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For those having a bad day, this is the cure. The Happiness Thread!

Here are the rules

1. Post encouraging real news stories or facts. "Researchers in Korea have developed a hangover cure that works in just 30 seconds. It will hit the market next year."

2. Jokes. Either extremely good or extremely bad.

3. Pictures. Happy pictures. Funny pictures. Geeky pictures.

I'll get us started!



With enough bullets, politicians and bankers die like everyone else.

That makes me feel a whole lot better.

Daft Punk and Beastie Boys, what more could you want? That makes me happy.

I thought we were just going to say stories of happiness, I say that because I've got a pretty weird one,but whatever I think I just need to say it somewhere, so well now 2 days ago I went to visit my parents because I was told that my grandmother was about to get a surgery and her chances were low, by the time I got there and opened the door everybody was crying, and as soon as my mother saw me she said that she had died, and suddenly I get completely bombarded on my mind with memories of her, all the good and bad parts, and as I was standing there I realized I was smiling and that I felt really happy, which is quite the opposite of what you're supposed to feel on those kinds of situations, but I wasn't happy because she was dead or anything like that, I was just happy that I knew her, I was happy that I got to share so many experiences with her.

I guess that in the end, death is not special or all that bad to me, because everyone dies and there's nothing you can do about it, and though everyone lives too, everybody has a collection of different experiences which craft a unique individual, and it makes me happy that we shared those experiences, and in the process she left a small part of herself in me just as I did with her, and I guess I'm just glad we were both part of each other, well at least that's what I think I feel.


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