Its'a me! (Photo thread)

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<<<<<< Me, no glasses, kinda drunk and looking at my friend who was slow-motion falling into a toilet cubicle. He didn't hurt himself. He did however, proceed to be sick for half an hour before telling me that it was all my fault because I made him go out. Whoops

I really don't know why i look so scared though.

Me absolutely shitfaced at an outdoor festival in Vestmannaeyjar.

Well here is two of me. Completely different

Is it what you expected? If not...LOLZ [Insert sarcasm]. ^_^'

Also here is a photo of what people think I look like.

It looks kinda like me except with a bow (NEVER!) and with armour on.

If I can get this blasted thing to work I once dressed up as everyone's favourite serial killer of serial killers.


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