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I need some words. I intend to use the results of this in a public lecture I'll be giving.

What pops in your head when you think:


Now: What pops in your head when you think:

Let me give you an example:

Technology: Order.

Biology: Goop.

Everyone give just one word for each target, and feel free to explain your context below. Thanks!

Technology: Robots

Any robots in particular, although the image that popped into my head were the robots from the Terminator franchise for some reason.

Biology: Dinosaurs.

Because paleontology is awesome.

Technology: First thing I though of was a computer chip.

Biology: Thought of monkeys, or how humans come from them.

These are the ones that popped up while reading your post.
T: Robotic arm, one of those on a construction line.

B: The colour Green.

Technology: Holograms, because I was daydreaming (Wait it's almost 3 AM and I haven't slept yet, does that count as daydreaming? about that before I opened this thread.

Biology: First thing I thought about, was one of those human anatomy diagram things, I didn't think of those words, it's just that I pictured that in my mind when I read Biology.

Hmmm... interesting...

Technology - powered armour suits

Biology - insects, 'cos I like entomology

Technology: Cogs

Biology: Chemistry

I guess I'm just backwards enough to not think about computers and too pragmatic to think of life.

Captcha: Politically correct

Technology- Latest machine (Ipad 2 and latest smartphone etc)

Biology- The human body.

Technology: A motherboard.
Biology: A plant cell.

Technology - Moore's Law
Biology - Cloning
Hope this helps, and good luck with the lecture.

Technology : iron man
Biology : potential

Technology: Dystopia with robots.
Biology: Bio-analysis from The Old Republic, with plants and stuff.

Technology: Computers

Biology: Poop

Yeah I'm not what you call a great thinker... I'm sitting at my computer and I need to poop...

ipads and Sex

Not together.

Technology: progression, improvement, peace, space

biology: double-edged sword, ethics, convalescence

strange. why do i slightly think technology is more 'good' than biology?
both can be used for good and evil.
but then again 'evil' and 'good' are a matter of perspective...

Technology: Miracles

Biology: Arian Race

...So I'm going to be that result that's the odd one out and isn't counted in the conclusion, right? (There's a name for it, I know, but my brain has died)

Calumon: I think it did a while ago. :P

Technology - Tali'Zorah nar Rayya.

Biology - Frogs.

Technology-Daft Punk.

Biology-My cool science teacher from last year.

Technology: NMR machine.
Biology: Proteins.

Both relevant to my research (the development of faster spin dynamics algorithms).

Technology: Progress

Biology: Anatomy

Technology: Computers / Machines

Biology: Plants.

Technology: Access; gaining the ability to accumulate data, information _and_ knowledge(False or True) and execute calculations at increased pace.

Biology: Evolution; sex =D



You now, cause there metal and stuff :)



(yes, I'm that immature)

Technology: SCIENCE!!!! >8D

Biology: Aaaaaliens....

More specifically, I think of science as it could be if not for petty, draconic philosophies and moral BS holding the scientific community back. We could have flying cars and a cure for the common cold by now, at the very least!

As for biology... Well, I suppose lifeform is possible through Evolution, given the proper environment. Besides, I think it's statistically impossible for Humans to be the only sentient race in the galaxy, let alone the entire universe. It could be a multivers, but that falls under stellar, quantum, and dimensional sciences, not biology.

Technology: Phone

Biology: Cat

I had my phone next to me and could hear a cat outside.

Technology: Mechanical devices.

Biology: The study of organisms.

Tech: Faster than light travel
Bio: Microbiology.

Technology: GLaDOS
Biology: Dragonfly

Technology: Space.
Biology: Aliens.

Mass Effect has quite a influence.

Technology: My PC

Biology: Sex baby SEXXXXX!!!


Technology: Keypad

Biology: Dissection

Must be difficult to put those together.

Technology: Sam.

Biology: dude.

Umm... I don't know. I don't know anybody called Sam and the word was accompanied by a mental image of Doktor Sleepless. As for biology, I have absolutely nothing to explain it. I'm afraid my data might not be very usefull.

EDIT: Wait, do you mean "type the very first word that comes into your head" or "sum up your thoughts on the matter in one word"?

Biology: Rocks.
Don't ask why, just rocks, I know that's geology but for some reason, rocks.

Technology: Computers

Biology: Human anatomy

Technology: Skynet! Terminator!

Biology: Girls Aloud

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