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So, what's your favorite webcomic, fellow Escapists?
Mine would be, for plain lulz, Penny Arcade, although it gets a bit wordy at times, XKCD although how do I into math, and then maybe hejibits or Awkward Zombie for a good medium.
For a story based comic, I just finished reading Twokinds, pretty good if you're furry/indifferent to furries, although it says a lot about the world when one of the nicest guys is a sex slave trader.

Dark Legacy

I used to like VG Cats, but it hasn't been good for at least 5 years. Ramsoomair really just has no talent it seems.


Oh and by the same guy who did Dark Legacy, there's this.

Really nice little series, wish he did more.

I mostly follow the webcomics here on the escapist (critical miss is pretty funny at times) and penny arcade even though they can be pretentious at times (Especially Tycho, have you ever read his comments on the comic?)

As for other comics (specifically non-gaming ones) I love Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:

and Amazing Super Powers:

Both are quite funny, I also follow XCKD on occasion but not on a regular basis. Definitely the nerdiest of nerd web comics.

Can't go wrong with Cyanide and Happiness, I also like XKCD and occasionally I'll check Ctrl-Alt-Del, but not often on that one[1]

Here's a sample comic from each:


I also like Subnormality, the RoosterTeeth ones (before they stopped), and some others I can't remember

[1] I'm not even going to link it. Take that!

Eh, homestuck... Mainly because I read no other webcomics.

I love Dinosaur comics at and I enjoy Original Life

SatW is pretty funny, and I followed TSoaLR until the guy got made redundant, changed the name to GNN and moved over to BoLS, but they sucked at updates so I stopped...

Other than that... not much... *shrug*

Either VGcats, Critical Miss or Name game. I Fucking love critical miss.

The only one I check regularly is Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness and Misfile are both great.

Questionable Content
Ballerina Mafia (though it's on hiatus until the creator gets his new comic up and running)
Critical Miss and Name Game
The Punchline is Machismo

Considering I own the pissing usergroup, Homestuck. Literally the best work of fiction I've ever read. Period.

Man, I miss Hello Cthulhu...

It was the only webcomic I ever kept up to date with.

For me is Questionable Content, XKCD, Spinnerette, and Critical Miss.

I loved the new XKCD comic about Pennsylvania! Not that I've been to San Francisco, but I find the comic fairly accurate.

I am ARG
Cyanide and Happiness
Last place comics

Lackadaisy Cats is really good. Doesn't update very often, but it's worth following for the gorgeous art alone, if not the intriguing Prohibition Era plot.

Nothing Nice to Say
Liz Prince
Ben Snakepit

The more unique, punk related stuff I read. Then there's your usual suspects.

Supernormal Step and Raven's Dojo are some more recent finds I've enjoyed.

Sheldon, Drive, Questionable Content & Real Life Comics.

Space Spoons:
Lackadaisy Cats is really good. Doesn't update very often, but it's worth following for the gorgeous art alone, if not the intriguing Prohibition Era plot.

FINALLY someone else who reads it!

Anyway, my favorite will always be Bruno. It's innovative, it's got a female protagonist who's cool but real-person cool rather than action-hero cool, and the writing is superb. Quite simply one of the best comics I've read in my entire life. And I've read very many comics of all kinds.

Start here.

Uh, hold on. I've got list of some of the ones I like to check up on. Don't make me choose.

There's Homestuck.
Penny Arcade and XKCD should go without saying.
Awkward Zombie fo sho'. Also, Katie's commissioned work on the Aikonia Comic.
Brawl in the Family for some kindhearted Nintendo-centric humor.
Darths and Droids.
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things.
Rare Candy Treatment.
VG Cats (and Super Effective by extention).
Aaaaand... Nuzlocke Comics.

I'm a bit too lazy for links at the moment.

White Ninja.

It can be a little hit and miss, but when it hits it hits hard.

I only read xkcd, Name Game and Critical Miss, and xkcd appeals to my techie side a lot. So xkcd.

Penny Arcade
Questionable Content

The rooster teeth comics were also brilliant, shame they have finished.

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things - this is absolutely wonderful comic
Jack - Interesting and pretty serious
Looking for Group - Funny and serious fantasy comic
Penny arcade of course

VG Cats, definitely. I like Cyanide and Happiness too, but it's inconsistent. XKCD stopped being funny a long time ago because Munroe decided he wanted to start making points too often, and his nerd references stopped being funny. Just because I understand it doesn't mean that I'm amused by it.

Critical Miss and Name Game, I check those every week. Cyanide and happiness is good too and I quite like Subnormality aswell. There's another site I check every so often, it's not one continuous series but it has some pretty good comics, is the oatmeal.

The Phoenix Requiem was a fantastic read for me and had stunningly beautiful digital art.

I've been reading Questionable Content for some years which I find very entertaining.

Selkie is interesting, no the best art style, however, the fella is slowly but surely improving, and even then, the story compensates for it.

Scandinavia and the World is pretty funny. It has a simplistic art style but less is more in this case. The personifications of the countries is fantastic and you actually learn quite a bit from it and because Humon, the creator, makes them so entertaining, you remember the facts a lot easier.

I used to read a really bizarre, yet interesting, web comic called Girly, though, unfortunately, I lost my place in it years ago and am yet to catch up. It has since finished which made me a little sad, but at least it means it'll be a lot easier catching up to date when I eventually do. It has a likable style and the thing that has always stuck out for me from it was Winter whacking Otra/Girly across the head with a giant dildo... that had a chibi/anime face on it. OH, and some fella that 'surprise sex'd' women everywhere he went.


Queen Michael:
Snoppity snoop

Aha! I remember starting to read that ages ago but I'd lost the link! Thanks so much, guys! You guys may like The Phoenix Requiem then; sort of like Lackadaisy but it isn't anthromorphic.

I think I should stick in links for anyone who's interested:

The Phoenix Requiem

Questionable Content


Scandinavia and the World


I forgot to mention The Devil Bear; very punny, lovely artwork, pretty cool concept.

Space Spoons:
Lackadaisy Cats is really good. Doesn't update very often, but it's worth following for the gorgeous art alone, if not the intriguing Prohibition Era plot.

More people need to read this. It has the most amazing art of any webcomic out there PERIOD.

EDIT: If it weren't so amazingly drawn, I would probably be ranting about how amazingly written it is.

I don't read any, I've stumbled upon some while I was using the StumbleUpon toolbar that I found quite funny but I never took down the names.

I got three.

First, there's Moe.

It has this weird sense of humor that I enjoy so much. It's a shame not many folks know of it. It's rather obscure, but the art and the humor are so well done that it's a surprise that it's so unknown. It's hard to say whether or not there's an actual story. There are arcs here and there, but they don't really end anywhere, but the author seems to make it work for some reason. I really recommend people check it out.

I also enjoy Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I find it to have a very witty and smart sense of humor. Check that out, too, if you haven't.

And there's also Gone With the Blastwave. It's a shame that the creator really doesn't like making them and has stopped. Still, I find it to be a really funny post-apocalyptic comic.

The lack of SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) is TOO DAMN HIGH!

3 guesses and the first 2 don't count

but yeah other than that I read Schlock Mercenary, Gunnerkrigg Court, Romantically Apocolyptic, Dresden Codak, Dead Winter, and Ow, My Sanity though that last one is on hiatus.

for your DnD fix in webcomic form, I'd like to direct everyone to the following webcomic named "Goblins".

gorgeous art, great script, enjoyable characters, its basicly your best session in strip format.
I could go on gushing about it but that would only withhold you longer from reading it.


Darklegacy comics and Thedailyblink I continue reading despite not having played wow for over a year. Also, romanticallyapocalyptic, basically for the visuals. Oh, and the Marauder Shields web comic: a comic shop owner I read a ton more PHYSICAL comics :p but I do like a few web comics....

Sluggy Freelance

The Gutters


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