Poll: Glasses. Sexy? Not Sexy?

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I picked the "I'm a girl and I think glasses are sexy on guys" option.

But honestly, it's dependent on the guy and on the glasses. As most things are.

It depends on the frames and how they fit the girl - but that goes for basically any accessory as well.

I'm a velociraptor! Rawr!

OT: To be honest the glasses rarely do anything to a persons attractiveness for me.

You do realise you fucked the results by adding such a funny nonsense option?

Imma bisexual velociraptor, RAWR! :3 Eh, depends on the person/what type of glasses, but if I find them attractive it's not like an ugly pair of glasses is going to make all that much of a difference, especially if they're coming off anyway. ;)

Depends on the girl and the glasses really, so I picked the last option.
-roars like a raptor-

Oh. Glasses on some girls, yes, very very yes.

Yeah, lower those frames and stare at me seductively... *daydreaming*

I think some girls are more attractive when they have glasses on, others aren't. However, if I discover that a girl is wearing glasses as a fashion statement as opposed to any degree of necessity, well, there is no bigger turn off (within reason)

Pretty sure I'm a

Personally, I wear the things because I don't like touching my eyes. As for whether they enhance the look of a woman, not really. Generally they don't detract, either... but my laws of attraction are more primal than most people's. I look for fitness and symmetry, with a preference for short and slender over tall and sturdy. Coloring and accessories are just window dressing, and as long as the display shows some art and care, I generally like it.

Depends on the style of glasses and how well the girl wears them, but in general, yes, I like girls with glasses.

Yet another poll entirely invalidated with the inclusion of a "humorous" options.


OT: It all depends on the face and the glasses. I cannot stress how much you need to stop wearing thick rimmed glasses just because everyone else does it, university girls.
Also: I look smashing with small rimmed square glasses. Too bad I hae 20/20 vision, or I would get some of those in a heartbeat.

Yet another poll entirely invalidated with the inclusion of a "humorous" options.

Not really. It gave an option for people who find that glasses make little to no difference in a person's attractiveness on average.
Mind you, it probably would have been more effective just to give that option.

I prefer girls without glasses, I haven't really understood the fascination with bad sight...

I prefer girls without glasses, I haven't really understood the fascination with bad sight...

It's not a "fascination with bad sight". I don't exactly know what it is that makes it so attractive, but whatever makes the "sexy schoolgirl/sexy teacher/sexy librarian/sexy nerd" fetishistic image so sexy.

hey all you sexy single apex predators, join me on velociraptormeet.com

I am a sucker for a guy in glasses. Damn me and my love of geeky looking guys

Where is the "I'm 12 years old what is this?" answer?

I'm a velociraptor and what is this?

let's face it, we're all velociraptors in a squishy mammal frame.

As a contacts wearer, I've got to say I find the choice to wear glasses an odd one. It's either going to be the situation where they're not strictly necessary, or the person has chosen it as a look that suits them.
If it suits you, awesome. If it doesn't, and you only need them to read, don't wear them all the time.

I choose, "I am a velociraptor" because i find it really doesnt matter to me.

A woman with glasses can be just as beautiful as a woman without. And as preference goes, i couldnt care either way. But what i will say, is that i dont even notice someone has glasses half the time. I wear them myself((all day every day, for the rest of my MISERABLE HUMAN LIFE)), so if someone else wears them, its no different to me. And anyone without glasses is the same as a person with glasses.

Nah, I'm sorry, but I find glasses on girls a complete and utter turn off. Sun glasses not so much, but ones that are required due to problems with vision et cetera, nah. Sounds harsh, I know, but that's all there is to it I'm afraid.

either. really glasses alone don't make a character sexy. they do however seem to have a cumliative effect on whatever thoughts i have of them already. For characters or people i like i find glasses can make them seem cute or elegant or witty but if i don't like them they just seem to emphasize how much of an ass they seem to me.

its likely because glasses act as sort of a barrier between you and them. you will notice the glasses as your noticing them so what ever thoughts or feelings you have for them will likely be personified by the glasses.

It totally depends on who's wearing them and how.

that said a girl wearing or not wearing glasses won't be a make or break point to me

Nile McMorrow:
I'm a Velociraptor, therefore monocle.

Also, hunting your prey on a bicycle is much more relaxing =D


Personally, i don't like big glasses, the kind that covers the eyebrows.

Also, it annoys me when people start a conversation and keep their sunglasses on, usually inside a building as well.

Same goes for those caps, even though i can appreciate a nice hat.

Well this is me with glasses,

And without

Much better with.

As a man who needs glasses but does not have them, I can contribute very little to this.

Depends upon the glasses and the guy...or girl if you swing that way, but for me it's guys.

I generally find glasses on guys very sexy. But my ex had glasses that were magnifying for some reason (he never explained it to me) and it made him look like he had giant anime eyes. Not sexy.

I'm a velociraptor. :D

Depends on the person and type of glasses. I think Brent Butt looks better wearing glasses.

Harley Q:
Well this is me with glasses,

And without

Definitely better with. Not that you're ugly without, but the glasses just somehow complete your looks. Though I'm sure that isn't the right word/phrase to use. :/

OT: 1st poll option for me, though until I read this thread, I was unaware that there were such things as fake glasses. I feel...sad now.

I don't mind Men either with or without.

But I hate wearing glasses myself, if I'm going out with friends or somewhere 'special' I'll always wear contacts instead.

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