What are your hobbies, other than gaming?

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My other hobbies include Horseback riding which consumes most of my life actually, I read a TON, I love music, I do photography, I play piano, and I enjoy nature walks ^_^

Reading, when I can sit still long enough to concentrate(I have such a problem sitting and reading sometimes so it takes me forever to finish books sometimes).

Gathering useless information on random subjects.

Daydream for hours on end without realizing it.

Walking my dog.

... yeah I'm very boring, and have no redeeming talents.

Tried taking up guitar once... couldn't concentrate on learning.

When I'm not playing video games I'm usually reading web comics, watching random shit on YouTube, or here on the Escapist. That's about it. I do like taking pictures, but I haven't been doing much of that for quite some time.

LEGO! I collect and play with Lego.

I also collect figurines/toys/merch from my various interests. I keep them all in display cabinets, but I'm running out of space... Need more cabinets!

I also spend a good chink of my time coming up with stories and worlds inside my head. A lot of the time these end up playing out in the aforementioned Lego world.

I like to make short stop motion films, and create small sculptures and models out of plasticine.

I enjoy learning about science and the weird things that the universe has to offer.

Well I enjoy drawing (digital and on paper, as well as other artistic crafts), 3d modeling, watching cartoons (my little pony friendship is magic, adventure time, animaniacs episodes via youtube, random things on tv like futurama when I catch it) I also like to listen to podcasts, videogame related and other random things.
I guess thats it.

I love writing, hope to be a journalist some day
I skateboard, its a really fun thing to do with friends
I play basketball
I follow American politics pretty closely, and I don't even try to be unbiased
Regular 16 year old gut stuff, cars, movies, tv, books, girls, friends, and the like.

I am very interested in photography, and am trying to get better (lately I've been doing a lot of reading on it, and have wrote out a very expensive wishlist of new equipment I want >_>)

I also enjoy Anime; just got back from Minnesota's Anime Detour a week ago, awesome~

I read a bit, just finished the Hunger Games

One of these days I would love to try D&D (I know i have some friends who play it,)

Well outside of gaming, I'm in a few bands in which I sing, play guitar, bass and the drums (although nowhere near as regularly as I'd like to). I consider myself an aspiring Writer as I spend a lot of my time working on lyrics for my musical projects, poetry for myself and novels in hopes of getting them published. I spend a bit of time at University and in some of my spare time I write for an Australian "newspaper" which I'm unable to name. I do a lot of walking at night, especially when it's cold and raining, but I assure you it's for self-medication and not some other overly, pretentious reason.

I like to vary up what I do:

    I'm a keen hockey player (field, not ice) and play twice weekly, down from five times weekly when I was playing club as well.

    I'm a big fan of music - eclectic taste with a core of indie rock. Spend a lot of time trying to find new music, and love going to concerts.
    I'm also trying to review the UK Top 10 weekly, give it a look!

    I read often and fast, but have a peculiar passion for teen fiction. Maybe it's just the pacing that appeals to me.

    I watch a lot of movies, of all different genres, often with my girlfriend.

    I watch lots of TV as well, though not of the sci-fi variety. Lots of sitcoms and other comedies, plus the occasional teen drama.

    I socialise, whether on the forums or just chatting to people I know. I'm a big fan of getting to know new people, just shy at introducing myself - an eternal conundrum. Feel free to look me up for a chat! (:

Basketball, since November of last year I can dunk
Watching any decent film
And the rest would be my subjects at school, Chem, Physics, Ancient History and Mathematics.
And reading, if I can get a decent book then you can say goodbye to me until I have finished it.

-I read a lot, my head is always buried in a book, or some comic.

-I play the violin, and I play in an orchestra. At the moment a friend of mine is teaching me cello.

-Cooking. Most of the time I'm too tired to make anything real fancy, but when I do, Goddamn it's yummy!

-Magic The Gathering, sadly I know no one around where I live that plays. I lost my old deck and I'm slowly building a new one.

Anime! I'm so into anime. I grew up watching Toonami, and it rocked my little kid mind. Now I'm a full fledged otaku!

Playing piano and collecting chess sets. I only collect rare sets and only if they're from the country that they depict or are supposed to be from if replicas. My favourite is my Isle of Lewis ivory imitation resin chessmen.

Listening to music is a big one. A short while back, I wanted to create and play music as well, but I have since lost the desire to do that aspect of it. So now, it's purely to listen to the music others have created, and this I do quite often.

I'm also an aspiring author, so of course I enjoy reading. I enjoy making work and progress on some of my own constructs as well, but that comes along very, very slowly.

This may seem odd to some, but thinking is another big one. Often I'll just pace around thinking about things, having conversations with myself in my head and general things like that.

Drawing, Writting, Listening to Music, Reading, Taking the piss out of things, learning about creepy fetishes and trying to figure out a way to earn a living drawing porn.

I ride four wheelers. Half necessity half fun.

I shot guns.

I read a bit.

I also maintain generators but yeah necessity.

I really like to draw on my Wacom tablet. However I have been preoccupied with organizing stuff for graduate schools and working with other classes and what not.

I also like to day dream a lot especially when listening to trance or ambient music.

I've been on a big board game kick for the past few months.
I listen to music a ton. I play a little guitar as well, but not amount of practice could make me more than mediocre.
I play basketball when I can or even a little tennis if I'm lucky.
I like to cook, though I'm pretty much at the ground floor of that hobby. In related news, going out to eat is also a big hobby of mine.

My aspiration in life is, ultimately, to become the best version of myself I can be, which usually has to do with my understanding and interaction with the world. My hobbies either reflect that, or are coincidentally relevant. As far as understanding the world: I like drawing and listening to music, more importantly to gain an understanding of the principles behind songs and drawings. I like to understand what, exactly, the difference between this and this is, what aesthetics they enforce, and what those aesthetics achieve. I read books on whatever topics I'm interested in, mostly philosophy, because, as I said, I want to better understand the world. Well, actually, the more I read about something the more I understand that I understand very little, so I guess it's not so much about understanding as it is having a capable mind.
As far as interaction with the world, I write, draw, and work out. Writing is an interaction with the world of ideas, seeing if my perspective of the world is any good; drawing is an interaction between my mind and raw material, I guess; my mind making something in the physical world. Working out is purely an interaction with the physical world, because as my body is my only actual means of playing the the sandbox of the world, it may as well be a capable one.

Drinkin', Fightin', Fuckin' and Drinkin'.
In that order.

Warhammer/Warhammer 40k.
Jeet Kune Do.
Football (see avatar, I love my team).
Movies, the cheesier the better.

Warhammer/Warhammer 40k.- Check
Jeet Kune Do. - Wait what? I trade this one for Snooker
Gym. - check
Beer. - alcohol yes!
Football (see avatar, I love my team). - check
Movies, the cheesier the better. - Movies, the more mindless the better ;)

So yeah, football, gym (working out in general), drinking with friends, not painting at the moment but I have a Ork army of WH40k, also reading if I find books I really find good.

Captcha: Thick and Think (I guess this was aimed at the football part...)

For me it's:
Warhammer 40k and Fantasy Battle,
Board games
and a bit of gardening

For me

Drawing, Work, Anime, Work, Reading(Mostly Manga and random articles), Work, School, Work, Listing to Music(Mostly game and none English stuff), Work, Random Walks,

and did I mention


Martial Arts (usually whatever classes I can find near me)
Rock Climbing
Blogging (http://robbe-basford.blogspot.com perhaps I should feel ashamed about linking this but meh, no-one is going to do it for me)
Films (both watching and making/writing)

Writing, in the middle of becoming a journalist.
Watching Anime.
reading Manga.
Playing the non existent guitar and non existent ocarina...some day.
Reading books that interest me.
Bothering my best friend.
Sword Collecting/ Training
Gun collecting/ Training
Dreaming of traveling.

And drinking vast amounts of Soda.
It is such a fun life.

RC...and no, I don't fiddle with those shitty walmart cars. All of my RCs have engines in 'em.

Cars. I'm as happy with a wrench in my hand as I am a mouse.

Plinking. I love sitting out in the back yard and emptying hundreds of rounds harmlessly into old, dead electronics and empty beer bottles. Plus I know the very existence of that hobby makes some people wet the bed, so I get to revel in that on top of the fun plinking brings to the table.

Writing (a little each day, mostly fiction, some non-fiction)
Gym (4x a week)
Acting (I've been in 4 plays now. I also review local theatre for a blog, which relates to my hobbie for writing)
Reading (mostly news articles, but read novels when I'm not in school)
Movies (total film buff, particularly 70's cinema)

Muay Thai Boxing. Already an instructor, looking to open a club more local to me since theres nothing for people to do in the area.

Jogging, now the weathers picking up I'll be out alot more.

Though I have no mechanical knowledge, I love cars, more specifically (tastefully) modified cars. Am looking to buy a VW Transporter and convert it to a street van with a TV and Xbox360 in the back for my son to play on. Already built this kinda stuff before, just for paying customers, not myself.

Finally Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Or at least I was untill my friends stopped playing years ago. Keep seeing booster packs and thinking 'Maybe I should search for any players online' but never get round to it... maybe I'll do it now. pm me if you're in the Barnsley area of the U.K folks! :)

Hmmm... Let's see-
I guess first and foremost, my biggest hobby is working out... I love to workout and change my body, set new goals and achieve them, it's the most addictive thing ever.
Second, I love to cook, I can cook a lot of different stuff as long as it's healthy and I can make said health food taste suprisingly good.
Third, Probably building computers, I really do love building my own PC's or working on others computers... it's quite fun.
Fourth, Although I don't do this as much as I used too, I love reading novels... I just don't have the time anymore, I should get back into doing that. lol
Fifth, Listening to the radio (talk shows mainly)
Sixth, Cleaning the house... I dislike for my house to be dirty.
Seventh, Running and biking but that's kind-of covered in number one.

Warhammer 40k: Obviously has a huge presence on the site. I used to have a large points, artillery focused Imperial Guard army, which is no more due to economic concerns. Lately I've been looking to get back into it, however.

I do admit the Dawn of War series has peeked my interest, but only in the design of the units and such.

Magic: Started this fairly recently, around the release of Innistrad, but I've been sucked in. Admittedly, my decks aren't terribly good yet, but I have good fundamentals and I do extremely well in closed drafts. Can't wait for Avacyn in a few weeks, finally have the impetus to make a mono white deck for standard. Like 40k, this is expensive as hell.


Anime: Another popular one. While I have always had a liking for series such as Fullmetal Alchemist and Trigun, it was only the last few years I became a truly hopeless Otaku. I've devoured the last few seasons of content, and I no longer have the bias that led me to favor dubs in years previous. I find I no longer have the patience to wait for a series to be dubbed in any case. Regardless, thank Tzeentch for Crunchyroll.

Lol, no.

Science Fiction and Fantasy: I read an average of thirty novels a year, and the vast majority are Science Fiction and Fantasy. ASOIF, Wheel of Time, Harry Turtledove, SM Stirling, John Birmingham, damn near every Warhammer 40k book you can imagine. I love nothing more than a well thought out world and great characters, and just behind those are the great ideas that propel the true classics of the genres.

The only fictional universe I've been able to immerse myself in was Mass Effect. I do induldge myself in my own fantasies though.

Tabletop RPGs: I imagine that this one has the widest visibility to played ratio. While many gamers know a great deal about Dungeons and Dragons and the like, from what I've seen it is a much smaller fraction who actually partake. Myself, I currently DM Dark Heresy for my friends every few weekends. Its great fun, and there is nothing like going to the crit chart only to tell the party's combat specialist that his plasma gun just exploded in his hands, killing him and knocking down everyone else, to be eaten by angry Daemons in the next turn. Good times. The game seriously has the best crit charts ever written.

Again: lol, no.

Writing: Now this is not only my hobby, it is also my chosen profession. I have quite the stable of short stories and novellas I've written over the years, and one or two might even be sent to a publisher one day. Writing is therapy for me, as much as anything else is. I just get lost in it, and hours later I often find myself in strange places of my own creation. Its pretty happy there, usually, despite it generally being a blasted warzone or a neo-noir dystopia. Whether anyone else would agree, well, I suppose I'll find out some day. And then I may well become a professional waiter, if it's not the answer I need.

I hate writing. I do though, as mentioned above, induldge myself in my fantasies

Other then video games my hobbies include:

Correcting my friends grammar on Facebook

Silently judging people


Thinking about the origins of the universe and the meaning of life.

I'm terribly exciting arent I?

I'm a snare drummer in a Scottish pipe band. I'm also one grade level away from professional level solo competition. Of course, at that level it's supposed to kinda stop being a hobby and more of a way of life. I'm still able to hold on to the hobby level, but probably not for much longer.

This year I'm going to start writing. Mainly the script for a game I've been thinking of for a few years.

I'm also going to start video reviews this year. First up is Prototype 2, which may not be a good choice as I'm very likely to enjoy it, which is never a good thing for ratings on the internet.

movies, music, books, technology, fantasy (like creating your own table top games with friends) and communicating with people on the itnernet (like atm)

i run a small website that has period documents on military history, everything from field manuals to life on the homefront and civil defence documents.

manage my veggie garden

Collecting coins.
Collecting and sorting Magic cards.

Writing, 'cause it's awesome to make stories.
Drawing, 'cause I need something to help refine my characters/locations in stories.
Reading, 'cause books are AWESOME.
K-nex and Lego models, as sometimes 3D models are neccessary to help when the drawing won't cut it.

And Collecting Marbles... just 'cause. I've got 15,000 marbles now, might as well keep the collection going.

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