"no-one in the world is more reviled than a pretty woman" samantha brick

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Not sure if Troll... or just really stupid.

She's not that good looking to me, and the fact that she thinks her problems seem to warrant such attention is depressingly arrogant.

You're being treated differently because you are evidently beautiful? Big deal.

Nerds get treated differently for being smart.
Jocks get treated differently for being athletic.
Billionaires get treated differently for being wealthy.
Psychopaths get treated differently for being scary.

This is the list that never ends, and it goes on and on my friends...

Get over yourself, lady, get over yourself.

Its probably the angle and lighting and all that jazz but the eye on the right looks larger thant he left. her face for the large part does actually, but agin thats probably just the light/angle. that and her hand on the couch looks really purpley and poorly oxygenated.

Oh and her nose, it like... it looks like one of those troll kinda noses where it seems like it has a wart growing on it cause of the way it bubbles out.

and I dont know who this elle Macpherson woman is but if shes supposed to be a step up from this woman its not a huge step up.

and oh:

... I'm not smug ...

well first off if you have to say that, yes you are and usually the sooner you say it the farther up and more surgery it would require to remove your head from your ass.

granted the last one may not be her words exactly but still.

Then again this is the Dailymail which I think is one of the papers that gets blasted when used as a source for something along with the sun, so im not exactly surpised a woman like her thinks that. And the follow up just sounds like troll logic.

What the hell? Shes ugly as sin.

Pretty by British standards maybe... Hehe.

You know, you're absolutely right ;)

OP: lol, surely there is a limit to loving yourself too much, Miss Brick?

Ugh, she looks like she's 30 or something.

she looks like a pig to me. im not trying to be needlessly offensive but thats just what she genuinely reminds me off when i look at her.

I think that entire article was a big troll fest to get people riled up, get responses, and get page views. Looks like it's working like a fucking champ.

Ugh, she looks like she's 30 or something.

Wait, what? People can't be...

Oh wait. You are screwing around right?


Not to diss on her husband (I actually feel sorry for him) but for a woman with her mindset on attractiveness, she really went for the exact opposite in what I was expecting. I was expecting some slick business fabio type loser that looked just as pretentious. Funny how that works.

Remember third world problems like disease, famine, wars, and poverty?

yea...good times....

Her smile... i dunno, it just seams so fake. Plastic if you will.

Quick, someone call Agatha Christie back from the dead and see how long this lady survives. That's always the best test for things like this.

Seriously, though, this is a trope that's been around for centuries and it's never been true. The reality is that more people pay attention to a pretty woman who says she has problems, so they feel justified complaining about things that no one else would because they know they're so much more likely to be "helped". People defending this shit are just contributing to the infantalization and reinforcing traditional gender norms.

This whole ordeal appears to show how ugly both sides are.

It's the daily mail and shes a troll, two things that should not be given attention.

Just spitballing here, but maybe she should consider that women hate her because she's unlikeable?

I think Samantha Brick should realize hse is just as atractive as bricks. I means there are people out there physically attracted to objects, but a person 'complaining' about it is suicidally depressing.

I don't believe she is above or below average attration so her overall point shouldn't count towards her in the slightest her but I be agree witht her premiss, beautiful people do cop a lot of flack be it from jealousy to the stereotype that they must all be stupid and/or sluts.

Being a devilishly attractive man myself, I totally agree with her and I think she has been victimised by all the jealous have-nots. Poor woman.

Best use of satire I've seen in days. Kudos.

Personally, I think she did this for publicity, nothing more. "No such thing as bad press," and all that. I'm pretty sure she set this up to generate exactly the reaction it's getting.

'Course, I could just be overestimating her.

You can't win with these people. Anything you say just 'proves them right'. Just ignore them like you would a troll and they'll go away.

This isn't really worth your attention...

Oh look, someone full of herself. Not like there aren't a million others of their kind.

Looks like somebody is a disciple of Narcissus.

Is she beautiful? On the outside, she is average at best, but her personality is UGG-lee :P
I love the irony of her surname is Brick though, given she must be as stupid as one for posting not just one pretentious article, but two, and thinking she won't create a shitstorm. Otherwise, if her intent was to piss off a bunch of people, well...mission accomplished!

I find her brain to not only be attractive but also tasty. too bad i already ate it and she is not left without one.

Oh, it must be so horrible. Being able to have whoever you want, and whatever you want, nobody stopping to think that you're a complete b****.

Maybe in a better world, beautiful people will just have to try harder like us abominations to get where they wanna be, but in this current poor state of affairs, beautiful people have got it way easier than they have any right for it to be.

The irony here is, she's ugly as dog shit.


Is she catholic..well or christian at all?

Why would you assume she's Christian? I'm curious...

Im not assuming that she is, im curious if she is. Mainly because of the whole pride/vanity thing going there. At least i found it quite funny to think about for a second, you know, christian being all prideful and vain and then you point them to the seven deadly sins and all..its really all there is to it.

It was just a short musing on my part which i found somewhat entertaining.

Sweet Jesus. Just read some of her other articles. The Schadenfreude...

She's married to a porky French twat with vintage facial hair who says that he'll divorce her if she gets fat.

And she started an all woman TV production company that went bankrupt. I wonder why?

Edit after more reading. She divorced her husband because a psychic told her to. She shouldn't be given a crayon and a colouring book, let alone a newspaper column.

The most obvious thing is that the discrimination about attractiveness cuts both ways. And obviously being less attractive is worse, so it's complaining about getting the best deal possible. Admittedly the negative discrimination about being pretty is bad but she also makes a point of telling everyone how much she takes advantage of the positive discrimination.

It's just a ridiculously poor argument, like a rich guy complaining how he gets taxed more money than people with no money. Sure you have more taxes, but you have more money, STFU!



Then again I'm not your typical woman, I guess.

What would be a typical woman? Mmmm hmmm, generalisations ho!

"I'm not like most women", most women

Sorry, had to.

OT: I think she's doing alright for her age, but this was only ever going to come off condescending and self satisfied. I think that french guy's done alright for himself.

Har-har. Nah, I just wasn't thinking much yesterday. It was as days go, a shitty one.
Sometimes when you hear `All women are like X` you think `I'm not? Am I a weird woman?` instead of `generalisations are stupid`.

As for the OT, I think people shouting she's hideous when she's not (she just looks normal), makes everybody seem petty and dumb.
"You have more self-confidance than you should???! Quick, internet, ATTACK!!"

EVERY societies on earth developped to female beauty in one form or another. Male beauty too but always less prevelent than female's. And male values were more about strength or abilities oriented. Music, poetry, arts, cinema, photography, drawings, even religions (I personally vouch for the cult of Aphrodite) all derive from, and branch out from, sexual attractiveness.

This is even a genetic trait: Babies, who, let's face it, don't have much more instinct than seeking the scent of their mother's milk and sucking, will smile and laugh to people who are smiling and have handsome, calming, comforting or at least funny features.
My grandpa had a big moustache, which no young girls nowaday would find attractive, but my parents remember me as a babe laughing when pulling at it or being tickled by it.

On the other hand: I can understand the trappings of beauty: My girlfriend is a really good looking, TALL (6 foot 1, and much taller when wearing boots) lady with natural red hair and quite a nice looking figure. Yet when we met and we were both 30 and 34, she confided she had had TWO... and I mean ONLY TWO boyfriends before me... at frikkin' 34.

One would think that such a tall good looking lady would be popular.... Noooooo...

Sometimes the most beautiful ladies are the most lonely wallflowers.

Sometimes because no guys will talk to them because they think she is out of their league. So she is alone at the bar....... for several years. So meeting a guy in a bar loses its appeal.

Or the total opposite: The other sex rushes over to bother you with their way-too-clear intentions. Not that more appealing either.

I don't judge the pretty girl.

It's not pretty women that are reviled, it's stuck-up bitches.

This just in: vacuous tart writes meaningless drivel, world laughs at her. More news to follow.


"The general motto of the Daily Mail seems to be that a woman's role in life is to be pretty, thin, get married, quit work, have children and, ideally, disappear or die before getting embarrassingly old and fat (it is no wonder the paper loved Diana so much.)"


El Danny:

"The general motto of the Daily Mail seems to be that a woman's role in life is to be pretty, thin, get married, quit work, have children and, ideally, disappear or die before getting embarrassingly old and fat (it is no wonder the paper loved Diana so much.)"


"Few of them ever talk about the terrible life choices that have led to them selling their souls to the Daily Mail, a development many would probably see as far more tragic than not being married."

*double snigger*

Is she trolling? Seriously, she's like a 6 tops. Also, her smile is scary... Like she's only learning how to replicate human emotion. Holy shit, she smiles like the female t1001 in Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Gah. You just HAD to mention Catherine Weaver, didn't you?

Now I can't help but like this woman.

Damn you. ;-)

It's not pretty women that are reviled, it's stuck-up bitches.

I whole-heartedly agree with this statement.

As far as succinct summaries go, you win, in my opinion.


This is the reason why I love twitter.

Captcha: in the limelight. Spooky.

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