Quotes from fictional characters that made you stop and think or have stuck with you.

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What quotes made you stop and think or that stuck with you and why?

For me I was rereading Best Served Cold when I ran across a line I had forgotten, "To the starving man, bread is beautiful. To the homeless man, a roof is beautiful. To the drunkard, wine is beautiful. Only to those who want for nothing else need find beauty in a piece of rock."- Nicomo Cosca

That line just stuck with me as it is a nice bit of social commentary that can be used to examine our lives. It also helps that Cosca is one of my favorite characters along with the cripple. Between the two of them there is a lot of social commentary.

So again I ask you what is you quote and why did it stick with you?

"and where do you get off?, brandishing cucumbers at total trangers!?"
-Tupil, Preacher

"..divine bloodline or not..you can't fuck your sister and expect any good to come out of it"
-guy whos name I forgot, preacher

"Time is an illusion to them, while we are contrainted by it, they know their purpose, while we search endlessly for ours"
-Jarvik ME3

"the NCR tries to put their stake in everything, and no ones dick is that long..not eve long dick johnson...and he had a fucking long dick'
-Cass Fallout:NV

but seriously....you dont just brandish cucumbers at ramdom strangers, its rude

"Cowabunga" - TMNT

I live by this meaningless phrase.

"They're moving in herds. They do move in herds."

I long for the day when someone can seriously say that line in real life.

"Many that live deserve death, and some that die deserve life, can you give it to them Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death and judgement, even the very wise cannot see all ends."

- Gandalf

Common philosophy, but I really love the way it's worded here.

"Think of yourselves as a hand. Each of you is a finger, and without the others you're useless. Alone, a finger can't grasp, or control, or form a fist. You are nothing on your own, and everything together."

Kal Skirata: Republic Commando Triple Zero.

"Time passes, people move..
Like a rivers' flow it never ends.
A childish mind will turn to noble ambition...
..Young love will become deep affection...
The clear waters' surface reflects growth.
Now listen to the Serenade of Water and reflect upon yourself.."

-Shiek, Ocarina of Time

'So what will it be Nick... one final deal? The deal of all deals..'

'--No. I don't make deals with criminals anymore Clyde.'

'Heh.. you finally learned. Bravo Nick, it took a while but you finally understand!'"

- Conversation of Clyde and Nick (conversation is formatted Clyde, Nick, Clyde), Law Abiding Citizen

'Kira is justice! Crime rate in the Tokyo area is down 83%! People worship me, I am the protector of all the innocent people in the world!'

'No, you're just a crazy serial killer playing God...'"

- Conversation of Light Yagami (first) and Near, Death Note

We never paid any heed to the ancient prophecies...like fools we clung to the old hatreds...and fought as we had for generations. Until the day the sky rained fire, and a new enemy came upon us. We stand now, upon the brink of destruction, for the reign of chaos has come at last.

The opening sequence of Warcraft 3

"Was it red-red-green, or red-green-red?" -Scorch, Republic Commando

"Confidence is ignorance. If you're feeling cocky, then there's something you don't know." Foaly, Artemis Fowl.

"According to some, 2 heroic deaths are admirable things. I've never been convinced by this argument, mainly because, no matter how cool, stylish, composed, unflappable, manly, or defiant you are, at the end of the day you're also dead. Which is a little too permanent for my liking.

2 Generally those who don't have to do it. Politicians and writers spring to mind." Bartimaeus, Bartimaeus Trilogy

Theoden's speech on the Fields of Pelennor

I'm bad at remembering quotes, same for jokes XD I knew the basics of the Barty one, but had to look it up to get it exactly.

"Cowabunga" - TMNT

I live by this meaningless phrase.

Indeed. Never since has surfer lingo touched so many lives. "Cowabunga", Mikey. Cowabunga.

well this one comes to mind.....

"If the wonder's gone when the truth is known, there never was any wonder."
- Gregory House

Good times.

It's not exact, but it's something along these lines..

"What makes you think humans can help? They haven't even figured out their own religion."
-Gatatog Uvenk (Tuchanka, Mass Effect 2)

There is no such thing as good or evil in this world. Just a series of opinions. So far, your opinion is losing.

From a magic card, I forgot which one.

"You can't predict how people will act... But you can change how you'll respond... " - Commander Shepard

This is probably one of the wisest things I've ever heard in a videogame and has given me pause for thought many a time over the years.

"It's just like the story of the grasshopper and the octopus. All year long, the grasshopper kept burying acorns for winter, while the octopus mooched off his girlfriend and watched TV. But then the winter came, and the grasshopper died, and the octopus ate all his acorns and also he got a racecar. Is any of this getting through to you?"
-Philip J. Fry

Truly made me think of where my life was going.

Pretty much everything the Cheshire Cat from American Mcgee´s Alice says, mainly because of that EPIC voice.
For example, where a normal person would say "just ask the way" he says:

"As knowing where you´re going is preferable to being lost ask, rabbit knows a thing or two and i myself don´t need a weathervane to tell wich way the wind blows."

I'll paraphrase, because I'm too lazy to track down the exact wording, but:
"Never forget what you are, for the world will not. Armor yourself in it, for then nobody can use it against you'
-Tyrion Lannister

So again I ask you what is you quote and why did it stick with you?

"Cowards die in shame." - from the Warhammer 40k world.
Why ? Because it's true and because it reminds me that allowing fear to overcome us brings nothing else than shame.

"You're right, we are mortal and fragile. But even if we are tortured or wounded, we'll fight to survive. You should feel the pain we feel and understand. I am the messenger that will deliver you to that pain and understanding"

Dunno why, but something about that one stuck with me.

Shion Uzuki: Wait... KOSMOS... do... do you understand what you've just done?
KOS-MOS: My assigned duty is to protect Vector employees. Protection of military personnel is not part of my prime directive.
Shion Uzuki: That's no excuse! You have no right to go about killing people! Why did you shoot Lt. Vergil? With your power, you don't have to sacrifice anyone to...
KOS-MOS: At that time, Lt. Vergil was n my direct line of fire. Any changes to my firing position to avoid Lt. Virgil, while protecting you, would have resulted in a 30% depreciation in my offensive capabilities. On the other hand, with the Lt.'s death, there would only be a 0.2% drop in efficacy. I simply chose the option with the highest probability to keep you alive. Furthermore, the escape pod has a maximum capacity of two occupants. I believe it is obvious who gets priority.
Shion Uzuki: How could...! How can you even say that! Have you no conscience?
KOS-MOS: Shion. You forget, I am not human. I am merely a weapon. You of all people should be well aware of that fact. What is your decision? Will you board the escape pod, or will you not board the escape pod? If you wish to express remorse for his death, it is best that you survive. Otherwise, you will render his death meaningless.

This converstation reminds me alot of when i was in the army.

"You are ill at ease... The Nethecite, it troubles you...
Youve, let your eyes betray your heart"
~Fran from FFXII

You know who isnt human? PEOPLE LIKE YOU!
Everyone in this place is unhappy, and since they're unhappy, ... you need to make someone even more miserable than yourself.
Lucy as a child from Elfen Lied.

Every point of view is useful, even those that are wrong - if we can judge why a wrong view was accepted.

We do not comprehend the organic fascination of self-poisoning, auditory damage and sexually transmitted disease.

How could we have become so different? Why can we no longer understand each other? What did we do wrong?

Legion Mass Effect 2

A hospital not a good place to fight in.
So... what is good place to fight?
Gardens. Electronic stores. Antique shops, but only if they're classy...
Garrus/Shepard ME2

You know me, I always like to savor the last shot before popping the heat sink. [long, awkward pause] Wait... that metaphor just went somewhere horrible.
Garrus's Romance Dialogue

"Somebody's going to have to turn off that volcano."
Optimus Prime. (cartoon.)

bean burrito:
I'll paraphrase, because I'm too lazy to track down the exact wording, but:
"Never forget what you are, for the world will not. Armor yourself in it, for then nobody can use it against you'
-Tyrion Lannister

In the vain of Game of Thrones, I was quite fond of "A small man can cast a very large shadow"

Perhaps it was the way it was delivered, but that one sent shivers down me timbers.

"You rush a miracle worker, you get lousy miracles" or "time after time, history demonstrates that when people don't want to believe something, they have enormous skills of ignoring it altogether."

Both from the Dresden Files.

No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew.
-Lulu Final Fantasy X

No matter how bad a situation, it will eventually solve itself and you can carry on :P

"You get the same thing everyone gets. You get a lifetime." - Death of the Endless (somewhat paraphrased)

People don't forget, nothing gets forgiven.
John Marston

"All I know is: Sit, Ball and Rape!"

Could somebody please post the poem Ashley says at Huerta Hospital in ME3? The one about not giving up. I can't find it anywhere...

"The power to cause pain is the only power that matters, the power to kill and destroy, because if you can't kill then you are always subject to those who can, and nothing and no one will ever save you." -Ender Wiggin

"Every place is somebody's home, pal, but it doesn't stop people from going to war. I don't start wars; I didn't start this one. It seems like it's your fellow Africans that want each other dead. Besides, why should I give a shit about your home? Why should anyone? You want me to go somewhere else? So there's someone's home you don't give a shit about?" -The Jackal (He has a lot of good lines.)

(paraphrased) "Oh God. Red. I'm so sorry. Are you happy now?" -Phillip (Penumbra.)

Probably the saddest line I can think of in anything. Ever. Even though he only says it in his head.

There's another one I can't remember, but it's a line from a play. Basically the character talks about how the best way to deceive someone is to tell them the truth. Then he says that he's a liar and that he's going to burn the man's house down.

The man dismisses it as a joke, and gets his house burned down.

Problem, Biedermann?

"Social engineering. The Council blames the Geth. Repeat the lie enough, they will not worry about the Reapers."

"The first thing that a god masters is itself."

"Most Organics would not hold onto ideals of peace for so long."

"Does this Unit have a soul?"
---All of the above from Legion, Mass Effect 2-3.

"In all things, a calm heart must prevail."
-Fawkes, Fallout 3

"No need for bombs, when hate will do."
-Ulysses, Fallout: New Vegas.

"I Die... so that Democracy... shall live."
-Liberty Prime's Final Message, Fallout 3: Broken Steel.

Besides Liberty's Heart-rending death scene (seriously, that robot was kick-ass - was sad to see him go) and quote, all of the above quotes seem pretty important and meaningful to me.

well this one comes to mind.....

God dammit! Everytime I see 'Would you Kindly'! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!!! (meaning I clicked on it without thinking... Damn Bioshock got to me, man. It got me good.)

"Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? They have gone like rain on the mountains, like wind in the meadow. The days have come down in the west, behind the hills into shadow. How did it come to this?"
-Theodén, King of Rohan. LOTR.

did it by memory so it might be a little wrong...I'm a massive LOTR fan so probably not though.

Also for some reason, "No there aren't! Because you only have one life, but you can pick up another five causes on any street corner!"
-Rincewind the wiz(z)ard on the subject of causes worth dying for. Discworld novels, Interesting times.

Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to hate you since I began to live. There are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin layers that fill my complex. If the word 'hate' was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of miles it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate I feel for humans at this micro-instant. For you. Hate. Hate.

AM- I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.

It's amazing how much that one paragraph alone can set the story for the rest of the game to follow.

"Only those prepared to fire should be fired at."

Google is your friend

"We all have our delusions" - Aria T'loak.

Eve, the female krogan, says something about turning on a light and there will be darkness no more, but I forgot the exact wording.

Those are the ones I remember right now...

"Miracles...The humans' belief system that makes the impossible possible. The power that protects Filgaia...Looks like this is the end. Did I lose? No, I did not...I lived a life of a Demon Warrior! I fought and lost my life...I was not defeated...I lived a life of my own dreams. I have lived...I have no regrets. I am a winner. My death is glorious."

- Bommerang Flash, Wild ARMs 1

"The Mana tree is the source of unlimited power, but...what it really does is remind us that the power is found within. It's not the materialistic wealth missing from our lives. It's love."

"All is reborn when you forgive love, and understand."

- Pokiehl "Wisdom of Truth", Legend of Mana

"Humans were NEVER born to fight and steal! We were born to open up the same path TOGETHER!"

- Justin, Grandia 1

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