Your current musical obsession!

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What current band/song/genre are you listening to a lot?

I just discovered Richard Cheese

And apparently he does weddings!

Anyway, basically what are you listening to mainly at this time?

I'm transitioning between the Madness Combat soundtrack (which is all techno) to the Chrono Cross soundtrack.

I enjoy both a lot.

Skrillex. It all began while working on my Geography Assignment. Fucking Google Earth. *Ahem.* "BANGARANG!"

while not as "current"

Glitch Mob

I am listening to a ridiculous amount of Tom Waits these days, while stomping my feet and growling like the cookie monster.

I've been getting into Jay-Z ridiculously much these last weeks. I think i've been to young and stupid to appreciate him up until now. He's very much a grown ass man rapping. It's hard to appreciate songs about working hard, having buisness sense and having to deal with jealous competitors without having a few years on your shoulders.

His style is also quite subdued compared the other top-tier rappers so that might also account for my ignorance. But i'm definitely converted now, the dude is overall just a really fucking smart man. And you can't help but to appreciate his effort to make the medium grow up and become respected.

At the moment, The Tiger Lillies, I'm not sure what to define them as... Dark Cabaret, I guess. They're British, but have found much more success in mainland Europe. Their music has a nice morbid twist, something I can always appreciate, not to mention that they're a phenomenal live act.

They're thankfully not like anything else out there (to my knowledge). If you've a taste for the decadent they should be right up your alley.

I recently listened to Nirvana for the first time (I know, I know) and currently obsessed with Nevermind

And I have also been listening to Persefone, some form of metal from the small country of Andorra.

Also, someone (the poster one or two below me) inspired me to listen to The Silent Comedy, well recommended.

The Dynasty Warriors 4 and 5 soundtracks.

I've been constantly listening to both for the past week.

The Silent Comedy

Recently (as in, from about yesterday), it's been the Foo Fighters. Most specifically, Stacked Actors.

It might be my new favourite riff.

I'm currently on a trend of being all about movie musical soundtracks. Most recently the music from Rocky Horror, I just can't stop listening to it.

A friend of mine has had me listening to the newer Panic! at the Disco songs that I've missed. Enjoying it.

I've gradually become a huge Psychedelic/Progressive Rock fan in the past 2 years. Currently, however, the song I've been listening to a lot is "Shangri-La" by ELO (Electric Lights Orchestra):

I've had this song on a constant repeat for about a week now

Lately i've been listening to the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack. Say what you will, but the soundtrack kicked ass.

Recently bought an apocalyptica album.
Bascially its metal, but played on the cello.

Anything and everything that is Devin Townsend. All the time. Every single waking hour, and it is FABULOUS.

I just found a band called "Handsome Furs"

Kinda loving them.

This is my alarm clock, at the moment:

And this is my walking down the street music. I'm not even sorry.

Got into Red Hot Chili Peppers a few months ago, on the advice of a good friend of mine. I now barely listen to much else at the moment, bought Kiedis' autobiography, own almost their entire discography (working on it) and learnt most of it on guitar because Mr Frusciante is fantastic :D

Definitely Rise Against. A song of theirs randomly started playing on Spotify, and I just sort of got stuck again. Have listened to them a lot in the past, but there are certain periods I like them more.

I've really been getting into the lovely works of Michael Kiwanuka and Obscura as of late:

(Dat guitar solo)

I'm totally smitten with the Drive soundtrack right now.

Eighties galore!!!

I just recently discovered Freebird.
That solo. Is so. AWESOME.
Other than that I've been listening to a song about time warps and one about transvestites who may or may not be sweet.

Dan Andriano in The Emergency Room, the album is Hurricane Season.

Of course that also indicates that I'm a fan of Alkaline Trio. Haters gonna hate.

Hmm i've been diggin Bon Iver for awhile now. Recently I started to listening to this chick Lights but she's alright, nothing great.

Been listening to a lot of Mayhem at work. Damn fine indie electronica.

Discovered Florence and the Machine a few weeks ago. Every other song I hear is by them, I'm completely enamored.

I'm basically living with this on repeat.

hmm, not sure i have any particular songs i am obsessively listening to at the moment, i've kind of just been letting my ipod run through on shuffle when i walk somewhere or when i'm heading to/from work/Tafe.

i may as well just share a few pieces of music that have been standing out to me lately.

Also, Smiletron. i can't find the piece i want on youtube so i'll just leave a link to the soundcloud page.

My music changes constantly but I'm leaning towards jazz at this time.

Shinedown's newest album Amaryllis- just saw them in concert last weekend, it was amazing!

Recently (as in, from about yesterday), it's been the Foo Fighters. Most specifically, Stacked Actors.

It might be my new favourite riff.

One of my favorite Foo Fighters tracks right there.

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