Writing on the wall - A chance to be a part of Escapist history!

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I'll go on it if you'd like to add me. I'm not too fussed about the font, so just surprise me.

Sure, you can use whatever font this is...

Sign me up please! There's no better font than Neuropol, so if you could use that for my name I'd be happy, but I'm fine with any old font really.

I'd be interested in this.

Copperplate Gothic Bold font, and any place as long as someone can read it. Thanks.

I'd love to have my name on the site background count me in.

This is an interesting idea, Im in.
If you decide to put me on it: I dont care what font is used or where my name is put.
Name: Dr.Fantastic

Hit me Put me on the wall!

Also can we put Zeel's name up there too? It would be soooooooo funny.

Now this sounds fun. A chance for everyone, from noob to veteran, to make a permanent impact on the Escapist.

Sign me up!

Username: Dreadman75

Font: Eh, whatever the standard is I guess. Is it like Times New Roman or Arial or something?

Flailing Escapist:
Hit me Put me on the wall!

Also can we put Zeel's name up there too? It would be soooooooo funny.

Oh man, that's just too cruel :D

We would get the last troll though...

Sure add my name.


I don't care what font or where. Surprise me.

Oooo. Easton Dark in Gothic, please!

I like the idea of being part of history.

Me :D
In Times New Roman :P Always liked that font, it looks professional

Sure, why not?
I don't really care what font or where my name is, as long as it is legible.

What a great idea. I don't mind what font, preferably sans-serif I guess.

Edit: Sod that. This will be a cool font to use, if possible http://www.dafont.com/whoa.font

Yeah sure, I'll sign up. My name in Bertram font please! Don't really mind where, just somewhere visible.

Add me, Surprise me with the font.

This is an awesome idea for a background. If my name could be done in Monotype Corsiva, and preferably on the left side, that would be great.


A Satanic Panda in MoolBoran font, please.

I would like my name up, please. If you have a font in cursive, I'd appreciate that being used.


Sure, I'm in. Don't have a preference for text or anything like that, whatever fits

EDIT: Oh and names are not protected by Copyright laws

From Copyright.gov

How do I copyright a name, title, slogan or logo?
Copyright does not protect names, titles, slogans, or short phrases. In some cases, these things may be protected as trademarks.

I don't care about font, but put me on.

Hells yeah you can count me in!

Seems like a cool idea for the background, sign me up. Don't care what font or what location

I'd love to be a part of the wall, and feel free to use whichever font you please.

Yeah, sign me up as well (HeatproofShAdOw). Don't care about the font or anything, surprise me :p

Yeah, why not. I like readin' and commenting on the escapist, and Probably will be in 2015 or whatever. :')
Whatever font though.

I'm all about this. If possible, could you use the "Bradley Hand" type face? Bradley is my last name, and it always amused me. :)

Also, random idea: It'd be cool if the finished product was doctored up to look like the usernames were actually handwritten on a wall, I think.

Oh oh! Me! I want in! Include me!

Put my name in a snazzy font, something that looks cool, but I can't think of one yet. Surpirse me ;D

And I agree with this idea :). That being said, I'll be doing one in the next week or so that I intend to enter, so I guess we're rivals... but still, this is pretty cool, and I wish you all the best with it :D.

I wanna be part of it if there is room and i dont really care about the font.

I'd really like to be a part of this too :3

Ooh, I'd like to be a part! As for font, don't care much, as long as it's something sans-serif.

Sizzle Montyjing

Also this is awesome, I salute you!


In Caslon Antique font if possible.

Sure, you can use whatever font this is...

Supposedly GW use Civic for orkish

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