have more and more money to play with at the end of each month. I have absolutely no goddamn clue what I'd buy with all that, but I sure know how I'd make it last.

Get my parents a nice retirement home
Buy my ass a vacation home or two
Buy things off my top 10 must haves list
Invest in the best high interest rate CD I can find and put the rest in the bank.

That is my plan with any large amount of money I would come across. The top 10 list get changes depending on how much I got.

Wow. I'd buy so much weed you honestly don't even know. I've been around bricks and bricks of it but I'm thinking bigger. I want so much weed that I'll have to have a section of my house just for storage. Then I'd create a room that does not let air escape and has a fire pit in the middle and just throw weed in there and get high as fuck from breathing.

Also I'd buy weapons out the ass. Illegal black market shit.

and I'd outline my house with mines and have only one path to come in and out.

Suck it gov't.

EDIT: I have no idea why people are "investing" 7 billion dollars? You think you can spend that much in your lifetime? You think it'll suddendly dissapear? No. Enjoy that theoretical money.

Well, if I throw that in the bank, even with the crappy .05% interest rate that a savings account yields, I'll be receiving a 7 figure sum every time that interest accrues. That's enough to live comfortably, and (probably) hire Bruce Campbell to be my personal sidekick full time. I honestly can't think of a better way to use that money, unless it's possible to teach penguins to be butlers.

Take enough out of the whole thing for me to retire comfortably for the rest of my life. The rest will go to various charitable organizations around the world.

i would have america's armed forces for like 4 days

Buy Obsidian and inXile combine them together to form Obsidian Isle Studios and fund the crap out of it.

Interestingly the captcha is: too many cooks

* Find poor person.
* Pay him 50 million to do it for me.
* Pretend it's a huge fortune to me
* Enjoy remaining 6.95 billion while he goes off dying

Pay him 50 millions dollars to do what for you?

All the things I plan on doing before I had that amount (including a job), just a lot more easily.

I'd hire top scientist in almost every field, buy an island outright (Maybe Guam) declare myself an independent nation and give the scientist pretty much unlimited freedom with their research. See if I can make human augmentation a reality. Build spaceships that are worth a damn since our governments seem to have lost interest in it. A utopia of science and technology. Oh the things I would do...

Become a producer and get high-quality miniseries(es) made of Anne McCaffrey's Harper Hall trilogy and Ursula LeGuin's Earthsea series. I would make sure I had as much creative control as possible, especially over the Earthsea series so that I could finally ensure that the cast is all dark-skinned.

7 billion?

1: Pay off all current debt
2: Quit Job
3: Pay off Parents' and immediate families debt
4: Buy a LARGE chuck of land. Preferably near a big city but outside the city limits
5: Build a large house/small mansion for myself
6: Buy an awesome car
7: Build multiple houses on my LARGE chuck of land
8: Invite my closest friends to live in my housing complex, free of charge.
9: Deposit $1 Billion into a bank, to live off the interest
10: Donate the rest to family/friends/charities/random people
11: Live life 'normally' afterwards.

By 'normally' I mean, I would try to continue to live as I do now, however I would probably have a lot more video games/movies/music/whatever to occupy me, and I will probably NEVER be bored again. But I wouldn't go out and go spiraling out of control just because I have lots of money.

Maybe, I would buy a medium sized island and start a sovereign nation. I really don't know what
I would do.

Hmmmm, well I could go for some pizza right now.

First, I would use 1.8 billion of it to buy the New York Yankees and then run them into the ground, I'm talking about starving them of funds so hard that they won't be able to field a team good enough to beat the Baltimore Oriels[1], I would then dump the team for something far less than I payed for it. Then, I would buy the Seattle Mariners, and help them become the best team in baseball. After that, I would buy a regular house that isn't super big or anything, I'm not big on the big mansion idea, I just want a place to live like a normal person. Of course, I would go and run for political office, I like the idea of being able to represent my state and helping the country as a whole.

I would also lobby for higher taxes on the rich.

[1] if you don't know baseball, the Oriels are one of the worst teams of the current era

The usual stuff, pay off debts, set aside enough for me and mine to live (very) comfortably. Invest a decent chunk, donate the rest. Imagine giving Desert Bus for Hope 1 billion dollars. They would never stop playing... ever.

Build the biggest goddamn pillow-fort you've ever seen in your life.

i would take a humble 10 million for myself and my family and give the rest away.

I've been called on a secret mission

In uncharted space?


I've been called on a secret mission

In uncharted space?

Now, now, it wouldn't be a secret if I told you, would it? (I've been crown Space Caesar, basically)

Three words:

Create Arsenal Gear.

redistribute it with the less fortunate of the world and thus hopefully rebalance my karama. keep 5 million for myself; lamborgini, legit master cheif suit, highest end prostitutes, and a corn beef sandwhich, mmmmmmmm, fuck i want a corn beef sandwhich now.

I would buy a lot of houses in the middle of the city where I live, then raze the houses to the ground so I have a huge plot of land.

Then I would create a little park there, and build this in the middle of it;

Then I would of course keep money enough for me to live well, and use the rest to fund cyborg/augmentation research.

Buy a decommissioned missile silo and have it turned into my own private self-sufficant fortress

Hire a team of full-time chiefs, life coaches and personal trainers to reshape me into a masterful human being

Privately invest in a number of high-reward areas (stock market, property, ect) and siphon off 60% of the gains into a number of research fields I support

See to it that my mother is well-looked after for the remainder of her life

Randomly pose as a homeless man/crazy person and test the moral quality of those I meet and reward them with fistfuls of cash for impressing me

Hire the cast of Jersy shore, put them in my own version of public televised Thunderdome (MasterBlaster sold separately)

Start backing a younger generation of politicians devoted to MY agenda and actually in touch with the world

Addendum: Finance the construction of Rapture

Start working through back-channels to undermine support for religion in the political arena

Some other things not fit to be shared

Most likely
-See to the immediate needs of my immediate family and friends
-Move someplace cold, preferably with mountains but above all else a stable internet connection.
-Buy a top of the line gaming PC and all major consoles
-Fill out my gaming library with anything that catches my eye.
-Quit my job so I can write without worrying about my finances.

Hm... probably going to have a lot left over....
Oh to hell with it. Alternative/slightly mad projects

-Invest heavily in Obsidian entertainment or whoever has their hands on the Wheel of Time game at the moment.
-Court Felicia Day. As many mariachis as it takes.
-Construct Rapture

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