What are you favorite sounding instruments?

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Me personally I've always loved stringed instruments like the violin and the erhu, and I've always liked some of the deeper sounding pianos. What about you? what are your favorite instruments?

It can be anything that makes music, even electronically.

I also think violins sound brilliant.

Although, anything can sound great when used properly.

This track starts off very orchestral, very traditional, as it gets past the 2 minute mark, some electronics are added to the mix and everything just builds up to this awesome climax.

Have a listen.

I absolutely adore the cello, every sound it makes is freaking beautiful. No other instrument makes me feel as many things that the cello does. Here are some examples of it's glory.

Cellos, violins and pianos.

I really don't want to look up a video example for each one, so have a piano score.

Another vote for Cello here...

And just because its amazingly impressive.

Combine piano and cello and you can produce something truly haunting...

Not really any instrument as such, but I really love low quality synth sounds, as the music they play generally has to be incredibly well composed to sound any decent.

And after that it'd probably be a full orchestra. Instruments are meant to complement each other, it's definitely more fun when multiple tracks are interacting with each other.

And I just can't not post this!

I've always loved violins and pipe organs. Piano music is lovely, too.

Sitars all the way!

Tell me that that thing does not sound awesome!

Violins are the best. I just love their sound in music that you wouldn't normally hear it in.

Violin, cello, flute and pan pipes are probably my favourite sounds.

On the other hand I HATE drums. Not like a full drum kit as part of a song with other instruments: that's fine. But something like a bongo? or a bunch of retards in a drum circle? That racket makes me want to kick someone in the junk.

... sorry for the rant, I didn't originally intend to write that.

OT again:

Sitars all the way!

Damn! You beat me to it!

My biggest regret is that my dreams of a banjo-sitar-ukulele supergroup never came to fruition. The world lost something the day that plan was abandoned...

I have always liked strings and pianos...

I am not so much a fan of brass and Saxes...

And that is how I live my life! :D

Trombone. One of the best solo instruments out there.

Cello and piano are both great as well. I also very much enjoy the sound of the vibraphone.

Well the banjo is a truly underrated instrument... as well as the melodica... but my favorites would have to be the Organ and the Electric guitar... yus I know... but there's so many different sounds you can get out of a guitar it's hard to dismiss...<.<

My favorite sounding instrument would have to be the cello.

Electric guitars and basses... So awesome.

So beatiful. Brings a tear to my eye each time. :')

Well, I'm a fan of distorted guitars, but I feel like naming something esoteric, so the the hurdy-gurdy is pretty cool too.
And when you combine them, you get Eluveitie :D

Dez Fafara's voice! Believe it or not, proper false chord "screams," death growls and black metal vocals are incredibly difficult- more so than clean singing. When done right, it sounds amazing.

Standard acoustical guitar. Not as elegant as others, but few instruments can match its versatility.

String instruments. Violins and Cellos are at the top of the list, followed closely by pianos. Horn instruments are severely hit and miss for me, mostly miss.

The french horn, the noise it makes is just totally counter intuitive to how it looks and its flare is amazing.

Acoustic Guitar is my all time favorite sounding instrument, any song that has one in it immediately draws me.

The hang drum! =D It sounds so peaceful.

There's not many instruments that I /don't/ enjoy listening to. But I do really love the sound of the Cello. I also really like Eastern instruments. I don't know what any of them are called, but I love listening to traditional instrumental music from the East. Maybe that's just me.

For sheer uniqueness.. The Theremin


Hard to say since any instrument can sound good under the right circumstances but two notable ones are the clavichord and bass guitar. Clavichord because oh my god Doom II theme music and the bass guitar because it's...well Bruce Campbell says it best. Groovy.

My favourite has to be either the saxophone or the harmonica. Both are great, and I personally could listen to them for hours.

If this thread proves anything, it's that the instrument really isn't all that important... At least as much as the creative intent behind the instrument. A talented artist can invoke any feeling with just about any instrument... Except the ukulele. Fuck that thing. If I could erase one invention from the world, it would be the ukulele.

Cellos probably do win if only for their diversity. Hell, you can make it sound just like an electric guitar if you do it right.

synths..and electronic sounds

The only instrument I inherently dislike is the jazz organ. Ooooooh I hate that sound. It ruins so many sporting events for me.
My favourite however must be the piano because A, I play it, and B, it sounds awesome and the range of notes and volume on a grand is amazing.

The best raw sound? Cello without contest. I love the piano, but I've gotta give the award to cello.

Also, another one I like is the saxophone. Yes, the majority of sax music sounds obnoxious, but I specifically remember being in middle school and hearing a girl singing. I had to look because it was so clear and beautiful--but it was just some high school kid playing sax. It was the only time I've heard a saxophone sound so good--so good I mistook it for a human voice.

I've listened to thousands of songs since then and haven't heard the saxophone played like that since. My memory may be distorted, since that was about ten years ago, but it left a strong impression.

Meanwhile, I think I'll go listen to some Apocalyptica.

The "video" for this song is pretty pointless, so feel free to browse while listening:

As long as were giving examples

I also really love electronic music

I really don't mind what instrument as long as it makes awesome music.
I am a bit partial to the violin this guy has a fair few good pieces all nerdy as hell
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yydcG9woWA game of thrones
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL5K09mqwZc&feature=list_related&playnext=1&list=SPA82B3F8724AAC8EA skyrim
Ps how do I do full screen video instead of the hyperlink

Operatic Singers, seeing as I'm training to be one, and any brass instrument, though I'm very partial to the French Horn. Very beautiful and mellow timbre.

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