Writing on the wall - A chance to be a part of Escapist history!

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All we have to do to be on the wall is to say we want to be on the wall in this thread right? Because I've done so already and I don't see myself on that List of names.

If you're still doing this I would be honored to be on the wall.

If you will have me of course.

I'd like to be on this! I hope it's not too late, since there are only like 4 more days left...

I would like to be on this wall. Thank you!

More of a lurker than contributor, but I'd love in :x

Any font is good.

I'd like to be on this wall, if possible. I've even got a nice, short name, which makes it easier to fit me somewhere :D

I too would like to be on the wall if you still have space. Figure I've been around long enough, despite having a disproportionate post count and being unknown. Whatever size and font works best for you.

I would like to be added :)

EDIT: Font: Terminal or some kind of pixel style :D

I'd like to be on the wall. No special requests.

I'm totally in :) And I want Times New Roman specifically! :3

Hey, add my name please, Comic Sans. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Belgarion is up for this

sign me up... write my name in the star wars font...

I would like "theheaz" It sounds crappy but it's sort of an inside joke for me and my friends.
I would like it in whichever font is easiest

Mine if this is still going please! cheers:)

I would love to be added, in Monotype Corsiva if that is possible, if not, times new roman will still be nice :)

I would very much enjoy if my name could be put there. Preferably in Times New Roman.

Sign me up, dont care about font

User: SkarKrow

Username = ninonybox
Font = Hobo

Add me, I'd love to be a part of this.

I think this is a great idea and it would be cool if you didn't mind adding me. Same font as whoever you did just before would be cool, cheers.

If theres any room, id like to be on this. Dont really care for any particular font so your choice

If you still have the space, could you add me to the wall? I don't really mind about font either, anything will do if you've space for me on there :)

If you still have space can I be on, please. B-)

Sounds like a goodun

Add me to the list please, if possible the font georgia.

Yay, now I can be apart of this without having any artist talent!


Add me please, Comic Sans MS or Appleboy, whichever your prefer

Add me if you want it sounds like it's gonna be pretty cool!

I wouldn't mind having my name on there, if there's still space left. I don't care about the font style or size, just use whatever works!

Put my name on the wall, don't care so much about the font, as long as I can still read it. And you can group me wherever there is room.

Cheers. :)

This is actually a really great idea :D

JackandTom Any font as long as it's not Wingdings or something...

Count me in! Make my font anything but Comic Sans (maybe Times Newq Roman, even Courier New).

If there's still space, then sure. No special font.

If there is still room left i would like to be on this, any font is fine.

Now back to lurking...


It's simple! And sexy too!

With golden letters to immortalize the sexiness!

I've probably seen this too late but if theres still space somewhere then I'll join in as well.

If it's not too much trouble I'd like my name in Helvetica Neue if thats possible? xD (Yeah I know, me and my typography).

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