What is the best feature you have seen in a video game?

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Best feature, object, plot point, gameplay aspect, anything.

Mine is being able to pause in the middle of a cutscene, especially when paired with the option to skip said cutscene: Legacy of Kain: Defiance

I really like the thing they did in Alan Wake, with your flashlight acting as your crosshair and all. Kept the HUD nice and free, did a lot for atmosphere.

Its not the BEST feature I have ever seen, but for such a small thing it impacted the game in a really big way.

Well if we're talking things that have become commonplace by now, but were not in use before in games; then I'd go with tilting the analogue stick to walk, push it to run. I also like quick saving and quick loading.

I really loved the Skyrim's way of gaining xp and leveling up. It makes so much sense. I never know how I'll tailored my specializations/character/skill trees until I play for a bit (obvious, I know) so I usually play a new game for an hour and then restart a new character. I use the stealth and bow approach in Skyrim, but love the double weapons rogue in DA2. I thought the explorer/stealth-no heavy weapon was a good idea for Deus Ex HR... until I got to the fist boss fight.

Just off the top of my head, using the gyroscope to aim in Ocarina of Time 3D.

Reading people's minds in Destroy All Humans! and Destroy All Humans! 2.

Absolutely brilliant feature that has led to hours of fun.

There is a gun in the last Ratchet and Clank that is pretty much a mutated frog that burps people to death. So yeah that. Ok I just like it when games have off the wall weapons.

Here goes some of my favourites

-Bots in MP
-No HUD option (the game needs to be able to tell the player all the important information somehow though, like in Dead Space)
-Flashlights (I like to play with lights)
-3D scopes

-That thing with Mumble that makes the voice of the player come out of the character
Dumb example but it works

I would really like to see that on consoles.

EDIT: Better example

Though I may be in the minority, I really like the iron sights aiming mechanic in shooters. It feels more awesome to blast away at enemies using iron sights than when I have the slight zoom in aiming.

And when it comes games with a sniping mechanic (or the ability to snipe)I like games that feature bullet drop and other realistic ballistics/physics

A somewhat small but really great change in F:NV is the whole overhaul to special dialogue options. You're character actually says something different depending whether or not you pass the speech check. In fallout 3 speech just increases a percentage of it working and your character says the same thing regardless whether or not you pass the other skill dialogue checks or not. I wouldn't call it the best feature but this change was really amazing.

The sailing in Zelda wind waker, simply because I felt like an actual explorer.

him over there:
The sailing in Zelda wind waker, simply because I felt like an actual explorer.

I can never understand why people hated the sailing so much, if you went from one end of the map all the way to the other end, it would take you less than 5 minutes, I even tested it out. For a map that size, that's not really a very large travelling distance.

I personally think the most of the best features I've seen in games are the ones that became industry standards of production afterwards. Being able to save your game is probably the most insanely awesome feature ever imo, though I was a bit young to experience Legend of Zelda first-hand since it was released in NA 1 month before I was born.

I think the introduction of sandbox style cheat codes are my favourite feature, you want god mode, go ahead have it, want every weapon in the game, have it, go knock yourself out, it's your game and you can play it whatever way you want to. If only modern developers understood this concept.

easy.. mouse look. system shock never had it and it was one of the worst parts of that game when you try to replay it

Saint's row 3 is FUN

and the best feature about that is the quick way of entering a Cars

(A) Customizable character(s) in games that don't traditionally have such a feature; fighters, RTSes, platformers, non RPG action games, for example.

Provided the feature is implemented with quality, of course.

I absolutely love having the option to insert myself or a conceptualized character of my own design into the game world. Doesn't have to be the main protagonist, of course. Even Soul Calibur's side stories for custom characters was very enjoyable due to this feature.



Writing the above, I realized there's one I enjoy even more: customizable stages/levels/challenges/whathaveyou. And by this I mean an in-depth level editor. Not just rearranging enemies and upgrades or whatever. Something like the Wc3 world editor but with a more accessible UI is ideal.

LittlebigPlanet(2) comes to mind as one of the better examples.

Though I loved SSB Brawl, my biggest disappointment with it stemmed from my desire for less constrained stage editor.

Do addons count? Because they better.

The equivalent exchange mod for Minecraft is the coolest, best idea ever. Everything has a value to it(called EMC) and it can be broken down into that numerical value. You can then take that value and put it into making other items. It means that you can take dirt and effectively create diamonds(or better, since there's much more important items than diamonds in the mod).

Everything becomes helpful and valuable. Certain items that had no value now have great value. Instead of having to search high and low for rare items and blocks, now you just need to find one and you can effectively replicate it if you have enough EMC.

If this idea was taken and applied to an RPG like Disgaea or the tactics games from PS1 era my head would explode with pleasure.

But it's not even just contained to just "buying" items. It's also used in some of the mods new items. For example; there's an item breaks everything in a 3x3 area in front of you. It costs something like 16EMC for every block it breaks down and since the usual item building blocks(dirt/cobblestone/stone) are only worth 1 EMC each, it's pretty much a waste unless you're mining for diamonds and such.

It's absolutely fantastic and I think an RPG maker should blatantly rip off the idea and put it in their game. Because it's awesome.

Regenerating health, no wait modern cover mechanics, no for sure it's quick time events. Limited weapon capacity is also so great though, but let's not forget binary Satan or Jesus morality systems. Infinite respawing enemies is also pretty high on the list. I just remembered on rails turret sections and forced driving sections, those are the best by far. Wait no for real this time, Nathan Drake's one liners are the greatest thing in gaming.

custom character and multi choice decisions

How about an ending with actual closure? (topical joke, Disclaimer: I have not played ME3 nor any of the others due to a lack of interest)
But anyway... The multiplayer aspect of Demon's/Dark Souls is pretty unique and leads to some really epic online moments, such as when you and two other mates are fighting a particularly large demon by luring it and keeping it in one position while another guy jumps on its head and stabs it in the face.
Or your team being proficient in all types of magic (one guy for each type) and the boss of the moment being hit simultaneously by the most powerful Miracle (probably Sunlight Spear), Sorcery (Crystal Soul Spear) and Pyromancy (Great Chaos Fireball).

The modular grappling hook in Just Cause 1+2, causing chaos with the thing can be quite fun. Too bad it was very close to being the game's only positive aspect.

Constructing makeshift augmentations for weaponry using various loot as found in Dead Island and a few other games.

Don't know if its been said, but I loved how all the information in Dead Space (and 2 (health, ammo, inventory) were all in the real world per-se.

I loved the customization options in Halo 3. Being able to create your own maps and gamemodes was great, we had some awesome times with that when we just ended up thinking that we were not even playing a shooter any more.

I guess my would be the ship building feature in the game Infinite Space. It's a different type of customize as you focus only on the interior (you can't really change the ship apperance anyway).
It sort of like Tetris in that the ship blueprints got alot of square grid which the rooms to install (mess hall, engine, Nav room etc) come in different shapes like the Tetris blocks. I spend ages trying to fill all of the spaces out while utalise the best room stats I got with me at that time.

Being able to save wherever and whenever in a game.
Bless the person who came up with that T.T

Quick save.... Definitely quick save!

It's saved my ass SO many times on Baldurs gate.

Red Factions destruction physics

There is no greater fun than the fun that comes from turning a military outpost into a parking lot

Best feature? No idea.

But I think the insta-win feature from Earthbound is right up there.

For those who never played it, if you approached an enemy that was way too easy for you, you killed it without even going into battle. Why waste the player's time with selecting commands and stuff when you KNOW they're gonna win? Just give us our piddling amount of EXP and send us on our way!

Oh, and the time break skill from sonic generations (buyable after beating the game). I have been waiting to be able to do that since Unleashed. ^_^ So much fun.

Metal Gear Solid series 4th wall breakers
Silent Hill use of the radio and siren

The sanity meter in Eternal Darkness is pure and utter genius. You get some really oddball moments when your sanity was low, like data deletion, and your head coming off and picking it up off the ground, and getting a Shakespeare reference. Even some really scary stuff as well, with the dead woman in the bathtub, and the hanging guy.

Also, I liked the mood meter in Fahrenheit, which determined the mood of the character. when shown different things, or doing certain things could raise it, or lower it. Too low, and the character committed suicide, which was quite powerful, and mature as far as videogames are.

The ability to create Mods, the more power this has the better your game is and the more replay value it has.


-That thing with Mumble that makes the voice of the player come out of the character
Dumb example but it works

I would really like to see that on consoles.

EDIT: Better example

Well on xbox 360, Rainbow Six Vegas did allow it so that all voice chat came out of their player's mouth (with moving jaw to mimic speech).

On single player games, i do like it when CPU speech is heard over headset rather than through speakers. One notable example was in Tom Clancy's EndWar.

-The option to save wherever you want.

-Skipping cutscenes that you've seen before.

-A good dedicated server system.

-Lots of game options for multiplayer modes including bots(remember the amount of tweaking you could do in Timesplitters?)

-No DRM. No disc-locked content. No premium advantages over other players.

-A clean, minimalist HUD

-An option to join friends as a group (so I don't have to be on a different team)

-Good PC ports without mouse acceleration and proper key binding

-The option to mute people

-MAP CREATORS (why isnt this in more games?!?!?)

-Different colored and visible nameplates for friends so you always know where they are (Tribes Ascend's best feature in my opinion)

Bot-Matches in Duke Nukem 64 was the reason it always has been and, always will be my favorite port of Duke 3D. I love being able to play the multiplayer-modes by myself and hate that there are so many games with a multiplayer-focus that don't utilize bot matches (looking at Halo)

Single-player balloon/coin matches in Mario Kart 7.

Auto-save (until it doesn't work or, doesn't work/save often enough)

On the flip-side, I think Achievements were a terrible idea. The points don't do anything other than provide a high score for a world-wide high score board you quickly forget about. It also penalizes you for cheating to the point that cheating in general has been dying (expect for the fact that most games have regenerating health and, unlimited lives/continues)

Any game that allows you to use your enemies as meat shields in a main gameplay aspect (not set pieced) automatically is considered great in my book

Shoot me for liking this, but the Sanctuary in Fable III. One of my favorite things about Fable II and III is the outfit customization, and the Sanctuary made it very easy to see how your character looked from all angles and during movement. The Sanctuary also vastly improved on the dying feature from Fable II so that's another plus.
This one's obvious, but the TES leveling system. Any other WRPG leveling system doesn't really make sense to me now.
One I just remembered. League of Legend's smart cast system. This makes the game so much more fast-paced. It makes me wonder why the other DotA style games don't use this.

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