Which is your favourite?
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13.6% (3)
22.7% (5)
22.7% (5)
One Piece
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59.1% (13)
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Poll: The Shounen "Big Three"

Ok, so yeah, basically here's my question:
Which of the "Big Three" Shounen Jump manga/anime do you like the most, and why?

No "other" poll option, just which do you either like the most, or hate the least. I'd be interested to hear people's opinions too.

I've mainly set up this poll so that I can ask a follow-up question, but I don't want to be too premature without knowing the facts!

P.s. Yes, I am aware that this isn't the most taxing issue to have graced these forums. Nor is it an incredibly original question. But I can't really ask what I want to ask without doing this first!


I mean, I never really watched it, but some friends of mine used to. If you jump in at the 500th episode while slightly high that shit will blow your mind. I remember some stuff about a chick and a guy who walked around in a sand castle with hand puppets and stuff. I didnt know what the fuck was going on.

EDIT: And fuck One Piece. I watched that series as a kid, they never get to the damn point. "AHA! My mortal enemy! 5 years I have waited to find and confront you, now I have finally found you! Time to stand around looking cool while talking smack for 5 episodes! ...And maybe fight for 5 minutes some time next season. Whatever."

One Piece! It seems faintly childish now but back when I was 15 it was the shit! Seriously , there's like a million episodes, and if you've watched twelve in a row you start to feel like your arms should be extending.

Naruto takes itself too seriously. It is, after all, about magic ninjas, and I feel it doesn't have the charm of one piece.

Also the first opening theme of one piece (which is called 'we are' Youtube it.)? Fucking awesome.

Disclaimer: Always watch the Japanese version.

EDIT: It was probably pretty childish when I was 15 too. But damn it was a fun show...

I kinda lost interest in Shounen Jump anime mostly due to their ridiculous lengths. They take so damn long to tell their stories that I ultimately quit in the middle of them since it feels like they're going nowhere. Though out of those three, for me it's One Piece.

I tried to get into Bleach, just couldn't get into it. I was into Naruto for years, but around the time when Sasuke killed Deidara was when I lost interest in it entirely. It felt like the show was trying so hard to be dramatic and epic that it lost sight of what made it so enjoyable, that it was a silly but fun show about ninjas with super powers. I'm all for development and trying new things, but it just felt like after a while I wasn't watching Naruto anymore.

One Piece managed to maintain my interest the longest. The characters were enjoyable, the powers were varied, the battles were fun to watch, it was just a shame that it fell to the Shounen Jump curse and took so long for things to get accomplished.

Narutos really getting good and might soon come to an end.

Bleach kinda failed.

And One Piece just seems neverending so I lost interest.

I would have to say One Piece with Naruto in second place followed by Bleach.

My reason for One Piece, is well I just like the show the most of the characters are pretty cool including their development. I also like how each of the Strawhats have their own goal in mind, rather than just tagging along with Luffy.

Also the show has this guy. (Warning contains spoilers for the latest manga chapters.)

Also for anyone that doesn't know, the Bleach anime is over it ended at episode 366. However the manga is doing one last arc before ended it for good.

Honestly? Never seen One Piece, and never intend to either, but out of Naruto or Bleach, Bleach was one I was able to tolerate for extended periods of time. Sure that period of time was only 16 episodes, but it's still further than I got with Naruto.

Naruto. It still has me interested so that's gotta count for something.

Naruto and Bleach I like exactly the same amount, i.e love them. One piece never cared for.

One Piece. I watched it back when I was in the 6th grade for a little then stopped. Started watching it again a few months ago(I would spend an entire day a week just watching the damn episodes).


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