Starstruck! What famous people have you met?

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Took a piss next to pritchard from dirty sancheez in a public urinal at nation extreme sports festival in somerset.

I said hey dude havign a good one.
he said Yeah bloody brilliant init.

Captcha- make my day
Yes it did.

5 members of my citys local football(real football, not american rugby) team lives litteraly a stonesthrow away in 4 directions, so i meet them quite often, have met many norwegian celebs... only a few international... meet wu tang clan after a concert a few years back..

Hex from an australian tv show called Good Game, poor hex someone was like "hey your hex from goodgame) and everyone surrounded her.

not many people come down to nz,but i did get to meet keitch guerette from naughty dog:p, that was awesome. we talked games for like 20 mins

I met Scruffy Wallace from Dropkick Murphys in the pub after they'd played a gig in the academy down the road. He was meeting friends he had in Leeds, but was very friendly and happy to chat and sign things before they arrived.

Going quite a while back, met Terry Pratchett at a book signing, couldn't talk to him for long because other people wanted thier books signed but he was fun to talk to all the same

I've met Darren Shan twice, once at the Edinburgh Book Festival and the second time at a book signing for the last Demonata book.

I believe my mum said she met Richard O'Brien at a parents evening.
He's the father of someone that was in my brother's class.
Apparently he showed up wearing exactly what you'd expect him to wear.

When I was a lot younger, my family and I were at a restaurant with some friends in New York. We saw Wayne Gretzky and some of his Rangers team mates at the bar, having a few drinks. My brother and I went up to him to ask for his autograph. He was kind of a dick though, really abrasive and somewhat rude. I understand now that he probably didn't want to be bothered but I was 9 years old, the least he could do was humour me. I've since misplaced that autograph (not intentionally).

A few years back, I ran in to Kenny Hotz (from Kenny vs Spenny) at an airport. Pretty cool guy, gave me his autograph and we chatted a bit about the show.



Somebody's jealous.

Of what, exactly? Or of whom, exactly? The only thing famous people have that I don't have is money, and money is something I'm perfectly capable of acquiring myself.

I did a small survey about this star struck business because it really is something I just don't understand, and it's bugging me. I mean do famous people hand out orgasms or something, because if so then I might get into it as well. Anyway, nobody really seemed to understand it, other than it being 'cool'. So I figured it's probably just something people of lower intellect like to do and that I will never understand, much like religion or watching Big Brother.

Guess I'm just too far above the average joe. Oh well, it's not a bad place to be.

Wow, chill out dude, what's got you so worked up? I was merely implying that you were jealous of the escapists who'd encountered celebrities.

Really though I was just poking fun at how much you were overreacting to the thread, which is about as controversial and thoughtprovoking as a fruit salad.

It might surprise you, but not every famous person is a self-righteous asshole. Most of them probably act quite ordinary in real life. And very few people actually worship celebs the way tabloids do. Most of us get that they're simply human beings. That doesn't mean it isn't cool when you see an actor from television in real life.

I've met a few here and there, normally at signings and such;
Dita von Teese at a book signing in Birmingham. She was very polite and friendly (and gorgeous to boot *_*).
Julie Walters at anothing signing in the same place. I got her to sign her autobiography expressing best wishes to my mum for Christmas.
Wednesday 13 before a gig. Told him he had a sweet hat. He laughed.

Most recent one was down in London last year when I went to see visual kei band Versailles for the second time; they're my favourite band. Whilst waiting for the gig a roadie came out on stage and announced there would be a meet and greet after the show, which surprised me given that they were in a foreign country and as far as I'm aware only the vocalist has a decent grasp of English but I think everyone appreciated it all the same. Got to shake their hands and have a few words with them, thanking them for the gig. The bassist, Masashi managed to say 'Thank you for coming' in English and looked incredibly pleased with himself before complimenting my attempt at Japanese.

I shook hands with Taylor Swift once. I died.

And also, you're not considered to be part of Melbourne until you've seen Geoffrey Rush. That man is EVERYWHERE.

And here, you're not part of the Dales until you've seen Patrick Stewart. He lives on the moor my uncle keeps.

Edit: Oh, and Daniel Radcliffe filmed part of Woman in Black here. Nice guy. Short, though.

Decades ago I spilt a drink on one of Bon Jovi's hookers...

I lined a marquee at Jay Kay from Jameroqui's house for a tenting company I worked for. I didn't know, until the ride to his house, that that was where I was going. He was a pretty sound guy.

I also got to see his collection of supercars which was awesome!

I facebook stalked Amy Hennig (the incredible mind behind the Legacy of Kain series) for a while, and she even wrote me back a couple of times.

I was so completely... wh... what? It counts. It totally counts! Quit making that face! I think I saw Mel Gibson when they were filming Signs in my hometown. (No, really!)

I've met Geoff and Griffon from Rooster Teeth at Megacon in Orlando last year.

They were both really nice people and I was lucky enough to have a little conversation with them and got a picture. They signed some things for me and shook my hand. Ohhh~ It was pretty awesome.

My mom's also met William Shatner. Being a huge Star Trek fan, it was a big moment for her. He signed a picture for her and got a picture. I think it was a bigger moment for her than when she gave birth to me... o_o

-I met Dio in an applebees once, fuck yeah.

-Deadmau5 in austin, and then backstage at his show

-And I shook hands with Obama when he was campaigning back in 08

Oh and Freddy Fender but only because I live like 15 minutes away from his hometown and he was visiting and meeting fans etc.

On a school trip to Canberra, we were being given a little tour of Parliament House. We were being led down a corridor to the office of the member of our electorate when a door next to us opened and John Howard walked out.

I know, running into the Prime Minister of Australia at Parliament House. How shocking.

Was so jealous when I heard that the group who went the next year ran into some of the boys from The Chaser at Parliament House doing one of their stunts.


Wow, chill out dude, what's got you so worked up? I was merely implying that you were jealous of the escapists who'd encountered celebrities.

Really though I was just poking fun at how much you were overreacting to the thread, which is about as controversial and thoughtprovoking as a fruit salad.

It might surprise you, but not every famous person is a self-righteous asshole. Most of them probably act quite ordinary in real life. And very few people actually worship celebs the way tabloids do. Most of us get that they're simply human beings. That doesn't mean it isn't cool when you see an actor from television in real life.

I'm not worked up over something like this, I'm just curious. Not like it's any money off my wallet.

I'm not the slightest bit surprised that famous people aren't all self-righteous. They aren't all anything, besides people, which is precisely why I can't wrap my mind around the thought that seeing them somehow differs from seeing any other person. But whatever.

Let me think for a second...

- I got to meet and talk to Carroll Shelby at a car convention a few years ago. Very clever man, even in his old age.

- I saw Ellen Muth (the girl who played George in"Dead Like Me") in passing in a casino once.

- I'm actually related to both Claire Evan and Jonah Bechtolt of YACHT by marriage and a couple years ago I actually spent Christmas with them and the rest of my brother-in-law's family in Portland.

- While they were down in Lawrence last December to visit her family I had dinner with Jer and Tally from LoadingReadyRun.

I met Samuel L. Jackson in an airport. That's the only big one. Saw Will Ferrell, but he was far off, and a crowd was forming, so I didn't bother approaching. Then just a few semi celebrities and stuff, no one particularly interesting.

I shook hands with Chuck Norris. In a desert. In the middle of Iraq.

That's about it though.


I've chatted with Richard Attenborough just off Charing Cross Road, I encountered Teddy Sheringham a couple times (his son went to the school up the road from where I live), likewise with Ronnie O'Sullivan (he lives down the road from where I went to school), and similarly with Chris Eubank (he was often around the UG halls in South Kensington).
My old man met Peter Cushing on the tube absolutely ages ago and went to school with Bruce Lee.
My sister served Maggie Smith while working at John Lewis.
My other sister taught Simon Russell Beal how to shoot.
And a friend went to school with Emma Watson.

I've met a few other 'celebs' though unless you're of a certain age (i.e. 50+) you won't really have heard of them (I refer to Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden, Alan Coren and a couple others of their ilk).

talked to baseball great Phil rizutto in a restaraunt
talked to and shook hands with Leonard Nimoy (spock)
Saw Juliya of fuse in Penn station ny

Jeff Goldblum (ran into him randomly in Pittsburgh), Terry Bradshaw (at a college), and Owen Wilson when he came into my work in 2008.

I also went to high school and rode the bus with two of Bill Nye's nephews. Though I never actually met him.

I also have met Vic Mignogna at my house (my parent's have known his uncle for over 25 years) but it was before he was famous. I was only about six-years-old. Since then I've only spoken to him a few times through email. Nice guy.

I saw Stan Lee once, but I didn't meet him. It was at Comic Con.

Lastly, Lynda Carter used to come into my work sometimes because she had a vacation home near in town.

Incase people are wondering why these famous people would come into my work, it's because I use to live and work in a resort town.

I'm afrai i only have the original Ugly Betty (Colombian)i met, on a flight from São Paulo to Rio. Nice lady.

I met Angelina Jolie once in a bookstore in Chicago. SHe was nice, her kid was annoying.

I got to meet Colin Mochrie at one of his comedy shows with Brad Sherwood.

They were calling for younger audience members to come up and participate on the stage, and I was one of the lucky ones for Brad Sherwood had pointed me out. I didn't want to go on at first, but my mom practically made me go. So I got up on stage, and the first thing I got to do was greet Colin Mochrie and shake his hand. It was awesome. He asked me my name, and he demanded everybody give a round of applause for me. It was unbelievably awesome.

The closest celebrity I have met so far is the creator of the Shameless "Paul Abbott".
I was in my film club watching a foreign film (I forgot which film it was) and after it finish we were about to leave and he show up with some other guys as well (the club was held in a huge leture room). As to why he was there, he was pretty much a visiting professor in the University I was attending.
The club members started chatting to him and I had nothing to say seeing I had lost track of watching that show so I made my leave.

I shook hands with my Governor Deval Patrick when I was campaigning for youth jobs. Wasn't expecting it at all.

I don't know if this counts, because he's not exactly famous, but I went to a pastry demonstration taught by Roland Mesnier (the white house executive pastry chef from 1979-2004). He signed a copy of his book afterwards. It was pretty neat, but I wasn't "starstruck".

I met Steven Tyler from Aerosmith at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in New Hampshire.

I also met Pierce Brosnan during the filming of "Die Another Day" when I was on a cruise ship with my family. Too bad I didn't know in advance how bad that movie was going to be when I met him.

I walked by Justin Bieber once. he doesn't count as a celebrity in my opinion, though...

I've met Tony Robbins, but that's nothing special.

Related to this thread, George Takei posted recently on his Facebook that he met Patrick Stewart on a plane once. He realized who it was and said, "Aren't you..." to which Patrick replied, "Aren't you?"

I assume the two had met each other before that because of Star Trek, even though they were on different shows, but it always makes me smile. Being on that plane must have been amazing for all the other passengers.

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