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Pretty much just Awkward Zombie, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Nerf Now and the two on here. While I would say VG Cats and GG Guys but they rarely update (and the humour in VG Cats aren't so great these days).

I checked out twokinds on a recommendation from a friend. I didn't like it. Furry jokes and poking aside here.

The Heavy-handed anti-human stuff was pretty hard for me to get around. I convinced myself it was probably from the artist being a little less than socially accepted, and always felt like an outsider. This led to projecting himself a bit as that lesser race (Forget what he named them) being the ones looked down upon by humans.

Then again, i'm a 15 year old american cynic.


A webcomic I got into, was a comic called "The wicked never sleep". It was a comic about a guys shenigans, who is low-ranked in a mafia-esq gang. The artist ended up ending the comic and shutting down the site he had no time to actually draw the comic.

The art was alright, and the jokes where funny. Their was no actuall plot besides what I described, which worked for it.

Digger (finished so you can check the whole story now)

Prequel (a choose your own adventure kind of thing in oblivion)

Ruby quest (the white chamber mixed with an ms paint adventure, its also finished)

string theory (I'm not really sure how to explain it)

Gunnerkrieg Court (the strangest english boarding school around)

Flaky Pastry (best insane elf ever)

I've been following Sinfest since early 2002, it's easily one of my favorite web comics and has really gotten better over time. I think 2008 was Ishida's best year, especially his spoofing of the 2008 Presidential Election.

Besides that I really enjoy Least I Could Do, for a variety of reasons but chiefly the professionalism Sohmer brings to the field with daily comics that are never late. Besides that the series has really carved out a niche of its own with a continually evolving art style and timeline where characters grow and age.

I also quite enjoy Questionable Content for the rich stories, but sometimes I wish Jacques would pace the story lines a little better, this space one has been going on for some time now and I kind of miss the characters back on Earth.

Those are the three main ones I read, but here's some others I like to keep up with:

Girls with Slingshots
The Devil's Panties
Something Positive
Name Game
Critical Miss
Looking For Group
Two Lumps
VG Cats

Ah, so many to name...

Darken - finished, artist then began widdershins
A Girl and her Fed
Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire
El Goonish Shive
Erfworld (just finishing up with a text hiatus, I think)
Evernight (also on text hiatus)
Freakangels - finished
Gaia (from the creator of S&W)
Sandra and Woo (S&W)
Head Trip
Grrl Power (Female superpower comic. Pretty much batshit insane comedy)
Godspawn Chronicles (on and off)
Least I Could Do
Looking For Group (from the creator of LICD)
Quantum Vibe
Selkie (very cute comic)
Waywards Sons: Legends (interesting combo between scifi and mythology)
Yang Child (from the creator of Tainted)
Twilight Lady
Walking on Broken Glass (haven't started reading, but it looks good)
Not A Villain

El Goonish Shive
Dominic Deegan

Seriously, if you read nothing else on this list, READ UNSOUNDED.

EDIT: oh yes, and I've got even more on my other computer. :D

Homestuck, the only webcomic with a soundtrack.

Awkward Zombie
Critical Miss

I used to love Questionable Content, but I don't like the direction the characters have been going recntly. I'm kind of just holding out in the hope that'll go back to being good again.

XKCD of course, also Penny Arcade.

I quite enjoy Something Positive now and again, but rereading the archives I wonder why I ever liked Aubrey, she's a horrible horrible person. Misfile, Menagea3, eeriescuties, awkward zombie, everydayheroes, vgcats when it updates, and of course Oglaf.

The only other one would be Megatokyo, which I'm kind of sticking with out of loyalty. It was the first webcomic I ever got into, and I use to love it so much back in the day, but again the storylines have been going a bit too weird for my taste. I get the feeling that when it gets collected into volume form it will be easier to follow, but I don't have the time anymore to be trawling through the archives trying to work out what they're all talking about.

As of right now it's between Romantically Apocalyptic and the Zombie Hunters. Although I never finished Freak Angels... I feel like I should give it another go.

Oh, and Bite Me is pretty good too!

I only really read Critical Miss and XKCD, though I occasionally wander over to Penny Arcade.

And everyone check out that one above, it's brilliant.

No one in this thread has yet mentioned


despite it being one of the most beautiful, well-written, family-friendly webcomics I have ever known. Seriously. It's about a girl who rescues a guy marooned at sea who is possessed by a malevolent spirit and they must both go to save the world from a maniac pirate who intends to release a thousands-year-old malevolent spirit. I can't do it justice. If you've just wandered onto this thread by accident, read it. You won't be disappointed.

Others I enjoy:
SLIGHTLY DAMNED A girl escapes from hell with a ditzy demon and rescues an angel that's been turned into a bunny. Yeah, it's weird, but it has an excellent story.
ALIEN DICE Kind of a cross between Pokemon, Gladiator, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Romeo & Juliet. It's better than I make it sound.
STUPIDFOX Cute & Funny & More Cute.
TALES OF THE QUESTOR A raccoon boy strives to become his town's new adventurer. A fun, touching story.

For me is Questionable Content, XKCD, Spinnerette, and Critical Miss.

I loved the new XKCD comic about Pennsylvania! Not that I've been to San Francisco, but I find the comic fairly accurate.

The April Fools' day one? You do know that it used state names based on your location, right? (Also, the entire comic changed based on which web browser you loaded the page with) ;)

My favorites are: XKCD
Sluggy Freelance
Darths&Droids (its precursor, our Shamus Young's DM of the Rings was also brilliant)
Penny Arcade

Behold the power of Dinosaur comics

This one is good in the bizarre "what am I reading?" way

I only regularly read Darths and Droids and Order of the Stick since they're D&D related and hilarious. Most other webcomics bore me before long. Wait, Dr. McNinja is pretty awesome too.

gotta love Cyanide & Happiness. Second and third come ehtío!(spanish) and VG Cats.

I used to like Ctrl+Alt+Del a lot too but, it got boring for me.

Abstruse Goose and Last Place Comics are two which haven't really been mentioned as much as xkcd, smbc, etc. I also love a bit of Oglaf.

This one is the bestest evers, and I wish more people knew about it.

Brawl in the Family, without a doubt.

Dilbert. Always and forever.

Questionable Content
Awkward Zombie
Penny Arcade
Rare Candy Treatment

Well, if you're talking on The Escapist, then, my favorite is Critical Miss. It's just so amusing to see this girl trying to live her life without a bunch of videogame characters flooding her subconscious and sometimes telling her what to do. "Anyone up for vengeance?"

As for other webcomics, I think the first one I really got into was El Goonish Shive. Fans of total realism, beware! This one will surely give you a massive headache!

Another one I have come to enjoy has been Aoi House. This has just enough realism to be relatively-plausible, but just enough improbable weirdness to still keep it out there. (Like the thing with the ponytail. Don't ask, you'll know it when you see it.)

Then there's... This one. I really can't say anything about this one. Words do it no justice. This is perhaps the greatest method I have ever seen of providing original entertainment ever.

You are welcome.

Either XKCD or 8-bit Theater

<- BM FTW!

The only real web comic I read nowadays is Penny Arcade. It's the only one I've consistently enjoyed the whole time I've followed it.

Dr. McNinja
Cyanide and Happiness
Brawl in the Family
The Oatmeal
Romantically Apocalyptic
Basic Instructions
Penny Arcade
Order of the Stick

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