Writing on the wall - A chance to be a part of Escapist history!

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Add me if you can. And, if possible, I want my Font to be Wingdings.

What's this here now? I would like to be on it. I don't care about prettying my name up.

Yaaaaaay! Add me! Anywhere and any font please! :D

This sounds so sick! I hope I am not too late D:
If not here is my name:


Add me, I'm awesome. Also THANK YOU!!

Count me in


Can I be On the wall to Mine be Violent-CrimesJr Please and it doesn't matter what the font is Thank you

I'd like to be on the magic wall
My names Olas D. Almighty
If possible I'd like to be in webdings or something similar.

I would like to be on it.

name: The Violet Bandit

font: Something classy and roguish like a Tolkien-esque font or a rune font of some kind if you have it.

something special: Could my name be written in the colour violet? If not that's fine.

Rednog in Old English Text, please.
Going vertically down:

starting .5mm to the right of the bottom white line in your example.

Name: Evil Smurf
Font: the font from charmed (The tv show). I think it is called Charming
Placement: I don't care who I am with


Throw me up there too in whatever looks purty

I'd like to be added cheers! Palmerama in Castella font please! Don't care where just like to feel involved :D

I'll join in.

Could my font be Sylfaen? I don't really care where you put.

Thanks, this a awesome idea!

Yea, Sign me up! Love the idea.

Please! Ariel or Verdana, maybe? I'm boring... but at least it's legible!

I wanna be part of this. If you could, could you make my font the Thief font? As in, the series, though the full title of the font is Thief by The Riddler.

As you can see there is a contest going on for making new backgrounds for the Escapist. Now, lacking art skills of any degree I decided that my contribution could be a collaborative effort. We'll fill a background with the names of users to show what we as a community can do together.

Some will say what's the point of it. Well the site will be here for years to come, I'm sure of it. So when new users in 2015 get bored and switch the background settings what will they see? If this is successful it is possible your name among the many who signed up for this. If anything this will appeal to you if you're the kind of person who left their initials on your desk in High School for the hell of it.

So this is what we'll do if you're interested:


Step 1: Post on the thread and indicate you want your username on it.


Step 2: If you care about the font used for your name on the background PM me.[1]

(If you don't care about your font I will just pick a random font for you out of my small collection)

Step 3: If you want something special done with your name, say so in the post below.

(We'll need your full username but if you want it put on at an angle, upside down or something let me know and I'll see what I can do)

Step 4: Indicate who your friends are so I can make small groupings of names.

(Or I guess you could request to be put in totally random. It's up to you although where the names/groupings of names go will be random anyway. Please sort out how you want this done among yourselves below if you want a grouping.)

**Removed due to no longer having the space to properly accommodate this.**

If enough of us sign up there is the possibility of this being a future background choice for the site. Do you want to be a part of this? Sign up here! We have until the 20th to do this and if you're artistically talented I suggest you put in your own submission. This was just something I came up with when I remembered the contest was ongoing. Go ahead, scrawl your name on a wall for future forum goers to see!

Current list of names on wall:

Daystar Clarion








Broady Brio

Andy Shandy









Jack and Calumon (Calumon is offstage to prevent lawyers)


Top Hat


*I will update the list of names and the background periodically*

I'll gladly participate with this:
Username:mrhappy1489. Also, being a journalism student I think that this would actually be a pretty decent story. If you wouldn't mind giving me your email, I'll compose a couple of questions and write and article on it. It's up to you whether or not you agree, but this would be really helpful if you could please go along with this. Thanks :). If it is easier can you send an email to this location caden.60.reid@gmail.com, that way you don't have to post it for everyone to see.

[1] Image should be white text on black background with size 20. Font is your choice.

Oh, may I?

The Pinray

Don't really care about fonts. Would it be possible to toss in a smiley like my User pic? If not, it's cool. This sounds pretty awesome. :)


It sounds pretty cool, I hope this wins.
Full Username : Darth Carr
Don't care about the font.
And horizontal is perfectly fine with me

Sounds like a lovely plan.

Username: NeuroticDogDad

Not fussed about font. Cheers.

Cool idea :D sign me up.

I don't care about the font or anything, do whatever you want with me. MightyMole will do.

I'd like to be added to the mix. :3

Full Username: Omniscient Ostrich

As for something special, could I possibly have one big upper-case 'O' with the other two lower-case words next to it like this?:


If so, the upper-case 'O' is in 'Ruritania' http://www.dafont.com/ruritania.font and the lower-case letters are in 'Celtic MD' http://www.dafont.com/celtic-md.font

If not, can I just have it in Celtic MD like this?:


Let me know if that's okay, I'll send you a PM as well. ^_^

I'd love to be a part of this :D Certainly a great idea.
Font isn't an issue with me, so go nuts!

Hectix777 in comic sans if you please sir, I'd love to be in it. I'd love to be in anything. Just not the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. You remember that? Neither do I, because it didn't happen.

What the hell, maybe people will actually start to know who I am if my name's on the background.

Melas Zepheos

Calibiri size 11. I already write everything else in that font so why not this too.

I'll join in, but can I make my own image and post it in .gif format(no animation) with the proper alpha channels, and you can throw it on?

Double post. I hate my dongle.

If there's room, I'd like to sign up. Don't worry if you can't though, I don't really mind either way. I'd be happy to fill up extra space if there is some though.

Don't have any special preferences.

Me please, on the left somewhere in the font you used for Eleuthera preferably (or just any sans serif font)
Congrats on going for this!

Bit late, but if there's any room left I'm game for it.

Sure I'm down. Of corse I do think that the people on this should be the ones with high post levels. But as I want in I'm going to forget all that.

So yeah can you add me?

also captcha: london calling

interesting choice of words there captcha really.

I would like to be on it, too.

Username: Final First.

I don't want much special done with my name besides it being in Times New Roman.

Sure, I'd love to be a part of it. Who wouldn't?

I'm all fine with this. History and records are amazing things.
Throw down a signature for " Alssadar "
And put it in 12pt Times New Roman, Double Space. Standard MLA format for all that prim and proper essay type. (What have my English classes done to me...?) --Just joshing you, put in in whatever (legible) font you want.

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