Your worst drinking experience

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I don't really have an outrageous drinking story to tell. I've only thrown up once, after 8 Jack Daniels, 3 vodkas and 2 Jagers. I used to be the depressing drunk, the amount of alcohol directly correlated to the amount I'd be miserable/crying/ruining everybody's fun, so you could say those months combined were my worst drinking experience. But that was then- now "Drunk Me" is one of the most popular people at parties. Go figure.

EDIT: Oh, and I've yet to experience a hangover. Heck, I'm usually sober by the time I get home from any party. I've got a fast metabolism, so I need to keep drinking to sustain any drunkenness.

Well, one time I came out as bisexual. Thanks a lot Jack Daniels...

well we got diffrent beer groups.
Light beer, people beer, beer and strong beer.

Light beer and people beer you buy at the supermarket or other places.
Beer and strong beer you get at the pubs or systembolaget :)

So i see beer as the standard since 5,3% is what a large amount of the beerdrinking popoulation drinks when they drink beer :)

Was going out to the pub all night, but had a near-full bottle of Southern Comfort in my house with Dr Pepper. Called a friend who was going too and asked if he wanted a drink before we walked the walk for the next hour. He had a glass then it was time to get moving, so I finished 3/4 of the bottle off with the litre of Dr Pepper.

10 minutes later I started swaying, "not too bad" I told myself, "how worse can it get?". Much, apparently. 20 minutes later and I was reduced to a slow pace and had to sit down on a random park bench. It didn't get any better from there, I was totally smashed by the time I got to the pub.

At the pub I ordered 2 or three Rum and Cokes... don't remember much of that place.

At the second pub I ordered a few more, doubled rums.

Then I popped into a Tesco and bought a new Stella Cydre Cyder, cant remember what happened but apparently I drank it before I'd re-crossed the road.

I remember asking about a kebab and eating some... no idea whose/what/where it came from, or what happened to it, but I know my friends had one too.

That was on a Friday, I spent the next 2 days in bed and I hate sleeping. I didn't drunk until 4 months later and even that was an odd beer. 6 months later and here I am, still barely drinking because I've lost my taste for it. I will drink, just it doesn't give me any flair like it used to.

Oh, and my liver isn't very good anyway. Very stupid of me. I can drink, a lot, but I was never meant to go beyond wasted.

My 21st birthday.

I was in the army and some of the lads decided it would be a good idea to go out and celebrate.

They then proceeded to dentist chair me which led to me waking up in hospital 2 days later with alcohol poisoning, the worst hangover in my drinking history and a charge for going awol.

(for those that don't know. Dentist chair is being pinned to a chair with a funnel shoved in your mouth and bottles of spirits poured in).

...wonder how my 21st birthday in the Army is gonna go. Sounds interesting.

OT: I really don't have any worst or even embarrassing ones. I down 9 bottles of beer every time I drink and I've only ever gotten slightly tipsy. The worst it has ever gotten was when I almost walked out onto the dancefloor with my dick hanging out of my fly, which I noticed just before I opened the door

well we got diffrent beer groups.
Light beer, people beer, beer and strong beer.

Light beer and people beer you buy at the supermarket or other places.
Beer and strong beer you get at the pubs or systembolaget :)

So i see beer as the standard since 5,3% is what a large amount of the beerdrinking popoulation drinks when they drink beer :)

But pubs are stupidly expensive, and you need to be 20 to get into Systembolaget.
And you need to quote people when you're replying to them, dude.

I got hospitalised in my hockey club initiation. This was largely due to a knock on the head sustained after face-planting into the ground. For those who don't know, initiation is something forced upon you when you enter a sports club at an English university, involving a series of drinking challenges. Every single one the freshers (around 20) vomited, and 3 were hospitalised.
Hurrah for peer pressure

I think that the time when I hadn't been mixing my own drinks and almost died of alcohol poisoning qualifies as my worst drinking experience. A friend had mixed drinks beforehand and due to the mixer, the vodka was basically flavorless. Due to this, I thought that the drinks were weak, when in fact they were really strong.

Long story short, I blacked out in a bathroom stall and almost drowned in my own vomit.

I don't drink vodka anymore.

I don't drink vodka anymore either.

I was at a camp out in the woods with about a hundred other people. I had a 700ml bottle of smirnoff and a large bottle of coke to mix it with.

I started out with a lager, and a few swigs of cocoanut rum, then cracked open the vodka.

Now, I went to a repeat of this camp out the next week and stuck to beers, and the alcohol was making me depressed due to having been dumped a couple of weeks previously, and the fact that people were getting isolated and standoffish at this camp out. I figure this must have been what caused me to neck the vodka the previous week, but I didn't remember. Anyway, back to camp out number one:

So aside from a couple of people having the odd swig, I basically polished off all 700ml of vodka, neat. The coke lay forgotten, and there was nothing to cushion the alcohol. I had also missed two meals. I don't remember anything past the label of the bottle, but apparently, I fell to my knees, keeled over and began frothing at the mouth.

People obviously noticed this, and tried to roll me onto my back (thinking that was the recovery position. Fools.) in my comatose state, I kept rolling back onto my side, as it's how I sleep. They couldn't stop me from doing this, which aggravated someone to kick me in the ribs (explaining the bruises) also, I was briefly accidentally lit on fire.

Eventually the ambulance arrived, and several people have been claiming they personally carried me to it. Whoever it was did drop me and make me hit my head on a rock.

I have a very vague memory of surfacing in the emergency ward, then being in a car ride home, then somehow making it up to bed. My mum had come out to collect me, and wasn't too pleased. Over the course of the next day, when I came down stairs and proceeded to neck an entire large carton of orange juice, she explained that I had been on a drip to get fluids back into my body, and that I'd had to be kept in a sealed thermal blanket, because the alcohol poisoning had made my blood pressure and body heat nosedive. Fun times.

Anyway, due to some kind of classical conditioning effect, thinking about vodka makes me feel a little queasy.

Interesting how many people are reporting bad reactions to tequila - it's my drink of choice, so I'll tend to have 5 or 6 shots of it on a night out.

Being the pussified light-weight that I am, I stopped drinking all-together after my second time being drunk...I think...All I know is that I was dizzy while laying down. I hated the sensation and gave up the drink after. Vomit? No. Being taken advantage of? No. Boring as Hell situation? Yes (it was a New Years party with 4 or 5 other people and gaming was the highlight of the evening). Still, someone has to have the tame story.

my worst wasn't that bad. I pulled an all nighter (I don't even remember why anymore) and then went to a party at a friends place, had 4-5 shots of vodka and went to the bedroom to lay down, I fell asleep and woke up the next day. my jumper was in the bathroom with puke on it, my pants were in a different room and I was wearing my shoes on my hands. I have no recollection of what happened that night, it was as if I went to sleep and simply woke up the next day. I asked my friends later that day who puked on my jumper and they told me it was me, but I was all "no seriously?" turns out I came back out and proceeded to drink till I puked, then drink some more. To this day I haven't figured out why my shoes were on my hands, and none of my friends remember either. Needless to say, I've never pulled an all nighter and then gone drinking the next night again.

I can usually handle my drinks and after years of not being able to, I know my limits, so I don't often get to the vomiting, crying and unable to move stage. Too drunk, yes. But not that bad. Though I've got a pretty bad story from this weekend in fact. Went out for a friend's birthday for some drinks. Went clubbing. But apparently, a few hours before hand, I ate something that was a bit off. Which gave me food poisoning. While out drinking.

I will spare you the details, but it lead to one of the most unpleasant nights of my life. And I still feel crappy.

I got really drunk and woke up behind a grocery store. In a drunken stupor, I went to go get a donut. My hair had vomit in it and my eyes were bloodshot. the lady did nothing but laugh as she helped me. She was cute to, a guy with vomit in his hair is probably not a turn on. I was drinking Rum and cokes all damn night.

Your worst drinking experience

I'm more or less IT technician, and one time i was hired to build a little network. You know, a few PCs, printers, scanner, router, network shares and such bullshit. Anyway... It turned out that people who hired me were carpenters of sort - they made coffins. I'm not sure why, but in this kind of business people are often heavy drinkers.
So, as a greeting they filled a few glasses. I took mine and (i didn't want to waste any time) emptied it with one sip.

Unfortunately it was 250 ml of this :
It's called "Śliwowica" and it's 70% strong alcohol. One shouldn't ever drink it fast because it's pretty much equivalent of taking Thor's Hammer on the exposed brain. I drank heavier stuff, but there's a ritual for this. You know, eating, dancing, smaller glass...

Well, things went pretty fast from there. I woke up next day in coffin. To my surprise, i managed to install and configure this network without any serious flaw.

It's for today :

My worst was in university when I popped my Jäger-cherry. Subsequently vowed to abstain for the rest of my life after we ended up with one friend getting a massive scar on his forehead from going down the stairs, another mixing his meisters with crappy wine and soiling himself and me waking up with the worst hangover I've ever had and some random person in my bed (I literally had no idea who this girl was).

First time drank heavily I passed out getting up from the toilet.

When I woke up I had... err... suffered the failure of a few critical muscle structures.

It made a mess.

Well, one time I came out as bisexual. Thanks a lot Jack Daniels...

I *tried* to come out as asexual while piss drunk.

It was not very effective.

EDIT: Derppost.

25 years old and NO horrible drinking stories! Yay for sobriety! I may be "missing out," but my lack of nauseating vomit stories, weeping openly, and public nudity all have nothing to do with a drug affecting my ability to reason. Just my own horrible choices and already poor sense of reasoning..... wait. :/

For the most part, I've been quite fortunate when it comes to alcohol-induced escapades.

.. Yeah, never drinking that much - or that quickly - again.

My friend decided to go to a crappy party in town that another friend was throwing. I must have been in grade 11 and most of the kids there were grade 9-10 not many people showed up and it was in town so we had to be fairly quiet. I decided since it was a shitty party i would get drunk. I drank 6 or so beers in under an hour, i have been drunker before but have never drank that much that fast. The party was getting lame and so i decided to go home. I ate quite a bit before we went drinking and proceeded to throw up on my way home multiple times and even in my bed. I remember my friend was helping me into bed and right when i got comfortable i threw up all over my face. I don't think the hangover was that bad but it sucked that i had to clean my bed because of all the puke, it kinda hardened and was in my hair and pillow and everything.

Well. I was fifteen, I'd only been drunk a couple of times before and my friend and I decided to have a bottle of jacks between us. I hadn't eaten all day and that was way beyond my limits. I knew this. We finished it off in about twenty minutes or so, I had more then him I think 'cause I was hogging it. Dick move yeah but I was fifteen. Anyway, I had very long hair at that point, I remember drinking and watching Kill Bill then I remember my friend holding my hair back as I threw up. I vaguely remember his mum coming home. Then I woke up, wearing my friends shirt and feeling a horrible mix of confusion and death. Apparently I threw up for about five hours.

Since then I've developed quite a tolerance, an annoying one though, I managed to finish a bottle of gin before going out then getting in to the bar. Kept drinking all night, it was a good night. Still, I can't drink whiskey anymore.

I once drank my coffee when it was boiling hot.

This thread reenforces my current mission to find drugs that don't cause you to feel tired and ill. In a similar way to a hangover. God I wish speed pills were legal.

The worse I can currently remember is when I just turned 18, my Nan had passed away a week before and I was pretty damn fucking depressed about it. So I decided to get shit faced with people to ease the pain.

I have no idea how much or what I drank, but I remember being in a club/pub toilet just spewing on the floor telling everyone they had no idea how I felt. Someone can in with a mop and kept trying to clean the sick up but it literally wouldn't stop coming out of my mouth.

A friend came and managed to get me in her car (while still spewing) and drive me to my parents house (I had to pay, a few days later, for her to get her car valeted because I was sick in it so much and all up the road from hanging out the window) She and others finally get me home when I'm sitting on my parents settee still throwing up and screaming at them about how shitty they were at being parents to me all these years and how they'd never compare to my Nan.

I was then put into bed which I was sick in all through the night and then woke up in inches deep in sick all over the bed and floor. My Boyfriend then came to pick me up to take us home and on the way he had to pull over the car every few hundred meters so I could open the door and be sick, I was also sick in our car, too.

I spend the whole weekend in bed, spewing, crying, in pain and feeling damn sorry for myself. It was highly unpleasant.

Outisde; bottle of pre-made magaretas, half a bottle of spice rum and coke to go with it (half and half), 8 pints (UK pints) of lager, a full bottle (70cl) of amaretto, 2 litres of cider, a 70cl bottle of peach schnapps and X shots of whisky (I really started blacking out)

Anyway, after that, and probably more, I woke up at 4 am in a bush and dragged my carcass home and spent the next 3 days throwing up and half dead.

This was when I was 18.
I am now 20, 21 in October.

I now am crippled the day after by 7 440ml cans of 3.8% bitter. If this happened again I would die.

Don't start drinking kids, it's a slippery slope.

No real crappy experiences for me personally, I don't get hangovers no matter how much i drink, but one time i was having a good time in a hotel at a beach with a young lady that might not have been of "legal" drinking age. Well of course she tries to keep up with me drink for drink and ends up being ill all night long, anyway we are sitting out on the balcony, she is laying on my lap with her head in a trashcan dry heaving when the nice people in the room next door lean over thier balcony to ask if we are ok, they then tell us that if we need any help to let them know because they are all COPS!!!!!!

I was 24 & she was 19 at the time, but with the legal drinking age being 21...... I could have gotten myself some fines for sure. Turned out ok though the cops were drinking & partying too.

Well, one time I came out as bisexual. Thanks a lot Jack Daniels...

Yeah I did the exact same thing, but thanks a lot Jim Beam > >

[Edit] I couldn't have come out to worse peoplee either, like friends of friends of friends who I was only drinking with because it was some chicks birthday and like 40 people were out. Ruined like 18 months of my life tbh.

Oh well. Tis all good now.

As for my previous post: I seriously remember nothing, not even getting up the day before.

I was 15 at the time already used to some alcohol (Just a few beers) but when I drank half a bottle of Bacardi on a school trip just all went wrong.

I barely remember anything from that night but I do remember calling our teacher an asshole for not letting me enter the McDonalds cause he thought I would throw up. This brilliant action from my hungover head got me expelled for 1 day.

But that wasn't the worst part A few "friends" filmed me in my drunken mood. I was pretty shocked at how drunk I appeared and that I couldn't remember anything of it. But then they just had to send those videos accross the entire school... I was constantly reminded of my drunken actions for the next few school years.

I would tell you but I'm in the fortunate situation of not remembering

Festival story time, girls and boys, gather round.

Summer of '07 I was away on a festival with some friends. At said festival I met up with my best friend's ex boyfriend. Now me and said ex boyfriend were really great friends, but he and my best friend weren't on speaking terms and it made me feel like the kid of divorced parents. So I go hang out with him and his friends, and when I get to their camp, they have a bottle of Jaeger there. "No-one here likes Jaeger, do you want it?" Did I ever.

Anyways, we sit down and have this really grown-up, rational conversation about how to solve the problem of them not talking so that we could all hang out together again. I'd already had a few before, so I was chugging from that bottle like it was water. My friend's friend later told me "You guys were amazingly sober sitting down. But the second you both got up..." Sledgehammer-to-the-head drunk.

Cue a 6 hour memory gap, then waking up in the morning in another tent, freaked out and confused. My friend's friend had been nice enough to look after me when I'd been a drunk ass-hat, but I still felt really shitty about it.

Kids, don't drink half a bottle of Jaeger straight. Just don't.

Capture: Just drive. I think the escapist is trying to get me killed.

Never really had a bad drinking experience. I often reveal stuff that's pretty personal but that's it. I never even throw up or get hangovers (literally never had one) although last Friday I did try to climb over onto the edge of a bridge, but I realised "maybe this isn't the best thing to do".

I have, however, heard a story of someone else on another site I go on who apparently got drunk and fell off a building from 5 storeys. Survived, but left a paraplegic.


Hurrah for beer pressure

There, that's better! :D

OT: None, really. I'm 17, so not allowed by law yet. I do enjoy wine though, not a lot. My dad knows that it's probably better to get me used to alcohol now, so I don't do something REALLY dumb when I first try it outside of home. It doesn't usually have any real effect at all on me.

So, I'll talk about the first time alcohol had an actual effect on me.

Last Friday, I did get drunk for the first time, although I suppose it was more tipsy than drunk. It was the first day of Passover, and I ended up drinking half a wine bottle. This is a custom wine that my friend's dad gets bottled for him, so I don't know the alcohol content, but it's probably more than regular wine.

It wasn't an unpleasant experience, really. I just felt really relaxed, and then went to edit a YouTube video I'd filmed earlier.

I have a really fast metabolism, so it went away quite quickly, in about 30 minutes.

EDIT: Should probably mention, I'd barely eaten during the day, so that may have helped.

On a mission to drink my sorrows away during a party with some old friends. There's a cute girl there who I met before, we hit it off and made out for a bit last time but nothing serious and I called it off the next day because I didn't want anything.

Still torn about what to do with my life I decide that getting with a pretty girl can't be a bad start so I get cracking. We hit it off again and everything's cool. Then I start hitting the serious drinks. Normally I never have an issue, I can drink my way through a bottle of spirit and still do the stand on alternate legs and recite the alphabet backwards rubbish (thank you practice (I get bored)). For some reason, I had an issue. I'd had a fair amount and ended up getting up a couple of times to go to the bathroom, feeling pretty sick. The 4th or 5th time this happens I refuse to get up, I'm clearly fine.

I throw up. Vomit is surprisingly fast and I failed to make a perfect seal around my mouth, instead pressurising the vomit at the few holes. That stuff gets around.

Needless to say I lost the girl, damaged a couple of friendships and was thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated.

The best experience involved waking up with no real memory of the night before and discovering that I got with a very attractive girl, made a LOT of friends (the FB requests was epic) and did it all with class, every photo of me is one of composure and epic awesomeness. I don't remember much but according to what I do remember, my friends recollections and the pictures I was a complete god that night.

Two sundays ago, I started drinking vodka at 9:00 am, and ended up having lunch at 3:00 pm. I only drank vodka and since there wasn't any food where I was, I ended up drinking without eating anything. So when I got back home I was a mess and I just crashed into my bed.
At 12:00 am I started puking and going back to bed, this kept up until 4:00 am until I realized that I was in big trouble, so I woke up my folks and they drove me to a hospital.
Turns out, I was suffering from high dehydratation and I was hypertense or something like that, I got better but now I don't want to drink anymore.

Not because I felt like I was dying, but because I can't live with the thought that I wasted medical items for a simple case of drinking too much.

Drank one and and a half mickey's of Whiskey in two fours. Spent the next two throwing up, drifting in and out of consciousness.

Fortunately, I was sitting in a chair with a friend ferrying plastic bags (which pissed him off greatly) because another friend was throwing up in the bathroom. Also, I apparently got a lap dance from another friends girlfriend as a joke.

Yeah, I've never really had it all that bad.

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