Your worst drinking experience

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Hiya escapists.

Alcohol can be a pretty crappy drug, and I'm sure most of you have realized this the hard way.
Tell us the story of your worst experience with drinking.

Not sure if this qualifies as worst...

My favorite drink is Liquid Cocaine (Jagermeister + Goldschlager). Very powerful drink. Everyone in my group drinks it, mostly because it gets you messed up quick, and its easy to make.

I had finished 8 of them, plus a Crown and Coke. But someone else at the party was doing Jagerbombs, and had used up the rest of the Jager. So I asked someone "What can we mix with Goldschlager?"

He jokingly said "Silver Select Tequila"

So I mixed and drank it.


I woke up 16 hours later. I do not remember anything clearly before that point. Apparantly, I crawled into my roommate's room naked, crying about the color purple. I took five showers, and slept on virtually every surface in the house. Luckily, my friend drove me home. Didn't recover from that for another 24 hours.

I think that the time when I hadn't been mixing my own drinks and almost died of alcohol poisoning qualifies as my worst drinking experience. A friend had mixed drinks beforehand and due to the mixer, the vodka was basically flavorless. Due to this, I thought that the drinks were weak, when in fact they were really strong.

Long story short, I blacked out in a bathroom stall and almost drowned in my own vomit.

I don't drink vodka anymore.

Oh man... I dont even know where to begin...

Let me just tell you about my worst hangover instead: had a normal night of drinking. A little beer, a little vodka, a few shots, this and that. Got pretty smashed, went home, went to sleep, all is well.

Except it was not. Because I was so drunk I forgot my hangover prevention: drinking at least 1 liter of water before going to bed.

I woke up the next morning feeling so bad I literally could not move. I had what was probably the worst headache I have ever experienced, I felt sick, my entire body hurt. After an entire hour of laying there, wishing I was dead, I finally sat upright. In that exact moment I felt it coming up, ran to the toilet and threw up for 5 minutes.

Then I went back to bed and slept for another 2 hours. When I got up I felt a little better, drunk some coca cola, felt even better, went to the local fast food store to get some greasy fries, ate them and felt almost normal.

But fucking hell, that hangover was torture. I seriously believe I can understand what people with chronic migraine are going through. (Or rather, how chronic migraine feels.)

I don't drink vodka anymore.

Vodka is the devils stuff. Theres only one way to get me violent for stupid reasons, and its having me drink a lot of vodka.

I dont drink at all anymore but I quit vodka long before I quit beer.

I've got two that are tied for embarrassment.

Staying away for work and it was getting long in the night. One of the Tradesmen pulled out of bottle of the hottest chilli sauce I have ever seen and drunk Dr.susse couldn't handle it. I sculled a beer and then had to scull another, because I knocked over a tower of cans trying to add another level, making me off my face.

Blackout from that point I woke up with a burning hand and apparently had poured the sauce all over some leftover dinner and scoffed it down with my hand then chundering it back up over the balcony. Good times!

This one is shorter but caused me to lose more blood.
A long night drinking at the pub left me three sheets to the wind and stumbling home with some mates. After trying to climb a helicopter statue thing and falling off I fell asleep in a hedge, did some hedge diving and disappeared.

Waking up in the morning this time there was blood on the sheets, bark off me everywhere and a big cut on my arse. The next day at work was hell because of the hangover and limp.

In February of 2011 I was still in University. I had turned 19 in the preceding months so I was fooling around with my newfound power. Drank way too much beer. 7 beers, 1 full day of hangover with retching, migraine and stomach aches turned me off drinking for a bit. I went sober for the entirety of March because of that day after it was over. I'd like to think it taught me a lesson because I haven't been that bad after drinking since but I know I can be that stupid again.

This experience is not so much bad because I got too drunk and did something stupid but because someone else got waaaaaay too drunk.

So, it was my first year in college and it was my first major party. I had been to a few smaller parties with 10 or so people but this one had at least 70 people. I basically grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch and talked with some nearby people (I never have been a party person). A little later this girl came up to me and was completely wasted. She sat down and started talking (although not in any recognizable language). Then after about 20 seconds of garbled speech she slumped off the couch and got between my legs and started trying to pull of my pants. I pushed her away but she came back and started humping my leg, at which point I got up, grabbed her, dumped a bucket of ice water on her, gave her to a group of girls, and walked out as fast as I could.

I know there are some people who would have jumped without a second thought (despite all the people watching) but that is not really how I roll. I prefer my women be conscious of what they are doing. What can I say, I am a traditionalist.

What can I say, I am a traditionalist.

Men have been using drink as a way to get between a womens legs for ever, dude.

My worst was at one of my friends birthday parties when I was 18.

One of them had brought a bottle of lemoncello. everyone thought it was disgusting, and they were going to throw it out. I was at the dumb-shit age where I thought throwing out drinking alcohol would be the greatest crime imaginable, and I was already somewhat drunk from 3 beers and a glass of wine and a double shot of vodka and orange juice.
I drank 3/4 of a litre of that lemoncello, before my friends finally said 'enough of this shit' and took the bottle from me.

I spent the first half hour stumbling around, I actually tried playing soccer by myself, then just fell down and started throwing up. This went on for another 10-15 minutes. I started stumbling into the house, and made it to the bathroom, but not the toilet before I started puking once again. Once it was all gone, I looked around and the bottom half of the bathroom had barely a square foot not covered in puke. So I started cleaning, while horribly drunk. this went on for another 45ish minutes till someone came to ask what happened, and told me to go lie down and they would finish cleaning.

I went and lay down on the floor, had my hands on my chest, and just fell asleep. While I was asleep they put one of those flower necklaces around my wrists, so it looked like I was holding a bouquet. It honestly looked like I was lying dead.

Woke up the next day, helped finalize the cleaning of the bathroom, and went home to sleep some more.

But, I didn't have a hangover, maybe because I threw up too much? I dunno, I must have ejected like 10 pounds in total.
I was probably also at severe risk of alcohol poisoning.


Hangovers on trains are great as long as you coffee, they're generally warm & there's plenty of opportunity to sleep it off.

My worst would probably be when I drank so much I was throwing up brown liquid in the morning, which I think was bile? I got so drunk that my friends made me drink bong water, and also loads of crap stuff happened to everyone in general. Basically any day where I have more than 6 pints I feel pretty dead the morning after, but I don't tend to do that much stupid stuff.

My friend however decided to drink half a bottle of absinthe (which I gave her without knowing she hadn't eaten the entire day), got into a hypoglycaemic coma & had to be airlifted into hospital. She's called Captain Coma now.

Went out with some friends and figured we are bad asses because under-age and we just watched Jackass and we had a ton of booze because his family was gone. A pack of smokes, 8 beers and a mickey of Crown I was feeling invincable. I black out around this point but as far as I have been told. I went swiming in the swampy/slough like thing behind his house, got shot at with 2 paintball guns while stark naked. Ran around his block and back into his house and out the second floor window onto the trampoline and through there gazebo window/door. Were upon I found two lovely girls (a poster of two lovely girls) which I proceded to make out with, while nude and bleeding from several spots and covered in swamp slime.

I woke up the next day somewhere in his yard with 6 different phone numbers and lip stick marks.

Only other guys where at this get together. Thank the gods I'm not picky.

My 21st birthday.

I was in the army and some of the lads decided it would be a good idea to go out and celebrate.

They then proceeded to dentist chair me which led to me waking up in hospital 2 days later with alcohol poisoning, the worst hangover in my drinking history and a charge for going awol.

(for those that don't know. Dentist chair is being pinned to a chair with a funnel shoved in your mouth and bottles of spirits poured in).


What can I say, I am a traditionalist.

Men have been using drink as a way to get between a womens legs for ever, dude.

I meant that to be funny. Oh well, I am not very funny even when my brain is not leaking out my ears. Damn pollen.



What can I say, I am a traditionalist.

Men have been using drink as a way to get between a womens legs for ever, dude.

I meant that to be funny. Oh well, I am not very funny even when my brain is not leaking out my ears. Damn pollen.

Just call yourself a gentleman. Bitches love gentlemen.

Captcha: describe Taco Bell with any word(s). I wrote diarrhea. Like I said, true gentleman here.

Hangovers on trains are great as long as you coffee, they're generally warm & there's plenty of opportunity to sleep it off.

I think the train would have to ride more smoothly for me to be comfortable in there.
And I'm not really able to sleep sitting up. Dunno why. My dad does it all the time, but I pretty much can't.
And of course I had no coffee.

Hmm, first time I ever got really drunk was when I was about twenty and was at a friends house, for another friends 19th birthday, drinking and playing video games.

I remember we were playing Mario Kart 64 :D

Anyway, I brought a two-six of whiskey and, still being pretty new to drinking, decided that I should just drink it straight from the bottle. Unfortunately I have never had any problem putting the stuff away, so after a few swigs I was apparently drunk and dumb enough that I decided I should just chug the rest of the bottle.

Then I woke up some hours later to discover that my hands had been duct taped together. Also there was a large gash on my right hand and a fair bit of dried blood. Also as you can imagine I felt like total shit.

Long story short: I got pretty out of hand, said some ridiculous things (apparently I told one of my friends he was "a sexy demon in spandex" can't say that I had ever thought that while sober LOL), tore up the place a bit (which was when I somehow cut my hand), and eventually my friends taped my hands and feet together to keep me quiet.

I am not proud to admit that that was not actually my worst drunken experience, just the only one I feel like sharing right now. Also, it was the first so it's special!

From the lack of lenght in this thread shoudl i assume that people are either ashamed of themselves or like me (dont consume alcohol). i guess the first one.


Captcha: describe Taco Bell with any word(s). I wrote diarrhea. Like I said, true gentleman here.

Capcha: taco tuesday
Why does it do that......

This one time I drank way too much lemonade, my tummy ached..........

Yeah, don't drink, hopefully never will.

Had a party with my co-workers, chief pays everything!
I drank, drank, shot, coqnac, drink, mixtures, rdunk,shot etc.
minus degrees outside, fell asleep in the snow, somehow called my mom... she picked me up, fell asleep outside the house agian in the snow, home at about 3 o'clock, work the next day at 10 o'clock.
Happy times

Really basic actually. I have a low as heck alcohol tolerance, but it was new years and I was at a party where 5,4,3,2,1 tequila shot! That made me feel like crap, and soon after for reasons I don't remember a 2nd tequila shot! That was my body's limit before I eventually fought a losing battle trying to keep myself from throwing up before finally giving it all up in the owner's backyard. That was reaaaaaaaaaally embarrassing, and hopefully my last experience with tequila ever.

This one time, I drank a lot and had a really good time... and then I woke up with a mild headache. And I had to pee a dozen times or so in a span of a few hours.

Yeah, that's my worst. Apparently I'm pretty good at the drinking thing.

ya know even tho I've woken up after drinking injured, in jail and naked a few times.. even all of them at the same time once... I can't really say I've ever had a bad drinking experience... just a few sucky mornings after an AWESOME drinking experience..

hmm choice of 3.
1. first time drinking ever, had just turned 18 and somehow got into a challenge with the school drunk. Strangely I won by a landslide (3 pints, 19 shots, 2 alcopops) and made it the whole night without problems. The next morning however was terrible, especially since I had to go to school.
2. Getting drunk at a party and leaving to go home for the night, I remember leaving the place then waking up the next morning in my bed caked in mud and no one having any clue where I'd been since I left the party which frankly scared the crap out of me. Strangely no hangover.
3. Another uni party only this time when I went home it was a choice of the main gate to leave and 40 minutes walk, or the lower gate and taking 10 minutes. being drunk and judgement impaired I thought the lower locked gate with the fence and barbed wire to be the better choice. Climbed the fence jumped the gap, heard a terrible tearing sound and landing awkwardly on my ankle. Luckily it was only the shirt torn and no skin though I limped home and woke up the next day with my ankle swollen up 3 times its size. Again luckily no hangover.
Nice thing is I've got those binge drinking sessions out my system and now it's only in moderation.

This may not surprise you, but I can't actually remember.

It's always fun to wake up and try to piece together what happened from the wounds/photos/piles of vomit.

Was at a family get together kind of thing and got very very drunk with my older siblings and cousins. To cut a long story short, I fell into the North Sea and lost a shoe. Never try to recreate that scene from Titanic where they stand at the bow in Winter at 3am off a peir when you can hardley stand.

New Years Eve, had a few to drink, everything was going fine til 2am when I thought it'd be a good idea to level up and pour vodka into soft drink cans, and drink up. Went to bed, and the next thing I could remember I was sitting on the toilet with vomit all around my feet. Not my finest moment, to say the least.

Don't really have a worst.
But I did come home drunk one night and logged on teamspeak to play LoL with some friends. I only found out I did this in the morning when I got sent a 1 and a half hour recording of myself rambling about LoL completely drunk and occasionally 'singing'.

For some people, listening to themselves in a recording sounds odd. Imagine listening to yourself drunk.

Also, after looking at my game history, I played pretty damn well.

Picture it, Boxing Day 2011 at a friends house. Me and my friends decide to try out some Jager bombs (which consists of a shot of J├Ągermeister and some energy drink)after a night of already heavy drinking. After my fifth shot, I awoke, confused and submerged in toilet water with a bleeding hand and a freshly destroyed toilet next to me. I had no recollection of even going to the bathroom or how the toilet was destroyed. For some reason, I was just wearing my scarf on my upper body with no t-shirt and started to shout 'Where's my scarf!'. I then left the bathroom, shouting 'I broke your toilet. I'm so sorry' and proceeded to cry for the rest of the night while trying to find my t shirt in a panic. I assessed the damage the next day and the toilet was literally eradicated and there was blood from my hand everywhere. Moral of the story: Jager bombs destroy.

How the toilet was destroyed is still a mystery to this day.

My worst experience with drink is when me and a couple of friends bought 1 bottle of Whiskey, 1 bottle of Navy Rum, 1 bottle of White Rum and 1 bottle of Vodka.

I drank the entire bottle of whiskey, half the bottle of Navy rum, 3/4 of the bottle of White Rum and 1/4 of the bottle of vodka.

I saw triple then vomited 6 times and fell unconscious in a friends toilet.

Luckily I don't get hangovers.

But yeah I do mix crazy things together without care.

Incidentally I can no longer drink whiskey, navy rum or white rum and vodka no longer has a taste or smell for me anymore.

I was 20 years old and it was my third time drinking. I decided to test my limit.
I weigh 140lbs and have a height of 5'11".

I drank 5 "big gulp" sized Margarettas, 6 shots of whiskey, 6 beers, and a quarter bottle of peppermint schnapps all in the span of 2 hours.

I never blacked out, but I do remember having a friend give me a pat on the back and take me home. So I may of acted really really drunk. I got home crawled in my bed and proceeded to throw up over my sheets. I put on fresh sheets then fell asleep on the floor.

In the morning I woke up to my Grandma calling me asking if I'm sober yet. Apparently she decided to call me in the middle of the night.

Now I'm 25. All I need is half a bottle of vodka to black out.... wtf.

Worst for me was at a festival about 44 km from where i live.

Had bought about 24 beers(5,3%) and when im about halfway through i get whats called in my country "snea" which basically means you get real emotional and are more or less a trainwreck for the next 1 to 3 hours.

After that a guy offered to trade beers, i got a 5,3% which is the standard, for his 12,5% which is pretty damn strong.
After that i dont have much memory, but i did remember getting to the biggest stage at the festival with some half friend all the while shaking like crazy because of the cold and beer i had been drinking.

I later woke up in a trailer and made my way back to the tent area where i was explained that i had gotten out of my own tent, walked around it, then peed on it and screamed at other people accusing them of peeing on my tent.
I later also puked inside my tent, thankfully in the large cardboard thingy that the beer came with.

Only good thing about it was that my sister gave me money for mcdonalds.

I'd say it was about a month ago, went to play pool in a bar with a friend, and we had 9 pints of cider and 3 shots of tequila each. I usually never get hangovers, but I woke up with the worst migraine ever, my stomach felt like crap, and I even had symptoms of a cold.

To clarify, the above was all drank within about a four and a half hour period, and I may have forgotten more things we drank.

Was like 19, didnt know my limits, had like 16 beers over like, 2-3 hours maybe. Woke up the next day with a pretty bad hangover and no memory of how id gotten home. Tried eating breakfast, jaw hurt, went to see doctor a couple of days later, broken jaw, had to have my jaw locked and couldnt eat anything but soup for 5 weeks.

Also appearntly someone had found me in a back alley somewhere, found my phone and called my parents, which then came and got me. I was really lucky tho, was cold as hell outside, would most likely have frozen to death if those guys didnt happen to walk by.

After that a guy offered to trade beers, i got a 5,3% which is the standard,

Whaddaya mean "5,3% is the standard"?
I've been to Sweden. You only sell crappy 3,5% outside of Systembolaget.

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