One thing that has REALLY annoyed you today

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Adobe Illustrator crashed on me... again... for the 5th bloody time!!!

Did you send the error report, i heard that has a 90% chance of fixing the problem 100% of the time.

I think it has more to do with running it on my crappy PC lolz. But I'll look into that thanks!

I couldn't seem to find the $250 dollar bill in The Bullring in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 that I needed to 100% the level.

It irritated me to no end.

Stupid people in the internet bitching about something trivial that in the long term has no major effect to their lives whatso ever, but they need to complain about it because they feel like they should have a say in how other people's lives are being run....

This. But that's a paradox, so I'll say choking twice while laughing at Nostalgia Critic videos was annoying.

It wasn't today, but yesterday I forgot my keys to my house at school and had to go back and get them. That was really annoying.

Again, I thought of a perfect comeback...10 seconds after I left the scene of the exchange.

Don't you hate it when that happens, when you go "Jeez, why did I not do THAT instead?" just moments after you did something else?

I stepped in dog shit, while I was walking in bare feet. That is not a good day when that happens.

I got a B- on my Linguistics assingment, because, while I had covered everything perfectly, the scenario in engineered as an example wasnt very realistic. Even though I was pushing the word limit to get the content in, and we were never told how we in depth we should make our scenario.
I didnt know it was a fucking creative writing class.

Being outnumbered ten-to-one as a conservative gamer on the Internet.

Quite distracting, really.

What is your opinion of homosexuality? All im getting so far is residual information, and id like to get a bead on you.

That I'm too broke to go to PAX this year. Seriously, it's 2 1/2 hours away from me. You have no idea how annoyed I am by this, especially when I consider that I have SATURDAY OFF. OMGWTFBBQ.

Had a conversation with my dear ol' mother who is currently eating according to LCHF. She is convinced there are different kinds of calories, and because she eats more fat, she is getting a different type of calorie and lose weight because she isn't getting the other kind of calorie from carbohydrates.

I keep telling her that caloriers, or rather, kilocalories (large calories) is a unit of energy (in this case from food) and that it is like saying there are different kinds of cms, but alas, she will not listen.

I also keep telling her she lose weight because she is using more energy than she is taking in, and I even asked her, she is down to 1300 kcal a day, and training at a gym, and she thinks it is only because she is eating according to LCHF.

My mother is a very smart woman in most cases but in this case she is just... GAH!

Well I'm still annoyed about the cute girl in my physics class giving me a fake number.

I got kind of pissed trying to drop off my brother, because people around his middle school don't know how to drive, which makes traffic a bitch. And none of my teacher at my school, one block over take "I got stuck behind an idiot in traffic by the middle school" as a valid excuse for being a couple minutes late. I leave for school 25-30 minutes before school starts, that's about the same time people who live next to the school wake up.

I've been really busy this past week, so that's put me in a perpetual state of stressed out--I go to the hardest school in the district, so stressed out is second nature but more than normal. For two of my classes now I've finished all the homework assigned for the night before, while the teacher goes around to check it.

I have two article for my newspaper due on tuesday. One of them is about a page too long and the other is just a paragraph so far.

Prom's coming up in like two-three weeks. I still don't have a date, or a tux, and I don't have a group to go with so I'm going to be taking the school's charter bus. I honestly don't care about prom though, and almost wish I didn't say I was going.

There's the looming threat that weekend plans and homework might interfer too much and leave me scrambling in class to finish it all as the teacher walks around and checks it.

Every day I'm reminded of how badly I just want high school to hurry up and end, so I can finally start at the almost embarrassing local college I settled on--when I tell people which school their reaction is normally along the lines of, "I didn't know your grades were that bad. You might as well have not even tried, and saved yourself the effort and money and go to the even closer junior college." They don't say that but I can tell.

my sugar vanished its just vanished i miss it and the sweet tea i make using it

Frozen Donkey Wheel2:

How stupid the world is.

Just in general, from the reporting of that story in UK media outlets about the child abuse to get new monitoring laws passed, to bigoted people bashing gays on the internet and actually rationalizing it (Honestly I prefer the "homos are fags lul" at least then they can claim ignorance.)

Just generally have no faith in humanity after today.

That sounds like a job for Charlie Chaplin.

OT: Actually, today's been awesome. Nothing really stands out to me. I honestly can't complain.

really annoyed me? hmm nothing springs to mind. even EA are standing up for whats right today with those protestors.

side note that video is one of the truely most inspiring speeches made in cinema history. another awesome thing today.

oh and i got fallout and cities in motion for free :) thank you and paradox interactive

*edit* the guys doing the shadowrun kickstarter said sorry for the fps :D i love today

captcha - hard cheese.. i guess thats annoying i dont like hard cheese much

The fact that one of my friends didn't do the ONE thing he said he would, which in turn caused a whole lot of drama.

My aunt, for which I have a fond dislike for her destructive gossiping habits, has made me a prisoner in my own room for hours because I refuse to willingly interact with her.

It wasn't too bad, though. I had Youtube and to pass the time.

I saw some more Take Back Mass Effect people complaining.. other than that, it has been a fairly good day

It's Good Friday. The bottle'o is closed and I forgot to get beer yesterday.

I just found out that Mickey Cantor has been removed from Super Monday Night Combat, and he's probably not coming back. He was what made Monday Night Combat great and now hes gone :(

Snow! F'ing snow! Seriously, it's "Winter Strikes Back" over here :(

I spent 30 minutes trying to strip a few wires to install new speakers in my friend's car. We were using a blunt parry knife and needle-nose pliers, lacking an actual wire stripper. Should have taken 30 seconds, not 30 minutes.

I'm all out of my beloved orange soda.
This is a serious problem right here.

One ? I got 2.

1-STOP WHINING ABOUT ME 3's ENDING! Christ, if I have to think twice before entering a threat about fucking sandwiches in order not to get spoilered, the internet has reached a whole new level of cry me a river.

2-I got 2 blackouts in one night.

Racist feminists. I was called an oppressive white woman because I don't like getting wasted. That didn't annoy me, but it sure confused me.

That i've pulled my neck joint and now it really hurts

Dad threatened to not give me dinner 'cause I was playing computer games. That was weird. Also, the shops were all closed so I couldn't buy cigarettes. That sucked too.

Mr Pantomime:

Being outnumbered ten-to-one as a conservative gamer on the Internet.

Quite distracting, really.

What is your opinion of homosexuality? All im getting so far is residual information, and id like to get a bead on you.

I really don't think you want to go there and open a can of shitstorm again. We've had loads of threads about that topic and let's not derail this thread by bringing that up here.

LooK iTz Jinjo:
It's Good Friday. The bottle'o is closed and I forgot to get beer yesterday.

That annoys the shit out of me too.I'm not saying I would definitely drink today but it would be nice to have the bloody option

My dog jumped on me while I was walking down the hall with a full cup of coffee. When he did it, he had fire in his eyes and I'm pretty sure I heard him scream, "BURNINATE!!"

That I bit my cuticle too much and it's now bleeding. My own fault, but still. Now I have to bite MORE to trim it up.

...Being a nail biter sucks.

You're not alone. It's a lifelong struggle.

I share your pain, brethren.

OT: I can't get the settings on my kick-drum pedals just the way I want them. I was seething with rage, but then I played some keyboard instead, and now all is better.
My first world problems are dire indeed.

I wanted to have a lie-in, instead I got woken up earlier than normal by folk screaming their heads off about some nonsense...

Really takes some effort to ruin someone's day before they've even realized it's begun =\

Nothing was open today. Expected because it's Good Friday, but today was the only day I wanted to actually go to the shops.

EDIT- Oh wait, it's 12:20 am. Yay. Nothing bad's happened to me yet today. :D

Has been snowing here in Stockholm this forenoon. HATE! HATE!

Well nothing today but...

I work at a pharmacy. Yesterday we were mega busy. There was a constant stream of people coming into the shop and all of the locums and pharmacists were working their asses off trying to do all the walk-ins and all of the repeat prescriptions. I was on tills, trying to sort everybody out as quickly as possible.
Anyway, some old woman comes in and finds out that her stuff isn't ready, so she has a massive go. After personally making sure all of her stuff gets prioritised so that she doesn't have to wait too long, the locum I asked to do it promptly forgets... so she ends up waiting ages. And is pissed. And I get another earful.

All this time, more and more people are piling in.

Aaaand at the end of it all, it turns out that she was supposed to come and pick it up on saturday. By which time it would have been ready and there would have been no problem at all.


LooK iTz Jinjo:
It's Good Friday. The bottle'o is closed and I forgot to get beer yesterday.

damn..I know hwo that feels (sort of) I made sure I had my supply of energy drink at hand

but the my real point here is


Johnny Impact:

Eric the Orange:
this guy
I just hate him so much.

I just got Rickrolled on the Escapist. Is nowhere safe?

OT: Was too asleep this morning to do accounting classwork. Seen dozens of balance sheets but could NOT produce one to save my life.

Wait Rickrolled? what I linked had nothing to do with Rick Astely.

I had to wake up for work today.

That I bit my cuticle too much and it's now bleeding. My own fault, but still. Now I have to bite MORE to trim it up.

...Being a nail biter sucks.

I feel you bro

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