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Having sleep problems. Sometimes I stay up all night and sleep all day, sometimes I have a normal schedule. What has it done to my body? Massive headaches.

Also I'm fucking bored/depressed. I'm looking through all my games going "what to play...." and most aren't fun by myself. Sometimes I go on a game for 5 minutes and get bored. Then I go back to watching the same videos on youtube again and again and again and again and again.....

My life isn't what you would call "healthy."

On the plus side my family isnt awake to be loud and obnoxious this time of day.

Well I cut my balls shaving and ive had a persistent toothache for the last 4 days. Hopefully I can arrange an appointment tomorrow and get my wisdom teeth pulled.

So yeah, sleep-deprived and irritable, thats me right now. Fucking hate it.

Well, my stomach feels bad due to food poisoning, but otherwise I'm feeling good! I'm about to go try out Fallen Earth

I'm at work not working as per usual probably going to go for a break in a few mins. Kinda bored, need to pee a bit, all in all thrilling day as per usual.

I have finally "accepted" the mass effect 3 ending

I still hate it..but I dont feel so bad, I have hope

Busy at work with procrastination. Have a paper due tomorrow when i come off vacation and it's only supposed to be three pages, but i haven't really started it yet >_>

Strange how my post count on here always makes a jump when i have a paper due.

Just got out of bed, at 2 in the afternoon, and feel completely indifferent to everything, and maybe slightly depressed. Nothing new, really, been like that a couple of weeks. Except it's only been since Wednesday I could actually sleep away the days and stuff without consequences. I guess that's the best part with holidays, eh? ^^

Doing well, if a bit hungry; thinking about what I'll have for lunch. Possibly fish.
Listening to some Goa, just chilling.

Also, reading up on Firefall - that game looks pretty interesting.

I feel lonely and kind of depressed, just drifting around the internet waiting to get tired and go to bed and go to work tomorrow.


him over there:

I am awake at 5:30 am because I can't get back to sleep, and I really, really feel like crushing people's naive fantasy worlds under the weight of my cynicism, but can't quite find an excuse to.

Wow when you wake up man? how many sleep hours you get? I've been running on 4 and a half each night and now I'm getting even less. You'll find no fantasy worlds here though, just socks tied around heads.

I've been on holiday from uni for the past week, and most of the time I've been going to bed about one and waking up around nine, but this morning I just happened to wake up at about four for some reason unable to get back to sleep. Yay.

We share similar sleeping patterns/routines. Thankfully, my University timetable allows me to keep such a routine, in that I get to sleep in until 9ish-10ish every morning.

OT: I'm listening to The Misfits, thinking to myself that 'American Psycho' is an underrated album and waiting for my pay to appear in my bank account.

I just woke up, had a piss, contemplating playing a few rounds of TF2 before eating or getting dressed. But first I'm going to browse the Internet a bit.

I'm currently loving Spring Break.

Working on the most important project for my senior year of High School, and two hours ago I completed the entire MW3 campaign on Veteran mode.

All in all, things are going relatively stable.

its 11pm its cold, which is good and Im in bed with my laptop im also bored extremely bored thinking if i should start playing morrowind again or if I should get back to making that one game in unity that i started a long while back
also 2 week holiday FTW!!

My usual state, so tired I can barely finish a sentence in my thoughts.

I'm having a soar throath, but drinking and shouting and stuff 2 days in a row tends to do that.

Watching some videos from TotalBiscuit, othervise, I am bored stiff...

I'm producing a live talk radio program. We're in a break.

meh...a bit melancholy. That is all.

Animating a tribute to Edd Gould... Should come out by the end of the month.

Improvising on my pianoooooooo.

Lots of fun!

Been awake for 17 hours and I am currently eating a ball of cornflakes just before I go meet some people.

I'm a little pissed off. My dog just chewed through the cable to my drawing table base light.

I have finally "accepted" the mass effect 3 ending

I still hate it..but I dont feel so bad, I have hope

Just imagine Shepherd yelling "who the hell do you think I am?!" at you know who and punching his face off then breaking the cycle and you have the perfect ending.

stressed about moving, clenaing my place up, eating gum stolen from my boyfriend, missing him dearly and t hirsty for coke. oh and watching Shutter Island

At school. feeling Pretty sleep deprived. Mildy hung-over. a Pepsi would be awesome, but I left my change at home :(.

I'm supposed to go find this person that the lone human being who keeps speaking to me has lost contact with today. The lone human being lives in Colorado now, and I'm supposed to run this other guy down for him, so...Mild anxiety attacks mixed with hysterical jolts of panic and euphoria.

I'm feeling emotionally dead. I'm also not doing very much, which probably has something to do with it.

high-gravity beers

...That sounds sinister. Do they increase the force of gravity on you or something?

OT: Not great; anticipating a breakup very soon.

Tomorrow's the day I go back to school from Easter Break, and I still have quite a few assignments to get done. So, I guess I'm a little stressed. I have no idea why I'm on the Internet, though.

I have work in about an hour, just waiting for tomorrow evening when i can play warhammer 40k again.

Waiting to go to work.

Reading various forums on The Escapist right now, and even posting in some of them.

Listening to...

...right now.

Looking at the Little Caesars captcha right now and thinking pizza is a good next thing to do.

Typing in captcha thingy.

Hitting 'Post' button.

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