How many of you car guys, or ladies

I consider myself an enthusiast, I'm not an armchair mechanic and don't pretend to be.

Also how many of you play Forza 4?

Once I get to working this summer, I am probably going to end up getting a 4th gen 'Bird

I'm a petrolhead, i fix/mod my cars on my own, i play racing games on my pc and pretty much do all my friends car repairs.

I currently have a Peugeot 206, not exactly fast but it sure sticks to the road when i'm going fast. I'm planning on sticking the 2L GTi 180 engine in it next summer, this summer my rear axle needs refurbishing.

I'm an enthusiast I guess... kinda ingrained because a large portion of my family are/were mechanics tho I myself am far from being one... I own a '72 Plymouth Roadrunner and work on it when I have free time

I don't play racing games or watch racing tho.. to me it's like sports... I find fun in driving or partaking in sports but watching them or playing the games bores the hell out of me

'72 Plymouth Roadrunner

Very nice

I... fix my car when it's broke and install new stuff... no idea what that makes me. Mostly I've been focusing on gas mileage. My 2000 Expedition (5.4l V8) got shit for mileage, I think about 11 in town 14 highway, when I bought it but I reprogrammed the engine with a tuner and dropped electric fans in instead of the clunky mechanical one and I'm up to about 17 around town and up to 23 highway if there is no wind.

I got 3, but i am TERRIBLE at the game :/

I'm a gearhead. Not a typical modern enthusiast (though if you look back a few decades, the typical enthusiast was pretty similar to me, at least in the states) or an armchair mechanic... I take my time and study independently before I fix something, and I also know a couple of professionals who can help me through fixing what I can't figure out.
As for what I drive, nowadays it's more practical, less speed (though my first car, back in 1997, was a 1971 oldsmobile with a 400 big block, so I'm no stranger to lead sleds or 12 second quarter miles)... and I'm studying up on moving away from petroleum-powered vehicles. Currently driving a 1974 mini that I can get 55mpg out of, and mostly storing my 1968 chevy van (except for those rare occasions when I need a utility vehicle... USAA is good about letting me store it most of the time and then insure it for a week of road use). Still trying to find an acceptable electric motor/battery/flexfuel generator combination to turn the van into a diesel locomotive-style hybrid. As-is, the damn thing burns too much gas. Unloaded, it can get about 21mpg if I baby it... and that 283 is about as economy tuned as an old small block can be.

As for racing games, I enjoy the hell out of the Gran Turismo series, though I'm rarely in the top thousand for any GT5 online challenge events. I'd say I'm decent at the game.
I still miss Motor City Online.


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