Would you look different?

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Nothing. I'm pretty enough to make women jealous, and I'm a man. Strawberry blonde natural curly hair with blue eyes and milky complexion. I'm like Flea from Chrono Trigger in real life actually. I find it a fair trade off for my admittably small package ...

I'm going to take this opportunity to get something I couldn't get otherwise: horns. The pick-up lines write themselves. Specifically, I'd like Ico horns. Or, more subtly, pointy elf ears.

If you're looking for something more 'realistic', I'd like to be a little more toned. Don't want to be built like Hulk, just enough so there's some actual visible muscle definition instead of the lanky frame I have. Would also look a little better on my body, I've got broad shoulders but next to no muscle on them.

Not much tbh, I'm quite happy with myself.

Bit taller, currently 180cm, I think that's about5"9 in feet blame the conversion doohikky I used, wouldn't mind 10cm more honestly. My legs are a bit short, compared to rest, so they should totally be the ones who got tad longer. :p

And maybe multicoloured eyes, cause I like it.

My spine. Even when I was a chubby little kid, it hurt to sit on a solid surface because my spine jst sticks out real bad.

I'd like to have boobs, just to know how it feels when they bounce while running, but only for a day or so. ^^

I'm rather happy being a short-arse; means I hit my head a lot less ;)
I'd probably use it to lose the wee beer gut that's slowly been forming since Uni....

That or wings. Everybody would lose their shit if they had wings. Wing are awesome :D

I'd probably look like my Avatar and get this sexy mustache!!!

Women would faint when they see me with this...I'd be very manly...like he was!

No. Because I already don't care enough about my appearance to try and please other people. If anything, if I really wanted to make an impression, I'd wear a blank shirt rather than my "Baaaaah means nooooo!" or "3 stooges (Palin, Rush, Beck)" shirts. Sometimes a sheep in a compromised position can upset some people. Who knew?

My nose definately my nose. I on't know why, I've just never liked it.

I'm rather happy being a short-arse; means I hit my head a lot less ;)
I'd probably use it to lose the wee beer gut that's slowly been forming since Uni....

That or wings. Everybody would lose their shit if they had wings. Wing are awesome :D

I'm with you... I love being short. Being just over 5 ft has it's advantages from time to time. Don't help much when going to a theme park though. Especially when im asked to stand to the height measurement thing :/

Does this count for crazy stuff? If so, I'd love to have some wings and rainbow colored irises! If not, then I'd just like to have some naturally straight hair.

I'd maybe get myself a pornstar pork sword, I joke.
I'd make it s I had the perfect set of teeth, the ones I have now are wonky :(

Make my ears not stick out
Perfect eyesight, no more glasses
Remove sixty pounds of fat
Wider shoulders (my arm to shoulder ratio is way off)
More muscle, solid but not outrageous
Make my nose not be "cute" any more
No facial hair, meaning it doesn't grow any more
Head hair that doesn't suck
Less hair overall
Would no longer be appallingly greasy (I have to shower twice a day and wash my face in between)
Add stylish wardrobe (I dress in crappy clothes 'cause when you're fat there's no such thing as looking good)

I could go on for some time. I don't like a single thing about the way I look.

I would remove a couple of small blemishes. Nothing actually noticeable to others, but they seem permanent, they annoy me, and I'd just like 'em gone.

Then maybe I'd make my hair naturally a bit spikier. It's pretty spikey to begin with, but I'd really like a cartoon-character look. You know, for the lolz.

Johnny Impact:

Perfect eyesight, no more glasses

No facial hair, meaning it doesn't grow any more

Add these

Changing my lip shape could bring me closer to a more regular all-around-semi-to-quite-attractive look. but i have what i have and i rock it so whateva'!

edit: i want my 'stache hairs to grow more like the rest of my beard. the 'stache is friggin behind!

First of all, I'd be a bit happier if I was a tad taller. I'm 5'9, and it seems I'm a tall people magnet, cause they seem to be EVERYWHERE I go, so I end up feeling short most of the time. 6'0 would be just perfect, but I'd settle on at least 5'11.

As for the smaller things, I wouldn't mind having a better skin. It's not terrible, but acne can be a real annoyance. Also, hair that doesn't have a mind of its own would be nice, as would be more muscle on my skinny-ass body, although I'm trying to work on that last one.

My stomach, but I'm hopefully working on that. I'm not hugely overweight, the rest of my body is actually fairly skinny, but in recent years I've gotten a "beer belly" without the beer!

I'd probably like to be a bit taller and physically stronger, however, and if I could get a new skin that doesn't break out in a rash from just about anything that would be great >.>

I would like it if my hair would stop falling, I'm just 24 damnit!

Well, stuff like physique is changeable, so that's it.

I'd want to be taller, I'm 5'6" now and that's below average for a man. I'd want to add at least 3 inches of height. And no body hair, at least not in this day and age anymore, chest hair's fine though, that can stay. Gotta leave some proof of masculinity after all.

That's about it.

To be perfectly honest, I would change almost every conceivable aspect of my appearance given the chance. Except my nose. It's just about acceptable.

I would stop balding. I would also get my weight back down to 70.7 kilos, fighting weight.

I'd like to be permanently bald because constantly cutting my hair/shaving my head is a hassle.

I'm comfortable with my body though. I'm sure if I lost about 80 pounds I'd reduce a lot of health risks though.

I would get lots of facial scars. Stylish ones.

I'd have mutton chops and a moustache... probably with a top hat, monocle and some form of cane...

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