Writing on the wall - A chance to be a part of Escapist history!

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Phew! I kept going to upload an update but more names kept popping up! Well, what I've got for now is up there as of now. I'll now quote a few people to get their attention.











To everyone requesting specific fonts!

I need a PM from you. What I'm doing it having people send me black images with white text in the font of their choosing set at size 20. This is the easiest way for me to get your specific style on the wall. If this is too much to ask for then I guess a random font that my netbook has will have to do. You will still be on the wall.

(I had to skip you guys while refreshing and adding to the last update for this. Thanks for understanding.)

A Satanic Panda:

A Satanic Panda in MoolBoran font, please.

Right idea but your text is far too big. Size 20 please.

Sounds like a really cool idea.
User name: ThePS1Fan (Is PS1 considered copyright?)
Font: Helvetica (because I'm proper like that)
Doesn't matter where I am, we're all friends here right? :P

Sign me up!

Logic 0

As long as the font is readable it doesn't matter to much to me.

Good concept. Wouldnt mind having my name on it as well.
If anything special, Would ask that the V be capitalized, and slightly bigger/thicker than the rest of the chars
Sort of like


But ideally with the V being one font size higher. Font face doesnt really make much difference to me. Im cool with arial or whatever.

I'll get in on this. If it's not too much trouble then I'd prefer a classy serif font but I'm not that fussed. Pretty cool idea, it'd be awesome if this becomes a background.

If there's room, I'd like to be squeezed in somewhere!

I'm in.

I'll take whatever font you want.

Yes please, italicised times new roman if that's ok (if not the just use whatever)

I'd love to do this.

Username: leet_x1337
Font: Calibri
Those are the only two things I really want.

Why not? (:
Username: JasonKaotic
Everything else I'll leave up to you!

A cookie for everyone who recognizes my name on the wall!

Me me me me =D

I'd love my name to be up there.
It'll help me deal with my crippling lonliness....*sob*

I'm not that bothered by font choice. Something legible yet nice looking.

Me! I wanna be in it!


I don't really care what the font is just as long as people can read it.

I'll take a place if available.

Rockwell font would be preferred, but whatever works would be fine.

Username: DoctorSun


In Caslon Antique font if possible.

Sure, you can use whatever font this is...

Supposedly GW use Civic for orkish

It seems I missed you when I went quoting for people. Look above if you please sir.

...and page 3 is (almost) finished...

*wipes sweat*

Yeah sure, I'm down for this.
As long as I can see it nothing else is really a problem.
usename: Noala

I'm in Risue, upside down if possible if not no biggie doesn't matter what font

You're doing a great thing here Redlin.

You should totally get that star badge if this goes through :D

If you have room, could you please fit me in? Pretty please?
Any font will be fine with me as well.

Throw my name on there.

I would really Like to have my name on it!

Username: Flames09
Font: Stencil

captcha: happy trails


Throw me in there. No particular preference for font.

Ooo, I want in! Can I have it in Olde English or something cool like that? I don't really much care what font, actually.

Daystar Clarion:
You're doing a great thing here Redlin.

You should totally get that star badge if this goes through :D

You really think it's that cool? I mean I think it's starting to turn out great but okay.

EDIT: I think I'll be taking a break. I know I'm onto page 4 plus the PM's I've got to sort out. I've got until the 20th so I think I'm going to go off and game for a bit. If I can fit everyone and still have it legible I will try my best! :)

oh cool this is a sweet idea, put my name down, with like a little arrow next to it like this

Him Over There --->

Get it because it's like literally him over there, and I'm surprised nobody has made that joke ever yet. Anyway Congratulations on the awesome Idea and I hope it is accepted.

Eh, why not?

Username: Sassafrass
Go crazy with everything else.

I'd love to be a part of your project, Sir. The name's Kriptonite and I'll request Comic Sans because I'm quite childish.

I'd like to be a part of this.

I don't care much about the font or size or anything. I'd like to be upside down, though, if that's not too much trouble.

I would like to have my username on the wall too, please.

My first post, and I will say throw my name into the pot also. Any style you choose is good enough.

Me! =D Being part of history sounds like fun. ^-^

Cool idea, count me in :)

I'd say use the Elder Scrolls rune font, but that'd probably be both copyright infringement and a slight pain in the arse, so go with "Charlemagne Std" if you have it, otherwise anything will do.

I'd like to get in on this please, thank you!

Edit: Prematurely ejaculated that all over... sorry.

Username: the_hessian
Font: Blackadder ITC

I would enjoy it if you were to put me on with the beginning of each word capitalized, and at a 45 degree angle.


I went back and looked at the updated background, and rather than a specific named font, any of the cursive style fonts that you already have would be fine. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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