Poll: Glasses. Sexy? Not Sexy?

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There are an inordinate amount of velociraptors. I'll take my women either way, don't care.

EDIT: My captcha asked me to "describe this brand in any way", the brand was Ikea, I typed in "gay" and it actually went through!

I wasn't going to say anything but the captcha says so-so, seriousy is this thing sentient?
Anyway I'm not an authority on what's sexy and quite frankly I'm indifferent so I guess I agree with the captcha?

It's not something I've ever thought about and so I have no preference.

Might as well ask me if I think girls with watches are sexy.

I think glasses are sexy on a girl, but only if the girl needs them. There's a certain implied shyness to them, and I'm a sucker for shy girls. :3

Oh, and I'm a guy. Just wanted to point that out incase someone would lose sleep over that little factoid. :P

Although a lot of people are saying 'depends on the glasses' I have to say I have yet to see a girl wearing a pair of glasses that I didn't like. Even the most obnoxious green horn rimmed thick lensed magnifiying glasses can become more attractive when placed on a girl, and a girl can become more attractive for wearing them.

I suppose there are limits though. Coloured lenses usually make me think more of Elton John than of pretty women.

Uh. I hate wearing glasses, they're such a pain in the ass.
They do look good on some people (not me though.)

Might as well ask me if I think girls with watches are sexy.

ROFL. I......actually find girls with watches particularly sexy.

However I fully accept that this is really unusual and weird.

Glasses don't make a person sexy or not sexy.
Sexy people make glasses work.
A sexy person is sexy with or without glasses.
And an ugly person is ugly with or without glasses.

End of line.

I'm a girl, and personally i think guys with glasses are hot as hell! Though I'm supposed to wear glasses for reading and the like, I do not suit them! :(

It's neither inherently attractive or unattractive. Although, wearing them as a fashion statement is generally a sign that the person in question has an unattractive personality.

voted "I'm a guy, and I think glasses are sexy on girls."

But, it really depends on the style of the glasses aswell as the girl.
For instance, among my many female friends (I'm so deep in the friend zone I didn't think it was possible) I think only one or two would look good with glasees, and by 'glasses' I mean thin wire frame ones

It depends on the glasses and the girl. Some people look better with them; some people look better without. I can't say I prefer one over the other as a rule.

I'm a girl, and personally i think guys with glasses are hot as hell! Though I'm supposed to wear glasses for reading and the like, I do not suit them! :(

Get yourself a pair of sexy-librarian glasses.

Depends on the glasses and the girl wearing them. Some girls glasses look adorable, others not so much. Glasses aren't an attribute I look for, but can be a rather nice bonus.

I don't see how glasses affect a person's attractiveness. They're small transparent lenses held in place by thin black frames. I rarely even notice when someone's wearing glasses.

Well i could give the Librarian glasses a try, but imagine it wouldn't make much of a difference. But I am going to buy a pair tomorrow :)

I'm a T-rex and I think glasses make everyone look better...
If they actually need them. Wearing glasses cause you wanna look smart or what have you is just stupid and makes the people who do that look stupid to me.

Sexy as fuck:


As terrifying as it is that someone gave Killer Croc glasses, I'm far more concerned with the prescription, because its obviously not strong enough, as shown by the fact that apparently she thinks zebra stripes is an acceptable pattern for furniture.

I chose "I'm a velociraptor" due to the fact that there is no "other" option. I think that glasses can be sexy, however there are too many variables for me to make the blanket statement that glasses on women as a whole are sexy.

No gay option on the poll makes me frustrated >.<

I find guys with glasses to be cute, but it depends on the person. If a person is otherwise ugly, it won't do much to help.

Huh... A lot of velociraptors on the escapist >>

Glasses make everything look cooler/sexier/smarter/superior...
But only if they are prescription... You must be chosen for this sort of greatness.

I am a velociraptor (Why does it says it's misspelled?) and I have absolutely no opinion on the matter. It depends on the girl and the glasses they're wearing. You know, the materials of some frames can get stuck in my teeth or cut up my throat. Just a pain.

Really kinda depends on the glasses and the girl, some glasses are just terrible looking, but most of them look good.

Basically this. It really is a matter of if the glasses fit the face.

"I'm gay, and I'm outraged at the lack of options in this poll." Option that I had to make myself...

Jerk <.< =p

Where is the "I'm 12 years old what is this?" answer?

Don't you mean. I'm a velociraptor what is this?

Glasses can be sexy and can not be sexy. Depends on the person and the frames. I'm not fussed.

Depends on the girl and glasses. Some can pull it off really well, others can't. Smarter types with glasses = huge turn on. Dumb bimbo wearing those fake ones to look stylish = big turn off. Yes, people wear fake glasses... fashion, eh?

Depends on the face, the frames, and the lens thickness. Being someone who has worn glasses/contacts his entire life (since I was 5) some people seem to have glasses without considering how well they go on their face. Its like wearing hats. Certain hats match certain facial structures.

This may be too much of a opinion to make an accurate example, but like these two pictures.

I don't like the glasses they do not mesh well with her face. Her face is too round to have those kind of frames.

Even with the broken frames I think this still is better than other picture. The frame matches the face.

A lot of the time, I will have to disagree with you. I mean sometimes, it works, but for me a lot of the time, it doesn't.

Oh those who pay like £250 on quite literally, pieces of plastic with a brand name on them? Go away.

Fake/lenseless glasses are the biggest turn off ever. You may as well be wearing a 'I'm a cunt' shirt.
I think (prescription) glasses tend to look better on women, especially cute little reading glasses. Some men look nice with glasses, especially thick rimmed ones.
Jam jar bottom glasses turn me right off. My ex had them and he looked like a pedo >_>
i prefer no glasses. They're not unattractive though.

Err depends really. I mean sometime they can pull it off althought I guess the glasses frame matter or sometime it has no effect at all.

It really depnds who is wearing them and what kind of glasses.

But then again I am a sucker for girls in glasses.

I'm a guy and I reckon petite and/or thin-framed glasses can look beautiful on guys and girls. Those giant glasses usually now associated with hipsters I really can't stand, but then mostly they're done for the image as opposed to actually needing them. Also, they look stupid.

Agreed. With the exception of sunglasses, when I see those huge frames or coke bottle glasses it thoroughly detracts the appeal of someone's face for me. Half the time they're nightmarishly gaudy and clash with the natural contours of the human face, other times they tend to give the wearer insect like qualities.

Now, I'm not advocating for some sort of final solution against the mongrel thick frames so that the über augengläser thin-frames may take its rightful place at the forefront of eye apparel, but I tend to find that thinner frames/smaller glasses more pleasingly accentuate the curves of the face. Then again, most google searches of "sexy glasses" seem to have them either sliding down the nose or in the process of being taken off...

But what do I know? I'm just a simple velociraptor typing away on a laptop.

Depends on the person. If they're cute they probably look nice with glasses to me.

I for example, who wears glasses almost constantly even though I can see mostly fine and just can't be assed to alternate, look much better without glasses as it reveals how nice my eyes are.

Don't like the alternatives on this poll. I think glasses can be sexy, but it's of course not always the case. The "Yes" answer seems to somewhat ignore that, and the "No" answer seems to go along the lines of "BURN THE WITCHES".
In any case, it can be really cute. It can also mess up your looks. You should see me wearing mine. *shrugs* Luckily I don't need them more than for a small amount of activities.

I find that ones with small frames enhance a girl's attractiveness about 90% of the time. Now, large frames on the other hand....

I have a thing for specs, but not the fake ones people wear to appear "nerdy" because those are pretentious as hell. But not everyone suits glasses, and not all frames are flattering.

Also: glad I'm not the only velociraptor here.

It entirely depends on the glasses and the girl. But I don't mind either way.

To use an example, there's a girl I know from school, for whom my crush comes and goes every now and then. She's very pretty, especially so when she wears her glasses. And sometimes she wears a miniskirt, which just completes the image.

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