What are your hobbies, other than gaming?

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Comic Books (I read an average of 35 comics every WEEK!)

Guitar (both my axes are BC Rich...a red/crackle finish Ironbird and a blue Warlock)

Martial Arts (Several over the years, mainly Judo / JuJitsu where I studdied under the late great Professor Wally Jay for many years - look him up on Youtube with his dance of pain! but I've also taken Kempo Karate, Aikido, and Escrima.

Collecting toy robots (Vintage Japanese diecast and vinyls are my favorites...also Transformers and the large Sentai / Power Ranger zords. My collection has outgrown 2 bedrooms!)

Watching Kaiju...any time a couple guys are fighting in a fake city wearing rubber monster suits I'm a pretty happy guy! Godailla, Gamera, Ultraman, Space Giants....

Also collecting Kaiju related toys :)

gardening and reading, also sometimes i like to draw or do crafts and such. creativeness all the way. :)

Sober Thal:
Does Storytelling table top RPGs count? No?

I read a lot?

Of course that counts!

My Dark Heresy games are always more about narrative and fun than sticking to the rules anyway. The best part about being DM is bullshitting everyone in any case.

Thanks for all the responses everyone! This thread is way bigger than I had dared to hope!

Cooking, because I'm a food lover.

Working out, because I'm a food lover. :P (Actually, because I found out this year that, after years of torture and gym class, weightlifting is the only form of fitness I can do that I enjoy.)

Writing, but I haven't done enough of that recently...

<---- Drawing.

I never really considered watching a movies a hobby.

Fencing - The only sport I have ever completely fallen in love with. No matter how stressful my day at work has been, it all melts away when I pick up a sword. I've competed at international opens and been trounced by some of the best fencers in the country.

Writing - My real passion. I write mostly short stories (and pretty much exclusively speculative fiction).

Am-Dram Jack-of-all-Trades - I can do pretty much anything except act! My specialism is probably designing (and operating) sound.

Baking - It's fun, relaxing, and you can eat the result. I make a chocolate fudge cake which has been known to increase a person's BMI just by being in the same room.

I also play a bit of keyboard, read a lot of books, and make little miniature teddy bears.

Scaled model aircraft construction.

There's nothing better than seeing your little 1:72 scale J-35 Draken take shape as you pour days of figurative blood, sweat and tears in it.

Other than actually gaming?
-Collecting ancient coins, cool memorabilia in line with my interests, and old video game consoles.
-Surfing the interwebz!
-Reading Shaklespeare or other "classic" literature.
-Watching films.
-Electronics in general.
-Playing guitar and various other stringed instruments.
-Partying like it was 1979.

-I run on my school's track team, as a distance runner
-I play Trombone, Bass Guitar, and Ukulele. But I'm MUCH better at trombone than bass or uke.
-I play Magic, along with many of my friends. I just created a scary ally creature-based deck
-I just started learning to program, I'm looking to create iPod and iPhone apps
-I also occasionally write stories, which I enter in contests. I've been told I'm a gifted writer, but I don't really think I'm THAT good

Well, I recently picked up photography.
Having dreamt about picking it up for about 5-7 years, I finally had the reousrces available to buy a proper Single-lens Reflex camera in March.
Still learning, but loving it.

- Science Fiction.
Be it movies, TV series or books.
Can't get enough of the stuff.

- History.
I love reading about the old Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and so on.
Fascinating stuff.

- Beer.
Love drinking it (not to excess, usually), and me and a friend have recently started brewing.
Not very sucessfully though, but we shall try to improve.
Thankfully I have a neighbour that makes excellent beer and is willing to teach us!

- Reading.
I don't read as much as I like too, but it's still something I love to do.
Everything from non-fiction, mystery and crime to fantasy and humour.

My hobby is model making (Gundam models) but I haven't bought one since last year due to having no money to afford one and the models are expensive these days.
I did had a go at papercraft but again I haven't made another one in ages.

Reading ( Though not as much lately as I'd like )
Anime ( Not enough as I'd like, but enough for it to be called an addiction by an outsider )
Sleeping ( Does that count? )
Listening to music I've gotten from anime ( I watch a lot, so I have a lot )

Writing fiction is always great. I get to let loose some insanity.
I practice with swords and axes, tis a good workout.
I go shooting with my SKS rifle any chance I get. There is nothing like firing an assaul rifle.
Live steel viking reenactment combat is tons of fun.

Casually browsing the web and skating boarding/longboarding depending on how I feel.

Also I feel watching Game of Thrones should count as a hobby.

I watch wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much motorsport, Australian V8 Supercars, MotoGP, World Superbikes, Indy Cars, Formula 1 and so on.. my friends say to me im some kind of addict and that i should probably take up commentary for one of the above promotions lol because i just absorb all the info i hear from them .. but hey i enjoy it .. thats what matters right?


I play the piano, write sometimes, play baseball on the weekends, love science.

firearms, drinking, and sex.... the classic American trifecta

This too; very much so and preferably simultaneously,

I do a lot of hiking and reading (together) when the weather permits it; if Ohio's good for anything, it's deep forests where you can sit under an enormous tree and spend the day reading a good book.

Watching movies, shows, and anime that have finished their run as I hate waiting for new episodes. I also enjoy watching reviewers online such as The Cinemasnob, Spoony, AVGN, and various others. I'd love to learn how to draw, as I'd help my other hobby of custom making my own tabletop role playing games. Oh, and like everyone else I browse the internet for useless information that'll likely never be of any real use to me.

Art and Drawing

Well apart from gaming..
There's my substantial warhammer collection ( both 40k and fantasy ) so putting those together and painting the models. Sometimes, very rarely I can convince my wife to play against me.
I read A LOT, fiction mostly, but educational material. Cookbooks and Fitness / Health. Asterix and Obelix comics and Calvin and Hobbes.
Then there's my training, predominately resistance and my unique martial art. It combines 18 years experience of various other forms. Goju Kai Karate, Choi Lay Fut Kung Fu, Kendo, Kenjuitsu, Aido, Ninjukai Taijuitsu, Aikido, and Jujitsu.
Training my wife is also one of my hobbies.
As one might gather from my reading list I also cook.

Reading Books, Cooking, Netflix, Manga, Anime, Youtube, MTG, and WOW(the card game, F the mmo)

Shooting, mostly. I don't get out much, so if I'm home I'll catch up on some TV shows or read books about shooting and combat, then roughly once a week I'll hit the range and practice with my Colt 1911 and Mossberg 500.

This may seem odd to some, but thinking is another big one. Often I'll just pace around thinking about things, having conversations with myself in my head and general things like that.

I find that is one of the most useful hobbies in the whole world. It's like... you're testing your ideas and would-be conversations before using them in real life. I tend to just default to my mental MP3 player on shuffle, though, which isn't really helpful.

I have an obsession with horror, so I collect horror movies (and games) that I like to watch with my friends. I have a wide variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction, including some weird occult stuff that would probably make my religious family in the States nervous.

I'm an aspiring artist (ugh) so I'm starting to collect artbooks. They're a lot of fun to look through and marvel at, especially concept art for my favourite movies and video games. They don't motivate me so much as being examples of what I'd like to be able to do someday.

I... yeah, OK. Warhammer 40k. It's hard to motivate myself to paint them though, and my 2000 point Snakebites army is still unfinished and unplayable, even at lower points costs. I don't have any close friends that play and finding other players to trade bits with is hard to do. Plus Games Workshop hates players and is trying to claw them back by making bigger and bigger models and... I dunno if I want to keep going with this one. *sigh*

I'm an amateur ghost hunter, photographer and urban explorer. These hobbies tend to go together nicely. Sure it's not very scientific, but damn is it fun. Mostly it's just me testing doors in some abandoned building wearing basic protective gear with a camera around my neck. I want to visit Russia because of the vast amount of disused, gigantic facilities they have there.

I loved D+D when I played it. I really want to get into it again, particularly 3.5, but no dice. I still have my old character sheets and everything, including my miserably weak bard who was the sole survivor of my last campaign. Man... I wish I could still play. I wouldn't say no to a different tabletop RPG either, so long as nobody takes it too seriously.

I read mostly. Occasionally I'll listen to music and write things.

Anime is becoming a big one. Along with rolelplaying.

Warhammer 40k:I got blood angels, necrons and starting orks

And that's all i can think of right now

I watch anime/manga, some of my favorites being Cowboy Bebop, D.Gray-Man, Soul Eater, Yu Yu Hakusho, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Kizuna, and FLCL.
I like watching stand up comedians, Louis C.K., Eddie Izzard, George Carlin, Ron White, Lewis Black, Denis Leary, and Christopher Titus is so fucking hilarious I've hurt myself laughing so hard.
I like to cook, especially meat. I don't know why but it makes me happy to marinate a steak, combining the perfect spices to make a delicious meal. YUM!
I love reading some favs being The Cat series by Joan D. Vinge, Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, The Last Herald Mage by Mercedes Lacket, Harry Potter, God Eaters by Jessie Hajicek, and I've just started reading Game of Thrones.
I very much like to do text roleplays over chat with a very good friend of mine and it usually involves lots of hot men, wars, magic, dragons, and some seriously dysfunctional families.
And go somewhat in with the roleplaying, I really enjoy writing and have written two books though unpublished of course.

Drawing. Both traditional and digital. Nowhere as good as those people on deviantart, though.
Music. I play the guitar. I'm half decent. Can sort of learn things by ear now.
Warhammer and other fantasy stuff.

And doing nonproductive things like being on the internet way too much.

Ice hockey: Currently psyched about the playoffs, I really want to see the New York Rangers do well.

Baseball: I prefer it to cricket, I don't have a particular team that I follow.

American football: Love the New York Jets.

Law & Order: Criminal intent: Mainly because Vincent D'Onofrio is in it, and I love Vincent D'Onofrio (he is my avatar)

Vincent D'Onofrio films: Favourite actor, and I really enjoy some of the films he is in.

Reading: Currently reading World war Z by Max Brooks and Trilby by George Du Maurier.

That's about it really.

Reading books, manga/anime and drawing sometimes. As long as I can listen to music I won't be bored :p

Drumming and music in general (metal/rock mostly)
Working out
Science and philosophy (currently studying physics in university)

Basketball, not great at it but not very bad either.
Drawing, haven't done it in a while.
Pencil spinning, just know a few tricks.
Drinking beer with friends while playing videog... sorry.

Writing Scripts: I do this both solo and collaborate with a friend. Already written around 30 episodes and counting
Watching sports: Mainly Aussie Rules and Soccer (Or as I like to call it, both kinds of football)
Watching animes: Because TV sucks
Reading/Discussing news articles: It keeps me informed and allows me to be opinionated
Camping: Been doing this for over 10 years
Foot massages: Created from camping about 8 years ago, and has become a talent of mine

Well I act, that is one of my major hobbies outside the internet and gaming world. I've been in several shows and I enjoy the thespian lifestyle.(Who am I kidding all we do is complain and gossip :( )

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